PANJIM: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) today caught Asst Commissioner of Provident Fund, M. K. Farde red handed while accepting bribe of Rs. 25000 after laying a trap. Acting on the allegation of a manpower management company that Farde had demanded bribe to settle the cases against them, Anti Corruption Bureau raided the EPF office this afternoon and detained the senior EPF officer.
In the past, the firm had paid Farde Rs 25,000 out of total Rs one lakh demanded by him. CBI sent a decoy with Rs 25,000 to trap the officer this afternoon.
The manpower management firms which complained against Farde was chargesheeted by EPF or failing to deposit their share of provident fund in accounts of employees.  Farde, the officer in question has denied all charges levied against him alleging that he has been framed.


N.Fernandes (London) said...

This practice of bribery affects all stratas of Goa`s administrative officials.The Kings / Queens of this practice are the 39 MLA`s and one MLA of the female speices called "MUMMY".She is certainly no Mummy.Just a plain crook.She should carry on with her Hunger strikes.There is a new Garden in Panjim now for such a Publicity purpose.
Perhaps, a very good idea is to give them a copy or force tham to read "NIZ GOENKAR.It "might"? help re-educate them and see the sentiments of the decent Goan folk.I prefer "Goan Folk" as Aam Admi only refers to Mr Digu`s Kamat Goa`s dishonourable Chief Ministers, Migrants and their votes.He has clearly stated he does not need Goans to elect him.

delp said...

N.Fernandes... They will never change even if they read all our commnets on Niz Goenkar, but I am sure it will hurt their consience, if they have one. This Mummy has to be transformed into an Egyptian Mummy and erected next to the Statue of Bandodkar. Black and White. What a sight it will be and of course another tourist attraction.

diogofichardo said...

None of these bribe seekers have any conscience, with the arrest of one or two will it stop? NEVER. "NO HAFTA NO RESULTS" that is the mould set by our corrupt politicians.

vishwas said...

How is that only the central govt officials are nabbed while taking bribe?
Is it that the Local Officials/Politicians are all honest and dont take any bribes?
Or is it that the local anti corruption agencies are shy of catching their own brothers and sisters?

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