PANJIM: The Goa Government is to review the fee structure of the Advocate General of Goa to bring it on par with the AGs of Maharastra, Gujarat and Karnataka.  The Law Department has informed Adv. Aires Rodrigues under the Right to Information Act that a proposal to this effect is before the Goa Government.
Adv. Rodrigues has over the last four years been campaigning against the exorbitant fees being paid to the Advocate General of Goa Mr. Subodh Kantak.
Stating that Mr. Subodh Kantak is India’s highest paid Advocate General, Adv. Rodrigues has claimed that the Advocate Generals of Maharastra, Karnataka and Gujarat on the average are never paid more that Rs 50, 000 a month.
After Adv. Rodrigues highlighted the issue, the Goa Government revised the AG’S fee structure last year. Advocate General Subodh Kantak who was earlier being paid around 10 to 14 lakhs a month is now being paid to a maximum of 5 lakhs a month.
Subodh Kantak who has been paid over five crores over the last five years is earning more than that of the Governor, Chief Minister, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and even the President of India.
Stating that the Advocate Generals of Maharastra, Karnataka and Gujarat appear in the High Court only in constitutional and important matters, Adv. Rodrigues has accused Mr. Subodh Kanatk of appearing in all sorts of matters just because he is paid Rs 8000/- every time he stands up in the High Court.
After Adv. Aires Rodrigues highlighted the exorbitant fees being paid to the Advocate General of Goa, Mr. Subodh Kantak initiated two defamation proceedings against Adv. Rodrigues which from the JMFC’s court moved to the High Court and later to the Supreme Court of India. While one defamation case filed by Subodh Kantak against Adv. Aires Rodrigues has been dismissed the other is pending before the Civil Court at Panaji


N.Fernandes said...

Mr Advocate General Subodh Kantak ,the money you are being paid is from the Goan Taxpayer.It is not a gift from Goan Citizens.Mr Aries
Rodrigues has a right to question the amount you are being paid.
You obviously lack a conscience.
The less of your types the better.
Are you able to manipulate the Goa Legal system to sue me for defamation too.Try it!
I am swearing that I am telling "the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth..with GODS HELP....& unlike You who swears to the Devil, to bleed the Goans of their tax money and with the assistance of Mr Digamber Kamat...another Dishonourable thief.

Naresh Raut said...

Kudos to Aires Rodrigues for exposing the rot regarding the fat salary being paid to Subodh Kantak to allow the Goa Government do what they want, how they want and to whatever extent they want.

If more Goans were to question these crooks we would be all better off.

Anonymous said...

This Kantak is no different than any criminal!!! The poor goenkar who steals a chicken is put in prison and this criminal is stealing and looting a billion chickens and will go free. When so many of our people are struggling to put food on the table this criminal is stealing and looting. Curse his soul and his family for generations to come!!! This man is a thief, wait this he meets his maker…he probably doesn’t even believe in one….GREED!!!!! Disgusting! The whole Goa government has to go!!!! including the CM, he is in charge. He tells everyone to be like Ghandi, tell your damn people to be like Ghandi, MR CM!!!! Curse his soul and his family for generations to come!!! Thanks for exposing this corruption…we need educated Goans to help in this struggle to save Goa. Thank you Mr Rodrigues.

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