VASCO: In a freak mishap at the Dabolim airport on Tuesday afternoon, an empty passenger coach of the Indigo Airlines rammed into a parked Jet Airways flight preparing to board passengers to Bangalore. No one was injured in the incident.
 According to airport authorities, the coach, driven by one Krishna Lamani, dropped off passengers who had arrived on an Indigo flight from Mumbai to the Dabolim terminal and was headed to the parking lot when the mishap occurred.
Ground staff of Jet Airways at Bay 6, noticing that the coach was travelling in the wrong direction, frantically signalled to the driver to stop. However, within seconds the coach had crashed into the parked plane's rear mounted ladder, dragged it for a bit, threw it aside and finally halted with a loud bang after ramming into the aircraft's left wing.
Reaching the site of the accident within minutes of the mishap, ground staff and airport authorities brought the driver out of the coach. Sources said an alcometer test on the driver turned out to be negative and it appeared that the 30-year-old Birla resident had suffered a blood pressure surge.
Airport director D Paul Manickam said that the accident left "brush marks" on the Jet Airways aircraft and any structural damage was being assessed by the engineering team of the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) which had flown into Goa from Mumbai. He added that an inquiry has been instituted into the mishap.
The Jet Airways flight 9W 474 was cancelled and the airline made alternative arrangements for its 110 passengers, its spokesperson said.
Meanwhile, the coach driver, who suffered no injuries, is believed to have told airport authorities that he suffered a complete blackout and regained consciousness only after he was brought out of the coach.
Lamani said, "While driving the coach everything went black. I have no idea what happened. I came to consciousness only when I was brought out of the coach."
Airport officials said, "We will first be examining Lamani and later we will decide if any action needs to be taken against him."
Airport authorities have filed an accident report with the Vasco police. (TOI)


dlp said...

This Lamani seems to be another Mickey Mouse. Once they are caught on a loose footing, they suffer from blackouts and they don't remember what they have done. And the Airport Authorities, just like our corrupt ministers, will examine into everything and then will decide if any action has to be taken. How long do we have to wait??? If Lamani has a minister who is his relative, the topic is closed and blacked out. If he is one of us, he will be sentenced at least minimum six months in jail.
What to do now??? I don't know!!!

Anonymous the VIII said...

How this Lamani got a job in Goa in the first place?

Dalia said...

These people must be the voters of Mauvin from his Dabolim Nagar.

Lamani II said...

Anonymous VIII, we get jobs in Goa because you Goanese people didn't want them. We didn't wrest these jobs from your people. Goanese want to be managers, and somebody had to do the dirty work.

diogofichardo said...

Has the driver been under the influence of drugs or alcohol??

Vijay Naik said...

yes all the Lamanis, Aboobakr Shaikhs, Bisappas are Mauvin Godinho's buddies from Queeny Nagar, Fukott Nagar, Shanti Nagars who he promotes and legalises so that he has a secured vote bank.

dlp said...

Lamani-II. Don't you have your own place to do the dirty jobs. The only dirt in Goa is the corrupt politicians and you all are brought by them into Goa to do their dirty jobs. Like cleaning their bums, eating their.... and you all know what else that goes with dirty jobs.

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