Getting up on a nice sunny day, reading your favourite Niz Goenkar one notice a flashing article, well advertised restaurant offering your favourite dish. I set up with a watering mouth and out all the way down to the restaurant. Good ambience, nice place, your first impression beats the reading.
I choose the seat in a comfortable place and order for the menu. Waiter, colourfully dressed, well mannered presents the menu to make your choice and after a while, goes off with your order. I am tempted, anxiety runs your nerve noting that the waiter never returned for a long time. I am still delighted that the best dish might take a bit of more time. After a long wait, I summoned the waiter and enquired about the status only to find the reply from the waiter that the cook is on leave and the dish could not be delivered until his return. What a shock? Why this dish was even advertised? Who is responsible?
This is exactly the situation happened in the case of Jackson. The famous Social group of Dubai, as they call themselves advertised Jackson’s cause just for self publicity? The names advertised as fore front people with telephone numbers are helpless souls. They do not even know where to approach and for what? What is this nonsense, the excuse of the priest on vacation? Is the Church shut due to this reason? I doubt so.
If at all, the so called social group knew their stand as helpless souls, they should have not volunteered to take the cause. As I provided the example of the restaurant and the customer above, the situation has turned out to be like that. If this was a case of a Malayali or a Tamils, there would have been such response by now, the tables turned and solutions found.
These so called social group, as I have checked their site having are big publicity banners about themselves. You can see the happy faces posing for photographs, celebrating events. You can see the photos of their President and Vice President with long messages. It is just a failure, a self publicity stunt by the few to be famous for wrong reasons. God save them. I do understand they must be good in celebrating functions like Christmas and Easter. They have failed to take up causes that can really save a Goan life.
My final point is, if they were not able to contribute to the cause, they should have never taken the responsibility in the first place. They proved to be irresponsible for the sake of their own publicity. They failed on this front but their parties will go on. The advertising will go on.
Moreover Maria and Cajetan Coelho of St. Mary's Goan Community Dubai, has mentioned in his email in the below topic item, that they did not ask any other Goans for any help and that they only asked the Goans from Dubai.  It is understood for what this group stands for though they may deny, for glory, show and propaganda.
God Save Jackson, Get Well Soon. These are the prayers of NIZ GOENKARS from far and wide.


James D' Cuelim said...

Well written Dalia. These are our Goan Social Workers. Did I say Goans? Sorry!!! Dubaikar social workers of Goan Origin. Very bad, as these people are for self glory. I visited their site and you can see their own propaganda. What a noble cause. Shame for them to call themselves Goans. They should call themselves as just non-entity of anything, any place. People of Goa, remember these publicists when they come down to Goa. Crocodile tears for sympathy. We know everyone works in the Middle East or for that reason anywhere int he World for a living. Does it mean that they are the people who don't shoulder responsibilities? Real shameful explanation by the so called Cajetan in the other article as I read. Sorry to say that you people are publicists even at the cost of a suffering soul! God have Mercy on you guys of the so called Social organisation in Dubai infiltered by self centered Goans.

Robert said...

I hope the Goans around the World take note of these two articles on Jackson and post your views open heartedly. Thank you Niz Goenkar for a Niz cause. Shame for the betrayal onthe few Dubai Goenkars. Shame on the few Dubai Goenkars now and again, please clean your noses and you will sense the smell outside your chamber. Is there anything called honesty in the explanation of these so called Socialists? Woh! Great publicity stunt in the name of social service. Shame! You should stop calling your organisation a channel for social causes.

Joe Rebello said...

Disgusting Goans of Dubai. Shyam you are right. I think the bloggers of Niz Goenkar and Mr. Menino de Valpoi were trying to do a selfless service to poor Jackson. But vail people like Cajetan and Maria gate crashed all their efforts. Saturnino you do not know these Goans who are there only for glory.

Jane De Sa said...

Such a loathsome incident, the arrogant behaviour of Cajetan and St Mary's Goan Community. It is not even worth calling these people Goans. I never heard of anyone refusing help and aid for a good cause. Poor Niz Goenkar site struggled to do something for Jackson. But alas...........

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

Here we have a situation that is critical and in dire need of aid and not pomp and glory. Instead of going for pomp and glory, cajetan and his gang should have accepted the aid from other Goans worldwide who wanted to help.

Marcel said...

I was just suprised to know there is difference between goans (Dubai-Uk-Goa-etc). I was shocked with this attitude. Only I can clap for you Dubai Goans. Selproclaimed messiah's. if priest is not there thats means the mass are not taking place, that means there is subodinate of the priest. There are so many priest over there. Dubai is free country then the other gulf, I was there. Menino & Nizgoenkar thanks for the efforts you have taken, god bless you. God please help Jackson to recover, thats I can pray a Goan from Goa.

Ratol Baba said...

Their act is like the Pakistani Government. Isn't it Jane?

dlp said...

They think they are the only ones all over the world who represent Goans. It's really pathetic. Read my response to Mr. Coelho, A very busy fellow!!!

Saturnino said...

Clarification from Saturnino

It was Friday, some two weeks earlier. As soon as I read the article on our dear NIZ GOENKAR, I called up on the given numbers in the morning at around 09.00 hours. First it was Navita after a long ring, she picked up and asked me to coantact Maria. Maria never respponded. At 11.00 hours on the same day, I got a call from one Cajetan Coelho who introduced himself and directed me back to Maria. I later called Maria again and got her email id and posted her my offer of one way ticket. I made arrangements for the ticket with TRAVCO HOLIDAYS in Margao that will be delivered to Maria any moment. All agreed including confirmation from Travco. As Goans around were asking for account number, I called Maria again and asked her for details telephonically and through emails, all emails are saved with me. All correspondence between me and Maria is existing in my box. Maria promised it to be done in the next few days. I made several calls to Cajetan and Maria on Jacksons condition and account number. Never did they mentioned that this cause is only for them to handle. There were calls pouring for account numbers from concerned Goans so I called Maria again yesterday, 3rd October and she told me that the Priest is on vacation and on his return, all will be settled. She, though mentioned earler once, that the priest is on vacation and they are awaiting his arrival, that was two weeks plus.
I was told that they do not have an account but they are in the process of opening one for the cause. In one of the email, it is clearly mentioned that they are too busy. I can forward them to anyone if provided id. I have got all the chain of emails with them. Infact, there is one email thanking me for the offer copied to several members of their committee.

I am saddened by this issue. I have no words to express other than to say this is very regretful.

Menino and Lazarus were in constant contact with me on the situation with exchange of emails, those copied to them from this Maria added with committee members id's.

dlp said...

Dalia! You too got to hear about this??? And Ratol Baba, I thought your business was going down, but I guess you will do well in Dubai amongst the Goan Community there. Traitors all, but some of them unknowingly under the leadership of a fellow named Coelho!!

Leena Fernandes, Dubai said...

You should see these so called famous Dubaikars from Ass-nora and others near the Church. Looks like at times the Church is taken on contract by these dirty and camaflauged fellows. Will they realize that they lost all respect of the Goans around the World? They are good in having bashes, dances and inviting Tiatrs from Goa for fame and name that does not suit them. They survive in Dubai as the saviours of the needy. What a shame for all the Goan community in Dubai.

dlp said...

It's a pathetic situation that one Niz Goenkar who is dying brings out the true colours of other so-called Niz Goenkars. Real pathetic to say the least.

Savio Fernandes, Qatar said...

Readers a big favour please, please log on these links and see for yourself who these Goan Community are. They are a bunch of celebrities in their own right in the name of Goan Community. Shame on them.

Readers, do a big favor please. Please log on and read the agenda of the 1st October Meeting of the general body. It is about the UPCOMING PICNIC. Show me anywhere anything about Jackson issue.

After logging on, you will know yourself who these people are, they are just tiatrists of the first order.

Tulshidas said...

I salute you Dalia, you are very brave and daring reporter for Niz Goenkar. I have seen your fearless writings. I admire your courage, unlike some journalists like Sandesh Prabhudesai of GoaNews who needs evidence even to publish comments containing truth in them. This is really a good forum and a beautiful and bold site.

dlp said...

Welcome Tulshidas, I really apprecate Ms. Dalia's fight but none of us support her. "What to do now?" Can we all join hands?? And say Viva Dalia and Viva Niz Genkar???

Tulshidas said...

No dlp, I was with you people on the Herald, I am still here and had hidden my actual identity but now I am confirmed that Niz Goenkar is not like the other news on lines. So I can come out with my real name.

dlp said...

Welcome Tulshidas.... we need people like you. Please don't get afraid to comment. Plenty of people will be against, but let us stick t our cause. Let all true Goans stand Umited wherever in the world they are, not only in Dubai!!!

Albert D' Costa, Sharjah said...

Readers, I have gone through the site of Dubai community as directed by Savio. The site tells about picnics and other things on the main agenda of this community forum. If you did not read that, please log on and know the truth. As Ratol Baba pointed out, they have acted like Pakistan declining to accept aid from India in their worst disaster whereas their President was receiving shoes in UK. These people in Dubai deserves a few shoes. Pathetic on their part to segregate themselves as Dubai Goans. And their main agenda for the 1st October is discussion on PICNIC as per their forum.

Anonymous said...

Dear friends - Niz Goenkars as well St.Mary Dubai Goan Solidary Group are doing wonderfull work for the welfare of Goans & Goa.It is not possible to open Bank Account of our dear Jackson in Dubai as such I had requested to open his Account in Goa through his relatives,but some on the forum question me for opening his Account in Goa when he is in Dubai and at that moment I have written that under pressure from an certain client Jackson recruiting agent have promised to pay his Air ticket to carry him Mumbai as well to pay his Dubai Hospital bills.But unfortunately some on his forum could not digest the truth as such request Niz Goenkar to delete my comments.As everyone knows Jackson's condition is very critical as such all his well wisher are just hoping that he recover to some extent as to carry him to Mumbai for further treatment.It would be very nice of Goan Group from Dubai to atleast contact Jackson relatives in Dubai & give Jackson Account number to Niz Goenkar so that people across World wishing to financialy help him do so.Sorry for not disclosing my name as my only wish as everyone's is that Jackson gets well at the soonest and people willing to financially help him do so through the right,honest,uncorruptable persons.A request - Pls keep Jackson in yours everyday prayers.Thanks.

Oscar Fernandes said...

Yes I remember that this anonymous had blurted the truth, but that was the wrong time and wrong place. But he was absolutely correct. There were too many people asking to remove the comments so that the aid should not be blocked. I request the editor that if he has put them in the blocked mode please upload them now. Anon is right.

Anonymous the VIII said...

Goans who behave like Indians, and not like Goans of yore; should be treated like Indians. They do nothing good but degrade the Goans. I feel, all on this Forum should censor these so called Goans individually, and put them into open public shame. They are not fit to be called GOANS/GOENKARS.

Bebdo said...

I spoke to friend in Dubai and he told me that an appeal for financial help was widely circulated by email in Dubai. The contact numbers were also given. Moreover,Gulf News and Xpress have published articles on Jackson and they too had published the contact numbers of these people.Now,they are saying that they didn't wanted publicity.I have gone through their website and have seen the type of functions that they organise. In one word,I would say 'hedonistic'. See the pictures of Easter Queen event, dancing, drinking and God knows what.
This friend also told me that there is another Goan Association there where the committee members are all from Mumbai. They too hold events,such as dances,etc and invite all the ghanttis there. Niz Goenkar boys are sometimes not allowed in.Moreover, there is no accountability and allegedly forge the bills to pocket the profits.
Guys,looks like the malaise of greed and lust that is affecting a section of our Goenkars in Goa have also affected these Goans and so-called Goans in Dubai. Their children pretend that they are more British than the British with their fake accents and with pride say that they don't know Konkani."We speak only inngleesh"they say. These people are such imposters.
They go to church just to show off and to suck up to the priests.
I think we should do our bit to help Jackson. No Cajetan or fcukington can stop us. And I don't think all Goans in Dubai support him. There might be hundreds more who must have not even heard of him.
Looks like they too are like our politician chors.
Mog asundi. Viva Goa, Viva Goenkar.

Bebdo said...

Here is the link of an article that was published in Gulf News Dubai. Why is this Cajetan telling lies that they didn't go to the media. Doesn't he read newspapers published in Dubai? Does he only read OHeraldo?

Indian youth battles for life in a Dubai hospital

Indian youth battles for life in a Dubai hospital
Indian who moved to Dubai last month in critical condition at Rashid Hospital

By Sharmila Dhal, Senior Reporter Published: 00:00 September 23, 2010
Jackson Coutinho, who recently arrived in Dubai, has been diagnosed with multiple-organ failure and is undergoing treatment at Rashid Hospital. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A 28-year-old Indian, who moved to Dubai last month dreaming of a rosy future, is lying in a critical condition at Rashid Hospital, battling a multi-organ failure.

Dr Raees Ahmad, Head of ICU at Rashid Hospital, told XPRESS that Jackson Coutinho, who hails from the coastal state of Goa, has been in the hospital for 45 days.

"He came in with his liver, kidneys and lungs severely damaged," he said, adding that Jackson's pancreas was infected and that he was operated upon for internal bleeding in his abdomen on September 20.

Jackson's cousin Tony Coutinho said it all began with a stomach upset in Mumbai from where Jackson had flown to Dubai to join a Jebel Ali company as a technician. Three days after he arrived, he was admitted to the Jebel Ali Hospital with high fever and was later shifted to Rashid Hospital.


"His condition is not stable to be out of the ICU," said Dr Ahmad. He said he expected Jackson to be off the ventilator soon. His liver had improved but the damage to the pancreas and the complications he had developed in his abdomen were of concern, he noted.

The family is keen to move Jackson back to India. Dr Ahmad said if Jackson responds to treatment and there are no further complications, there may be hope for him to be transferred to India on a stretcher bed with a doctor or nurse in the next 10-14 days.

Jackson's family, which is from a financially weak background, has appealed for support from the community to help him return home.

Those wanting to reach out can write to

N.Fernandes said...

article published in O`heHERALD CORRESPONDENT

When a youth from Canacona landed up in Dubai in search of a brighter future, little did he realise that his life would be turned upside down within days of his arrival in the Gulf.
Jackson Coutinho (28) of Ordhofond-Canacona reached Dubai after a sustained hunt for a decent job and joined a catering company as a technician with a hope of becoming a sole bread-earner to his family.
But as the fate would have it on the third day of his arrival one-and-half month ago, he suffered from high fever and was admitted in hospital.
Since then, he is lying seriously ill in the ICU of Al-Rashid Hospital, Dubai, reportedly with multiple organ failure.
Back home in Ordhfond-Canacona, the frantic parents are helpless and have now relied on fervent prayers at the local church.
Special prayers, including a whole night retreat, was recently conducted in Bhatpal Church, with the priest leading the faithful in fervent prayers to God to cure Jackson from his serious ailment.
According to a report published in ‘Gulfnews’ quoting Dr Raess Ahmad, head of ICU at Rashid Hospital, Coutinho has his liver, kidneys and lungs severely damaged.
He was operated on Monday for internal bleeding in his abdomen and doctors found his pancreas also infected.
However, what surprised his family back home and people, who now help him in Dubai, including one of his cousins and Dubai Church authorities, is that he was hale and healthy when he left from Goa via Mumbai.
The only incident was that of an upset stomach when he along with his friends ate out in Mumbai, before being admitted to Dubai hospital in a serious condition.
His well-wishers in the Gulf reportedly on advice of the doctors at Al Rashid Hospital are planning to shift him to Hindujas Hospital in Mumbai, provided his condition improves.
Hopes are high, as he has been reportedly responding to medicines in recent days.
But the major hitch is financial resources in footing of hefty bills of Al-Rashid Hospital, Dubai, increasing on daily basis, the travelling expenses of shifting him on a stretcher and accompanying medics and the subsequent cost of admission, treatment in Hindujas Hospital.
Sources informed that he has no one in his family or his well-wishers in Dubai who are financially capable of footing the huge expenses needed to save his life.
Some organizations and individuals have now made widespread appeals on the internet and local media for donation to the cause.
St Mary’s Goan (ex-Sodality) Community, a church body in Dubai, is taking the initiative to assist Jackson and has appealed to donate for generating necessary funds.
Persons to be contacted for contributions include Navita Barretto (00971-50-8559562) and Maria Fernandes (00971-50-4577209).
The Gulf News report has also appealed for funds asking those wanting to reach out can write to
Besides, individuals too who visit Jackson on his hospital bed have sent e-mails to their contacts for prayers and financial help.
One Praveen Viegas writes: “Please act immediately if you are willing, as funds are required for the flight arrangement. You can also contact Fr Frank, Fr Michael in St Mary’s Church, Dubai.”


N.Fernandes (London) said...

Article Published in "".


Requesting Prayers & Financial Help For Jackson Coutinho
September 20, 2010 at 9:17 am

Dear Friends & Colleagues,
The below is about Jackson who is seriously ill and we are helping him through prayers and by raising funds. Jackson Coutinho, aged 28 is from Canacona-Goa, only son of his average middle-class parents, who was about to start his life as a breadwinner for his family. I know his family personally. After much struggles and requests he was selected to join IMR Catering Services as a technician, happily he arrived Dubai via Bombay. On the third day, he fell seriously ill and he was admitted to Rashid hospital and since then for one and half month, his lying there with multi-organs failure. No clear reports are given yet to know the reason for this sudden major illness, whereas he had a normal healthy life in Goa. It all started when he was in Bombay, on his way to Dubai, some friends had gone out to eat and it lead to severe stomach upset, but the others with him ate the same things and had no problem.

I went to see him in the hospital (pictures on the hospital bed are attached), he cannot move-a time table is set to change his positions on bed, to avoid bedsores, he cannot talk as there are pipes inserted for meals some sort of white paste is his food, he just expresses by his eyes and limited hand movement. All most all his organs have stopped normal functioning, but I heard that he looks much better now compared to the first month, that means his body is responding to medication. But the doctors here told that he might survive if taken to India for further treatment, and so they are planning to take him to Hinduja Hospital-Bombay.

CONTD..............SEE Prt 2

N.Fernandes said...

contd...part 2

The problem is that he does not have anyone close from his family who can support him, his brother in law-Savio and his cousin ? Tony are the only relatives but the expense is so much high that they too are helpless. The expense for the flight is around 35,000 Dhs, treatment in Bombay ?we don?t know how much, plus the charges for Hospital here are running. Also there is no one close in Bombay to follow up for his admission in the Hospital and things are moving by its own as a miracle. Everyone?s little hand is making it possible for Jackson to be soon in Bombay. That should be by Thursday, 23 Sept.
Any one willing to see him can visit him in Rashid Hospital-Ward # 26, after 5:00pm. For the last one & half month his looking at the door all the time expecting someone coming for his help. Your few minutes with him will make his life a little at ease. Everyone is working here and there is no one who can be with him. When we told him that we will pray for him, he showed expression that he lost hope and faith and bowed his head down and closed his eyes. Can we even imagine the tremendous pain his helpless parents are going through from that time? And how long will it go? They cannot see him, nor speak with him, they are just waiting every moment for any of their villager or Savio/Tony calling to their neighbors? phone to update about Jackson.

Friends, let us join for this miracle to happen, lets sacrifice one enjoyable evening on a weekend or a luxury shopping to raise some funds and help Jackson fight the battle with his life. No matter you come from which part of the world, or which religion you belong to, let’s help a human.

I’m forwarding this email to those who are earning, to help raise funds, those not earning and far from Dubai for prayers and for teenagers to make them understand to take care of their most beautiful gifted life.

If your willing to make a contribution please contact Savio-050 4968397 or Tony-055-9613277 or can call me 050 5758826, 050 8763405 and I will coordinate to reach them. Please act immediately if you?re willing as funds are required for the flight arrangement. You can also contact Fr. Frank, Fr. Michael in St. Mary’s church Dubai.

Thanks for reading through.

Praveen Viegas

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Will Cajetan,Maria & Navita be publishing the amounts they have collected for this poor guy Jackson.It is their honourable duty to do so.Also it would be appreciated if they publish the names and amounts donated on the Dubai Goan Website.This transparency will go a long way in establishing how the money given was spent.
I only hope Cajetan, Maria and Navita will not charge a superficial amount for their personal services and administrative costs.All the costs could also be broken down via an Accountant of repute.

Jaki Dukrankar said...

What will they publish N. Fernandes. This they were doing to steal much of the amount for their personal enjoyments. There is no way they will declare the amount collected. Even if they do so, they will declare a small amount to fool others. This is a group made up of thieves right from Cajetan to Maria to Navita to the vice president to the members. All of them.

Robert said...

Very well exposed. These rascals under the umbrella of he Church have been hiding their sinister character for a long time. Thank you Niz Goenkars, Bebdo and N Fernandes for an extensive research done you you guys including every Goan who showed solidarity. This Cajetan, Maria and Navita should hang their head in shame and never call themselves Goan again. I will publish these articles near the Assnora Church so the people of Assnora know who this Cajetan ghanvbhav is.

franco said...

How sad and disgruntled I feel after reading all the comments posted on this issue. Was there no one of human brains and single minded person to see the pathetic condition of Jackson? If at all they wanted to help this guy at least they should have brought down in Dubai his near and dear one either mother or sister on visit visa to be near his bedside to console him in his agony. I have no words to ponder as to how these so called St. Mary’s Goan community people work for the betterment of their wellbeing. Shameless, mindless etc., etc. and what not for these people. Maybe they were reluctant to help this guy or his relative stationed in Dubai because they were bachelors and to me a bachelor is just neglected by many family visa holders because they think they have wife with them so they should not mingle with them. A casual smile or how are you is more than enough for a bachelor to carry on his days without his near and dear ones. If the Church community was not ready to help, at least someone should have guided him to go to the Indian consulate for help and other necessary assistance they could offer him.

Marcel said...

Priests goes for vacation, priest goes for picnic. The site has Photos of the leaders to bring them in Hollywood or Bollywood! good publicity stunts, good actors. In the agenda there is picnic but nothing of Jackson. These few rogues are idiots. Niz goenkar do not blame all the Goans from Dubai because of this 4 or 5 people. I feel ashamed to call them Nizgoenkar, they are niz-puppets of Dubai. Look at the site of Niz-goenkar no one is displaying photos of them. Look at the Articles writter N. Fernandes, Dalia, Saturinino, P.Cruz, etc sorry if I have missed some names, do you guys know them by face or Photo? Where are their photos when they write articles, they are true Niz-goenkars and they do not require publicity. They do it what comes in their heart and not for publicity. Look at Menino how he has to work all the time on the net as well as his duty for job. So much sacrifice they are doing because of the cause of Goa and look those 4-5 people how they acted Stupid I can say. Look at the bloggers who are visiting the site, they come to be with us a big sacrifice. I am telling you God is watching it. Once again I beg to Nizgoekars because of this 4-5 monkeys do not blame the other Goans staying there.

Dubaikar said...

The greatest mistake Cajetan,Maria & Navita did is by not clarifying immediately their stand after reading their names & mobile numbers on "Herald”. Their initial silence shows that they were indeed interested in cheap publicity. “Priest on Vacation" is just an silly excuse to run away from an real cause...Also as per some reliable source I was informed that all things were messed up by another idiot who always boost himself as an 10 years ex-PA of Chorchill that is Praveen Veigas who also seems to be ex-president of Goan Dubai group. Praveen depends only on others breadcrumbs and that is the reason he circulate his first mail without any first hand knowledge of Jackson's situation.St.Mary Dubai Solidary Group is only for the rich Goans,of the rich Goans and by the rich Goans.They don’t have heart for people like Jackson.

Mario said...

Cajetan Coelho your face expression tells us need of your bloody clarification. Is it your Organization is only to dine & dance? If so carry on this is best people like you can do...Dance, picnic, parties etc while fellow Goans struggle to live a decent life in Dubai & Goa.If not resign...Shutup and go to hell. Before that pls print the names & money against them received by your Organization for Jackson's need immediately

N.Fernandes (London) said...

I am utterly surprised that this trio...Cajetan,Maria & Navita did not contact the Indian Embassy / High Commission for any assistance.
Most Indian Embassies abroad have an NRI(non Resident Indian) wing that deals with issues affecting Indians abroad.
The Indian Embassies in the Gulf are very active & prominent due to the abuse of its citizens by employers in the Gulf Countries.
There are funds available in the Embassies for the repartriation of Inidan Citizens who have had the misfortune to find themselves in such situations.
There is also an NRI office in Goa,headed by Mr Luzinho Faleiro who could have advised/ helped (perhaps!).
The Priest who was on Vacation would not have left the Church without any representation.I am sure there would be some emergency plan or contact in place.What if Jackson needed his last "SACREMENTAL RITES"?
If the parish priest was on vacation,where were the parishioners going to for Sunday Mass?
I am quite sure it is also a duty of another Priest from another Parish to help/assist other flock(Parishes).It does not just have to be a of Catholic faith.
Perhaps Cajetan & co have "bitten more than they can chew".
It must be agonising for the parents of Jackson.
It must also be equally agonising & worrisome for Jackson to be caught up in this illness / misfortune especially as he has only been in Dubai for 3 days or so and hardly knows anyone or the Country and its workings.
The best we can do for the moment is wish him a speedy recovery.
His past has been questioned...but I think from the information I can so far muster it is speculation.

dlp said...

Dear fellow-Goans. I know only the Dubai Church Community is involved in this, without their Shephard who is on vacation, so let us leave them up to the cause. We, all other Goans, let us keepn on praying for Jackson's speedy recovery. I willkeep on praying for Jackson but won't comment further on this issue. It really makes me sick after reading their minutes of meetings and blah blah blah. As far as Jackson's case is concerned, this was just a white wash. Niz Goenkar, let us fight for our cause and not let such stray incidents hamper our struggle. Looks like Dubai Goans are also run by the 40 Chors like Goa supported by "Dogui Bodmas". Get what I mean???

dlp said...

What a topic this has been! I really hope that all true Niz Goenkars, including Dubai Church Committee, will wake up and realize our follies. Let us all be ONE! Are you all with US??? By US I do not mean the United States but for US Goans wherever they may be.

Dalia said...

As I spoke t0 a number of people in Dubai last night and today, they all said what Dubaikar, above said. It seems they should have been exposed a long time ago. I also learnt a few of our Goan Dubaikars, low wage earners spend a lot of money after this organisatin to wine and dine. What will they send to theri families home? This is not a social organisatin but a looting organisation.

Robert said...

This organisatin in Dubai should better be known as FUGDI organisation. They are good in dancing Fugdi in Dubai. Where are these publicity hunters now? Do they read the minds of these Niz Goenkars who took time to write and read without their photographs? Shame on them, I will write to the Parish of Dubai about these people who are sinsters.

dlp said...

Robert..... FUGDI stands for....
F for Fooling us
U for Us
G for Goenkars
D for Deserved but deserted
I for Irrosponsible like everyone else said

So let us do the Fugdi Dance on behalf of Dubai Goans.

Benjamin Fernandes said...

Maria, Navita, cajetan, anthony mendes the monkey are all crooks and filthy animals who thrive at the expense of some poor sick and dying Goan. For sure the money collected, more that half will go into the pockets of Maria, Navita, Cajetan and anthony mendes. THE SCUMS!

Anonymous said...

So sad what has become of our Goans..shameful!..One standard I have seen is that our oversea Goan organization websites are all about parties and enjoyment. We need to start talking about alcoholism in our community, as that is all we concentrate on. Having a good time and drinking. All the oversea websites are nothing but parties....I know growing up, the many of my Goan friends and families were about showing-off and parting. Maybe this is why we are loosing OUR Goa. Maybe we have to face the fact we are a selfish people! Maybe, we all go to sleep if and when a message is given in our churches and our temples about being good people. We certainly don't act like a brotherhood. It is time to clean ourselves as a people if we are to save us as a people, or our Goa. I will continue to pray for this boy as he needs all the prayers. Goans, please start being good people!!!! Our politicians are only a reflection of us!

Anonymous said...

Goans pls enlighten ourselves instead of condemning our own people from Dubai for some mistakes on their part or may I say..probably misunderstanding/ignorancess between them and other people/groups really trying to help our dear Jackson.I have read almost all the writters comments who have condemned Goan Dubai group too much for just few mistakes which was not really necessary.Instead should have tried to contact Jackson Cousin/brother-in-law who are in Dubai to get Bank Account number to publish on NIZ GOENKAR.Everyone do mistake & I am sure no one from St.Mary Goan Dubai group want to make money at the sake of our Jackson.

Joe Rebello said...

Mr. Anonymous,looks like you people who write comment as anonymous have not names. It is confusing which anonymous to address. Anyhow the last anonymous, what do you know about this group? From what you have written above looks like that you are one of them who is trying to save them from embarassment. Mr. anonymous do not try to fool us with that poppy cock tale, of enlightenment etc. We know very well you are one of them. You call this just a small mistake? We have enough proofs about their rackets. got it? do not come here with holy prayers. Read their email on the other heading where they do not want any outside help why? You are also in disguise one of them. Dear Editor, Kindly stop publishing the comments that come in the name of "Anonymous" let them use some name.

dlp said...

Please Goans outtside Dubai, Blame the so-called president of the Dubai Community and not Maria or Navita. I have already realized they are the puppets of this monkey without knwoing what they are getting into. I don't know Navita but I know Maria very well, so don't condemn her unless she has changed under this monkey. God Bless us all!

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Anonymous::::This Anonymous>>>...Goans pls enlighten ourselves instead of condemning our own people from Dubai"*******
You need to read the comments thoroughly.The request for "prayers and asistance".On the assumption "assistance" was required it can only mean Finiancial assistance.
The appeal on the St. Mary`s website would have only reached a limited amount of people /readers.
Why was the request also printed in Newspapers...such Gulf News and did O`Heraldo pick up this article wihout being directed to it.Did they smell it?
Perhaps the answers will come from the 3 people that have been at the centre of this appeal / request i.e Cajetan,Maria & Navita.

Joseph from Dubai said...

dlp is Maria and Navita related to you in anyway? If so we have the right to expose the corrup even if they mean my relatives. They might have sweet talked you out of it. I know them better being in Dubai and their rackets. These two are the centre queens of the parties that go on in Dubai. They get bachelors to donate for the group and the bachelors instead of sending home to their families spend more than half the salary on this community group whilst their families suffer back in Goa. (Bachelors I mean men alone here)These two Maria and Navita are the biggest devils along with Cajetan Coelho from Assnora and Anthony Mendes. Do not try to cover the corrupts. dlp you are a person who is fighting against the corrupt and corruption and here you are sheltering the worst of the corrupts and show offs. Real shame and if that is the case do not write anything against the politicians of Goa.

Trevor said...

Let this be a wake up call for all our Goans, that the organizations be it in Dubai, Middle East, UK, Australia, Canada, US NOT appear to be working for the causes of Goa or our fellow Goenkars!!!! Time to reform! I did check the website for the Dubai Goans, they seem to be more concerned with their picnic than the a helpless soul who happens to be their countryman. Any and all monies should have been collected as this is a very, very time for his entire family. I appeal to all Goans all over the world, like this boy lots of our fellow Goans in Goa need our help and we are losing our Goa, because we are to busy distracted with self-gratification. Thanks to this website for allowing us to come together now to make the changes before we loose our homeland and ourselves as a people. I ask our senior wise goenkars to put forward a 'credo' on what it means to be Goan. Too many of our people have lost their way.

diogofichardo said...

Does it matter who helps this poor young Goan lad Jackson, who had a misfortune to fall ill. Who are these three individual to deny this lad help from any corner of the world. It is the heart of the Goans that want to help this young Lad. Let us not put a wedge between Dubai Goans and the rest of the world Goans, which will not help the cause. Solidarity and Unity is a must among us Goans, which we are lacking. I prayed at the shrine of "our lady of Fatima" in Fatima for this young lad's recovery.

Joao said...

Hi Joseph, Greetings to you. I agree with you that one has to expose the corrupt no matter what relation one has with that person. You did not accuse anyone but asked for a clarification. One line what dlp wrote says it all actually. "I don't know Nevita but I know Maria very well..", now at some point he knew Maria to be a good, polite, modest person and for a while he has not been in contact with her, that could be months or for some years, "so don't condemn her unless she has changed under this monkey", which simply means if she has changed from her previous self during the absence of contact with her, to negative side then condemn her actions. I am not defending anyone, I simply felt this way after I read the comment from dlp. I am happy to see you here. Lets remain united ! God Bless you ! God Bless all Niz Goenkars !

Mario said...

Saturnino – It is noticed on this forum under article “Financial Assistance Required…” that you are the one who gave contact number of Cajetan Coelho by saying that he is the Authority looking after Jackson so tell us on what basis you gave that number without verifying true colour of Cajetan & his organization. As a grownup person was it not your responsibility to know first whether Cajetan is capable, truthworthy, honest person? Pls clarify!

Andrew F said...

Dear Mr. Menino and all concerned,

I came across your blogspot from your comment on the goan community website and decided to see what Niz Goenkar is all about. I have read all comments above and honestly I am ashamed of the mentality of my fellow Goans. I have been living here in Dubai for the past 11 years and I have first hand experience of what the Goan Community does here in Dubai as I attend most of their activities. Before the community was formed, the Goan here has no one to go to. To the extent that there was not even a Goan priest in Dubai to cater to the needs of our fellow Goans. After the Goan community was formed by some of the Goans in Dubai which is around 6-7 years ago the people here have good reason to rejoice. Yes the community is involved in parties and picnics as this is part of their objective which is to bring all goans together. After all dont we goans like to party and enjoy? Recently they even had a drawing competition for the goan kids, which was held for the first time in Dubai. Isn’t that an achievement where the whole family is involved? They are also involved with the spiritual aspects of the church here in Dubai, and most importantly they also help the needy and who else to tell you than me because one of my relative has been helped by when she was in desperate need of money. I do not expect them to put pictures of the people they have helped on their website. About the accusations about siphoning money I don’t think they can do that because the Parish Priest here controls all the finances. Please note I am not taking their side neither am I against you, but I couldn’t stop myself from writing a few lines after reading your comments against a group who is doing so much for the people of Goa here in Dubai and yet being criticized by people who are miles away and know nothing about the Community. Your just reminded me about the story of the crabs in a basket who would pull each other down and wouldn’t want the other to succeed.

Robert said...

Andrew F, I will be glad if you identify yourself and I would like to talk with you.

Saturnino from Goa said...

Mario, whoever you are, you might have not spent money an umpteen times to contact these people who are good samaritans in sheeps coat. These people are in Dubai and if you are interested to know, I can give you call logs those done by me. I am not a relative of Jackson nor close to him or family. I did it, I contacted them and I got fooled. It takes time to identify some bad characters. You can call me on 00919822101924 in India as I am not a wolf in Sheeps clothing. Give me your number and I will contact you Mr. Mario. Dont blame others before you know the truth. Get yourself corrected. I am in touch with Jackson's father by now. You will get further details soon. The people in Dubai are wolves in Sheeps attire. I don't know you Mario, who you are, identify yourself or give your contact number. Give your email id and I will forward you the mails from Maria who is a destitute in disgrace

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Andrew F.:::
I agree with you that Goan Communities all over the world have a right to form associations or clubs to bring Goans together and share some social & cultural activities.This happens in Goa too.
It has been going on for over 100 hundred years.
I do not personally believe this is the issue with some of the commentators here.There may be a few that do not appreciate the value of these clubs abroad.
However I feel that the main issue that has concerned and angered many commentators is that on the "St Marys Sodality website (Dubai), there is no appeal for any assistance for Jackson Couthinho.There is not a single article I can find.If there was any appeal on the website,then it has been removed for some reason.
In the UK there was an article & appeal too, on the Goan Voice (UK) website.This article is still available in the archives.
If any Goan in the Uk contacted the Telephone Nos. Published volunteering assistance, and, were then told that the appeal was only for Dubai Goans, then there would be question marks raised and it would seem all very shady & dubious.
The "NIZ GOENKAR" website & notably Menino GPT. also made an appeal for assistance.It seems they too were never advised this appeal for assistance only applies to Dubai Goans & Dubai well wishers, considering it was also printed in Gulf News to attract other ethnic denominations.
The problem that has arisen is that the appeal has never appeared on the "ST. MARYS SODALITY (DUBAI).All that any visitor sees on a visit to the website is "jollity" & "overpampering".
This is why there has been questions asked.
I hope this will give you a better understanding of the negative comments.
Personally I have no issues with Goans having Clubs /Associations all around the world.
Cajetan is solely responsible for this fiasco.
An apology may go someway in restoring peoples confidence in him.
Will an apology ever be forthcoming from Cajetan...or will it be excuses? Time will decide.

diogofichardo said...

Saturnino as a Niz Goenkar I am glad you are in Goa and are in touch with Jackson's father. That will give you the firsthand account in the developing situation and will clear any doubtful minds. Please convey out thoughts to Jackson's family that our prayers are with them.

dlp said...

Mr. Joseph, I don't have to say much and I won't support any corrupt publicity. What Mr. Joao has said, I hope, will make you read my comments agaon and respond. Maria was with us before, that is more than 10 years ago. And this publicity stunt never was her forte. She is very helpful as I know her but people are there to advantage of of such souls.

Mario said...

Saturnino if you are in touch with Jackson's father why can't you ask him Bank Account so that people willing to give financial help can do so!

dlp said...

Hey Mario! Saturnino hsa just landed in Goa today and, knowing him, I know he will do better than anyone else. Just don't keep on barking! I was a puppy too before I turned into a full groen up dog. So grow up!

Saturnino said...

As I am in Goa, I have now found out ways that can be done effeciently even without the assistance or publicity anywhere. There is a NRI Commission of which Eduardo Faliero is the Commissioner. I have channeled things and people to do that. It may take a few days and by or before Sunday, you will have an update.

You will also find a word from Jacksons father in print including that of the immediate family. I beg to show a little patience until then. I also beg to Mario and Andrew to give contact numbers so we can clarify things. I or Menino, Lazarus do not seek anything rather than transparency. Poor Diogo spoke to me for long and assured support, Menino and Lazarus too did the same. We are not the people like Cajetan Coelho and partners, you can see action.

dlp said...

Saturnino... keep things going and keep us posted. God Bless for your efforts. It has just been a few hours that you are in Goa, but already in full action for Jackson. Let us try and do what we can. I don't want Public City. That City is for others, like C for Coelho.

Robert said...

Andrew, please know your credentials or else we will consider you to be a puppet of Cajetan Coelho and gang.

Nagesh Prabhudessai, Ponda said...

Mario, we need to know if you are the same Coelho or a member of his gang. Can you come clear and identify yourself? Shame on you. We want to know how much you believed in this Kolo or Coelho?

dlp said...

Robert... The way Andrew comments is enough proof that he is one of them. Why don't the others open their mouths now, if what they have done is right? We are all open for discussion and to correct our wrongs. I am not saying we are hundred percent right, but Unity amongst us Goans, wherever we may be, will bring peace within ourselves which will show the other communities that Goans are real Goans who fight for each other and not against. The simple example of Keralites is enough. I am working in an office which is dominated by Keralites, top to bottom. I am the only Goan, beisdes one Manglorean. Some of the Keralites really hate each other between themselves, as they tell me, but tomorrow if I have a fight against one of them, they will all join forces and I will be the one who is left with my mouth wide open. What to do now? I don't know!!!

Mario said...

Nagesh Prabhudessai - Pls read my comments for Saturnino properly before barking like a dog from Ponda.

Saturnino said...

Message from Saturnino @ 13.15 hrs.

To clarify to everyone, Jacksons family in Canacona said they did not make an appeal for funds from abroad on their account in Goa, India. His parents and sisters whom I spoke to said so after I poked on the issue. That is the reason they never provided any account number to any organisation or individuals though they have one.
The village boys at the moment suffice them with meagre help they could including providing telephone credit.

All they beg everyone to kindly pray for his recovery, to shift him to a specialist hospital where he could be treated for bleeding symptoms and come back to conciousness. They have no idea how much it may cost but hope against hope from good Samaritans including through Government Channels.

I recently spoke to his parents, sisters and brother in law in Dubai and his brother Steven in Goa. The message is the same.

Niz Goenkars, please make sure that some elements like Anonymous who are creating confusion are there to see Jackson dead. That is the reason they are spreading rumours, false stories and creating confusion.

In a SHORT WHILE FROM NOW, WE WILL BE SEEING MR. EDUARDO FALEIRO with an appeal if possible to shift him to a specialist hospital anywhere else or provide support which Government of India can do for NRI's.

Aiz taca, faleam maca, let's try to open up the way for help.
Our Niz Goenkar Marcel P Cruz of he Jurassic Park fame will be accompanying us to Eduardo.

Saturnino said...

To everyone here, I have not done anything special or wonders. As much as I can along with you all. God Save Jackson, God Save us All from such situations. You will never sip another drop of water if you see his mother weeping. God save Jackson, this is what we all prayed together on our way Bambolim Holy Cross

Trevor said...

Saturnion, thank you for showing us all, what it means to be a Good Samaritan. That you stopped what you were doing at the time, offered and administer aid. You put down the other entries in your journal - 'plan picnic’, ‘plan party’ and spent your time with what was most important now…..Yes, Goans do like to have a good time, but there should a time and a place for it all. Goa is bleeding at home, and our organizations around the world are busy with their party planning. Keep have fun Goans! While everyone else robs, loots and destroys Goa from under us!

Saturnino said...

I received a abusive call from one lady on my cell at 13.50 hrs. She claimed to be calling from UK and the number appeared to be *301. I have done enough to trace the call though it may be from the PC. I am not a cookie not will I be one. I will get to the root. I know who are affected and who got the pinch. Let this not stop our cause.

Saturnino said...

I received a abusive call from one lady on my cell at 13.50 hrs. She claimed to be calling from UK and the number appeared to be *301. I have done enough to trace the call though it may be from the PC. I am not a cookie not will I be one. I will get to the root. I know who are affected and who got the pinch. Let this not stop our cause.

diogofichardo said...

I have received a message from a contact in Dubai that there is a strong Rumour or "Balcony Gossip" that Saturnino has approached MLAs in Goa regarding Jacksons Case. Edward Falero is not an MLA or an MP but a Government servant in charge for NRI branch. Any dumb person will understand that.
I doubt Niz Goenkers and its followers will lay RED CARPETS for any current Goan MLAs, as it happens with some Goan Organisations , where they are made the chief honourable guests.
Although individual financial support is offered, no financial appeal is made at this moment by Niz Goenkars. All different religious followers of Niz Goenkars and other organisation around the "WHOLE WORLD" including non Indians are offering prayers for Jacksons recovery. God Bless Us All "regardless".
Niz Goankers are for the better of Goa and do not collaborate with corrupt MLAs of GOA.

Saturnino said...

Saturnino here, I am not a crumb eater of any politician, the least I will do is run to politicians. The Dubai triangle need their help possibly to sing tunes for them.

Roberto de Goa said...

I know there are some guys who are indirectly connected to the SMGC. These guys talk about Goan unity whereas the reality is far from the truth. These guys are only trying to protect their interersts and avoid exposure. Why aren't these guys coming forward and speaking boldly. I have also noticed in the article DUBAI THE KICK BALL there is one guy acting on behalf of the SMGC as the good samaritan. It is highly inquisitive to know what INTEREST DOES THIS GUY have in SMGC. SMGC has all grown and matured persons to the high post who do not need a mouth piece. I am strangely surprised why this third guy involve in uniting SMGC to other Goans. Why did he not do all this before the SMGC incident? Where was his Goan identity sleeping that time. I am doing studies on this guy and next time I shall come with something with this persons name though the name is mentinoed in the said article. Looks like he is involved somewhere in the money racket.

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