PANJIM: Charter flights are expected to see a 10% rise, bringing about 15% more foreign tourists to Goa this season. As the tourism season officially opened on Friday, Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) spokesperson Ralph de Sousa said, "We're getting 718 charter flights this season. The figure may go up to 740 flights." Goa received 626 charter flights last season.
"We also expect a 15% increase in tourist arrivals," he said. Goa received 1.37 lakh charter tourists last season. TTAG statistics reveal that there will be 232 flights from UK — up by 15% — and about 266 flights from Russia. "This will increase by another 25 flights as we are awaiting confirmation. Pegas from Russia intends to expand its presence in Goa. There is a proposal for a programme of 2,000 passengers every 10 days," de Sousa said.
He added that 22 flights will arrive from Switzerland and 35 from Germany. "This may change if the proposal for dual landing is aborted," he said. Scandinavian countries will send 78 flights, CIS 41 flights, Poland, Iran and Estonia have confirmed 25 flights. (DG)


Trevor said...

Oh no, the uncultured russkies are coming again....hope they keep their mafia boyfriends at home, so that they don't steal our land from us. Russkies worship power and money around the world....everyone has caught up to them, only it has been too late for them. I hope it is not too late for our Goa. I hate to generalize but the facts speak for themselves sadly. Some non-Goan tourism idiot must be promoting this.

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