BICHOLIM: A leopard is reported to have attacked a calf at Dhangarwaddo-Cudchirem, in Bicholim taluka on Friday night. According to information, the calf was tied inside the cowshed of Mr Bamo Varak. On hearing growling noises, he rushed out and saw a leopard fleeing into the forest.
Mr Amrut Singh from the animal rescue squad was informed about the incident. On Saturday, the animal husbandry officer, Mr Betkekar, visited the site and treated the injured calf. Pug marks of the leopard were seen inside the cowshed, where the calf was attacked.
A trap has been laid for the leopard, informed forest officer. Leopards have been sighted on many occasions in villages of Van-Mavalingem, Bharade-Mavlingem and Vishawadi-Kudchirem in Bicholim taluka. The big cats have even attacked domestic animals like calves, dogs and cats in the villages. On September 26, a calf fell victim to a leopard in Van-Mavalingem village. A trap has been laid at Van-Mavlingem for the leopard but till date, efforts to trap it have not borne results.


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