MARGAO: Former minister Luis Alex Cardozo has expressed his resentment that ward No 9 of the Margao Municipal has not been reserved for the ST, even as GPCC general secretary Vijay Sardessai sought to dispel doubts that he was instrumental in finalizing the ward reservations.
Speaking at Marlem on Saturday on the controversy vis-à-vis reservations to the Municipal wards, Sardesai firmly said that neither he nor his father had written the Indian constitution and reservations were being implemented after the Legislative Assembly took a decision in that regard to have reservations for OBC and ST communities.
Citing the case of Marlem which falls in Ward No. 4 of MMC, Sardesai made a public appeal to the people to choose an appropriate lady belonging to the Schedule Tribes community and promised he would back the people’s choice for this ward at the municipal elections slated for October 31. “I have no hidden agenda for ward No 4. I will accept the unanimous public choice of candidate in this ward,” he said.
Sardesai said it was important that the local community takes a united stand on choosing a candidate who would ensure that one of the most neglected sections of Fatorda constituency gets attention at the civic level. He said he would take up the broad band connectivity shortcoming in the area as also sewerage connectivity and improvement of roads in Marlem at the earliest with appropriate authorities.
Meanwhile, former Minister Luis Alex Cardozo has said he had told the Congress party to reserve his ward for ST given the sizeable population, but added that the party did not pay heed to his request.
He, however, said even though the Congress has ignored the request of a senior and dedicated leader, the grass-root level workers will continue to support him in the ward. (HD)


Dalia said...

When we talk of equality in Indian democracy, why there should be reservations based on gender, religion and caste? This is Indian politics to fool the people and close their eyes. Who is Chordesai to impose his decisions on the Municipal or even on the people? This big CHOR is the cancer of the society who fooled people and accumulaed their cultiviable fields.

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