Dear Saturnino / Menino and Lazarus,
Greetings from St. Mary’s Goan Community Dubai!
At the outset let me thank you for your concern towards Jackson, it truly makes us feel proud as Goans that our people are concerned and care for each other. Unfortunately with sadness I’d like to inform you that Jackson’s condition is still the same and shows no sign of improvement. As mentioned to you by Maria the doctors are not in a position to move him to India as he is still in a critical condition and not fit to travel.

Cajetan Coelho President
St. Mary's Goan
Community Dubai
I have been following your emails and the criticism and accusations seem to be damaging and discouraging than anything else. This is the main reason why Goans do not come easily forward to do something / take up issues of a social cause as in the end one gets demoralized with comments like yours which is a classic example.
Let me tell you that our committee volunteered to help this brother in collecting funds within Dubai on the request of his relatives who work in Dubai. We would like to mention that the appeal was posted on our website requesting for prayers / assistance but we never went to the media as claimed or apprehended. At no point did we say that we will accept money from other countries infact Maria had informed Saturnino in the beginning itself that we do not have a bank account! Goan newspaper oHeraldo published the article on their own for which we are not responsible. Neither they approached us nor we provided them with any information.
Further more for your information we have collected a substantial amount which will be utilized for his treatment in due course. We would like to mention to you that apart from Jackson we are always in the process of helping many of our other needy Goan brothers and sisters as have done it in the past, here in Dubai as well as in Goa . This is one of our main objective.
Regarding opening of a bank account we have a very genuine problem here. We are a community under the Church and there are certain procedures, rules and regulations which we need to follow. As informed earlier our Parish Priest is on vacation and we are waiting for his guidance in this matter. Further more we cannot open a personal account in an individual’s name for this Cause as the amount of money that will flow into the account from all over the world will be huge and the account holder will definitely be questioned by the Local Central bank authorities. Since you claim to work in the Gulf for almost quarter of a century we expect you to know the legalities of the region!
So I hope with the above given explanation will make things clear and understood at your end. We are not here for Glory, honor or recognition but for the humble service of our community. Despite the fact that we live in the Arab region where work is the top priority and personal things are to be handled from home or during leisure time, yet we somehow make time to do this social service for our Goans for which our people should realize and appreciate. It is pity that some of you want to make an issue of nothing without knowing the ground realities. I would appreciate in future all concerned would refrain from passing unnecessarily comments on our integrity, capability and performance. It is not for you to judge. God is our witness and He alone is the one who knows what we are and what we do.
So I sincerely hope that you will put things in the right perspective. We are at the peoples service.
Thanking you.
Cajetan Coelho
President – St. Mary’s Goan Community Dubai


Robert said...

So Dubai Goan are doing service publicity service for themselves. It is a pity and shame even to clarify on this matter. When they release press articles, they shouod know that it reaches the World over. These are self glorifying people who look for themselves. If you could not handle the cause, do not come forward. No one blamed you but your guilt is pinching your heart? Why was this clarification not immediately published? Now you find yourself in the dark corner, looking for a hope of ray to clear your name? Just a shame on you to glorify yourself at the cost of a struggling soul. I beg Niz Goenkar to send all comments on this article to this so called Dubaikar Cajetan and not a Goenkar. Please, every reader, let us have your opinion on this in this comment box. Much appreciated. We will reaach these to these Dubaikar nakli Goenkars. Cajetan should not speak of peoples service but publicity service, that suits you all.

Shyam Sawant said...

I never knew that we had these type of Goans in Dubai. My dear Goans in UK wanted to help in this cause and you a SOLO along with your Maria and Navita want to do it alone? Why for name in the news? Yes exactly you are hypocrites who are there in Dubai for self boosting like our Goan tiatrists who call themselves I AM PRINCE, I AM KING OF CENTURIES, I AM SUPREMO, I AM A MELODY KING, I AM A NIGHTINGALE etc.. Too bad that the boy is not improving that is because you are doing a charity for show off. There is a "KHOT" (false pride) in you and your group. You people who refuse help from other Goans should not be called Goans. Shame on you Cajetan and Maria.

Joe Rebello said...

Disgusting Goans of Dubai. Shyam you are right. I think the bloggers of Niz Goenkar and Mr. Menino de Valpoi were trying to do a selfless service to poor Jackson. But vail people like Cajetan and Maria gate crashed all their efforts. Saturnino you do not know these Goans who are there only for glory.

Dalia said...

Cajetan, you should have shame even to give such a clarification. The other two names advertised are Maria and Navita should clarify to everyone here whether thought they were selling Tiatr tickets in Dubai? Is it now housefull and no tickets available for people outside Dubai? Shame on you people. You people have exposed yourself, your false pride is now getting murkier. You should be really hanging your heads in shame! What a pity for self publicity of some characters in the name of Dubai Goenkars?

Jane De Sa said...

Such a loathsome incident, the arrogant behaviour of Cajetan and St Mary's Goan Community. It is not even worth calling these people Goans. I never heard of anyone refusing help and aid for a good cause. Poor Niz Goenkar site struggled to do something for Jackson. But alas...........

Rosy from Assnora said...

Shame on you Cajetan, what face are you going to show to the people of Assnora? Have you a face left anymore? We are ashamed to call you a ganv bhav anymore.

A Goan in Qatar said...

Dear Robert, I do not know how far the above is true, as I am based in Doha, Qatar. I fully agree with your contention. There are good and bad elements all over the world in Goan organizations, clubs etc., who always wants to be in the limelight for the sake of publicity,. In Doha there are also certain elements that do the same thing over and over again. But there are few section of people who do voluntary and dedicated services for the Goan community without the knowledge of anyone and without raising their head to get any praises or appreciation. But they do it for the greater glory of God. I know such people are always blessed in whatever good deeds they do but the rest are always doomed for life as they are desperate in gaining public attention.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

Here we have a situation that is critical and in dire need of aid and not pomp and glory. Instead of going for pomp and glory, cajetan and his gang should have accepted the aid from other Goans worldwide who wanted to help.

Alcantro Carneiro said...

Dear friend Goan in Qatar, The above is really true as you see it is directly posted from the email box as is by Niz Goenkar. I do not doubt the authenticity of this email. As far as I know Mr. Menino de Valpoi, he is one sincere and honest person and very disciplined and principled man. He would not go out of his way to defame anybody. I have known him for long time. But in short knowing these Dubai Goans, it makes me sad that they are Goans.

Saturnino said...

Clarification from Saturnino

It was Friday, some two weeks earlier. As soon as I read the article on our dear NIZ GOENKAR, I called up on the given numbers in the morning at around 09.00 hours. First it was Navita after a long ring, she picked up and asked me to coantact Maria. Maria never respponded. At 11.00 hours on the same day, I got a call from one Cajetan Coelho who introduced himself and directed me back to Maria. I later called Maria again and got her email id and posted her my offer of one way ticket. I made arrangements for the ticket with TRAVCO HOLIDAYS in Margao that will be delivered to Maria any moment. All agreed including confirmation from travco. As Goans around were asking for account number, I called Maria again and asked her for details as well by emails, all emails are saved with me. All correspondence between me and Maria is existing. Maria promised it to be done in the next few days. I made several calls to Cajetan and Maria on Jacksons condition and account number. Never did they mentioned that this cause is only for them to handle. there were calls pouring for account numbers from concerned Goans so I called Maria again yesterday, 3rd October and she told me that the Priest is on vacation and on his return, all will be settled. She, though mentioned earler once that the priest is on vacation and they are awaiting his arrival, that ws two weeks plus.
I was told that they do not have an account but they are in the process of opening one for the cause. In one of the email, it is clearly mentioned that they are too busy. I can forward them to anyone if provided id. I have got all the chain of emails with them. Infact, there is one email thanking me for the offer copied to several members of their committee.

I am saddened by this issue. I have no words to express other than to say this is very regretful.

Menino and Lazarus were in constant contact with me on the situation with exchange of emails, those copied to them from this Maria added with committee id's.

dlp said...

Menino (Niz Goenkar), as I know him, although not personally, but through my cousins and other relaives in Kuwait and friends in UK, is a fighter for our Goans cause. Not for name's sake but for the sake of the cause of Goans. These so-called Niz Goenkars or the Goan Community are for their own publicity and game for fame! A real shame Mr. Coelho and your flock of sheep!

dlp said...

Satu... As their Mr. President have explained to us that it is only the concern of the Dubai Goan Church Cummunity, we should shut our mouths and keep quite. Our only concern was for our Goan brother, not for the Dubai Church Community as they call themsleves. Anyway, I feel that we should stay away and not get into more controversies. All we can do is pray for speedy recovery of Jackson. Menino, I hope you will understand my sentiments. Some people, unintentionally, are forcefully pushed into these situations in the name of the Church and I don't blame them. I dont want to hurt anyone. God Bless us all!!!

A Goan in Qatar said...

Dear Alcantro Carneiro, I am not questioning the integrity of Mr. Menino, but that of the Dubai Goans. How they have created a mole out of nowhere whereas the poor guy is suffering internally. May the Almighty God with the intercession of Mother Mary give him speedy recovery. We will keep on praying for this guy in our daily rosary.

dlp said...

Are you still awake Mr. Coelho, or too busy like your group to respond to all these comments???

A Goan in Qatar said...

On one matter I think I can assure you all that in the Middle East, and even in Qatar the Church community are directly dependable on the decision of the Parish Priest, who takes the final decision about any situations concerning the help needed to any person whether he is Indian, Asian or any nationality. We in Qatar have a combined Konkani speaking community (Goans and Mangaloreans) and in case of any help needed for any one, we spontaneously with the help of the Resident priest and the Parish Priest take the final decision for the contribution of any sort and send it to the right person.

Ratol Baba said...

Their act is like the Pakistani Government. Isn't it dear Goans?

Sergio Menezes, UAE said...

Good you niz Goenkar exposed these few individuals in Dubai who call themselves above other Goans camouflaged under the banner of the Church. These are not social workers but are a class of Club Boys and girls who think that they are doing service towards the Goan community. They are good in advertising themselves and everyone knows in Dubai what life they enjoy in the name of the community. Very shameful on their part to issue such a statement that exposed them totally.

Rosy & Jesicca, Kuwait said...

Coelho and his coteire should stop self publicity and resign. If they are busy, why even should they shoulder such a responsibility of Community President? Who are these other two ladies Maria and Navita? Are they some sort of actresses or tiatrists? Shame on you, shame to call you Goans. We were watching the article hoping taht account number will be published. First of all, if you could manage, why was that article published in the first place anywhere outside your community walls? Shame, real shame on you. Thank you Niz Goenkar for letting us know these wolves.

dlp said...

Thank you our Goan in Qatar! The only thing we Goans, from outside Dubai, can do is pray for Jackson. Dubai Goans are too well fed and Bill Gates of Dubai, Goa. They don't need our help. Only our prayers can help Jackson. I wonder, when this Dubai Church Community is so busy, will they even have time to pray for the poor boy?

Savio said...

Readers a big favour please, please log on these links and see for yourself who these Goan Community are. They are a bunch of celebrities in their own right in the name of Goan Community. Shame on them.

Readers, do a big favor please. Please log on and read the agenda of the 1st October Meeting of the general body. It is about the UPCOMING PICNIC. Show me anywhere anything about Jackson issue.

After logging on, you will know yourself who these people are, they are just tiatrists of the first order.

dlp said...

Thank you Mr. Coelho for your comments and explanation, which came after the damage has already been done. I am very happy and thankful to you guys for collecting substantial money for the cause of Jackson. We did not know that you all were doing it just between yourselves (Dubai Goans)! Since Mr. Jackson is a Goan and the article appeared in Herald, our Niz Goenkar, like he always does, came forward and we started contacting the people who were supposed to be contacted, but they said they were busy. I am busy too but made some time to find out what exactly was the situation and where we were standing, without knowing that this appeal was only between the Dubai Goans. Sorry for that!!! Misunderstandings are the real cause of all this. If you people had clarified that this appeal is only for the Dubai Community, we would not have wasted our time too. We have plenty of other things to do, but the moment we read of any Goan suffering in any part of the world, our heart goes to him and we try to do what we can on our part. That was Niz Goenkar’s main concern. Thank you for your response and we all sincerely hope and pray that Jackson will come out of his ordeal with flying colours. Thank you once again and do keep in touch with other Goans too for such causes. God Bless you all. I am dying now, “pun Padri nam maka sontesanv launcheak”. What to do now??? Just for humour. Don’t take it too seriously. Maria knows me very well. We are a family. Chandrakant Kankonkar, I hope you won't take my funny comments too seriously either.

Felix Mascarenhas said...

Not only they have spoiled their name and the name of the Goans but also the poor priest who is out on vacation and the Church being closed down till the priest gets back from vacation.

Chandrakant Kankonkar said...

No dlp, after reading this topic, I do not know how to weep or whether to commit suicide for the love of Goa and Goans. The poor boy is suffering like anything and this Goan Community is out to make name for themselves. So much scandal among the associations and various Goan groups. I have not words to condemn this deed of the Goan community from Dubai and specially Cajetan Coelho, Maria and Navita. I feel ashamed myself that these people are Goans.

Albert D' Costa, Sharjah said...

Readers, I have gone through the site of Dubai community as directed by Savio. The site tells about picnics and other things on the main agenda of this community forum. If you did not read that, please log on and know the truth. As Ratol Baba pointed out, they have acted like Pakistan declining to accept aid from India in their worst disaster whereas their President was receiving shoes in UK. These people in Dubai deserves a few shoes. Pathetic on their part to segregate themselves as Dubai Goans. And their main agenda for the 1st October is discussion on PICNIC as per their forum.

Genvieve Fernandes said...

There seems to be more parties among these St. Mary's Goan Community in Dubai. Goans who foolishly indulge into this type of activities should think of the story of the ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER.

Lily Gracias said...

These Goans in disguise of Angels have been well exposed by Niz Goenkar. A job very well done and well trapped these crooks. Maria, Navita and Cajetan - Lets have your say on this now.

Bebdo said...

I can't help myself from laughing at this sentence written by Cajetan."God is our witness and He alone is the one who knows what we are and what we do." Ha!ha!ha!. God is also a witness to the 'hedonistic' events organised by St.Mary's Goan Community! And God is also a witness to the pervert and paedophile priests and bishops,for whose sins the Pope had to apologise.
Go tell that to the Marines,Cajetan. And say that you also witnessed the landing of the first alien on your arse!

John Athaide said...

What a family dlp! This Maria should be fed ratol and disposed off for thriving on poor Jackson's fate.

franco said...

How sad and disgruntled I feel after reading all the comments posted on this issue. Was there no one of human brains and single minded person to see the pathetic condition of Jackson? If at all they wanted to help this guy at least they should have brought down in Dubai his near and dear one either mother or sister on visit visa to be near his bedside to console him in his agony. I have no words to ponder as to how these so called St. Mary’s Goan community people work for the betterment of their wellbeing. Shameless, mindless etc., etc. and what not for these people. Maybe they were reluctant to help this guy or his relative stationed in Dubai because they were bachelors and to me a bachelor is just neglected by many family visa holders because they think they have wife with them so they should not mingle with them. A casual smile or how are you is more than enough for a bachelor to carry on his days without his near and dear ones. If the Church community was not ready to help, at least someone should have guided him to go to the Indian consulate for help and other necessary assistance they could offer him.

Dubaikar said...

The greatest mistake Cajetan,Maria & Navita did is by not clarifying immediately their stand after reading their names & mobile numbers on "Herald”. Their initial silence shows that they were indeed interested in cheap publicity. “Priest on Vacation" is just an silly excuse to run away from an real cause...Also as per some reliable source I was informed that all things were messed up by another idiot who always boost himself as an 10 years ex-PA of Chorchill that is Praveen Veigas who also seems to be ex-president of Goan Dubai group. Praveen depends only on others breadcrumbs and that is the reason he circulate his first mail without any first hand knowledge of Jackson's situation.St.Mary Dubai Solidary Group is only for the rich Goans,of the rich Goans and by the rich Goans.They don’t have heart for people like Jackson.

Mario said...

Cajetan Coelho your face expression tells us need of your bloody clarification. Is it your Organization is only to dine & dance? If so carry on this is best people like you can do...Dance, picnic, parties etc while fellow Goans struggle to live a decent life in Dubai & Goa.If not resign...Shutup and go to hell. Before that pls print the names & money against them received by your Organization for Jackson's need immediately

dlp said...

Dubaikar.... I am so happy that we still have Niz Goenkars in Dubai and not the ones seeking publicity in the name of the church and helping the helpless. This matter would not have been public for others to comment on us Goans as divided between ourselves if the these Goans in Dubai had clarified their stand immediately after reading the news on Herald. They kept quite, because they were beind famous by the Herald. Has Herald done anything after publishing the news???

Dalia said...

As I spoke to a number of people in Dubai last night and today, they all said what Dubaikar, above said. It seems they should have been exposed a long time ago. I also learnt a few of our Goan Dubaikars, low wage earners spend a lot of money after this organisatin to wine and dine. What will they send to theri families home? This is not a social organisatin but a looting organisation.

Robert said...

This organisatin in Dubai should better be known as FUGDI organisation. They are good in dancing Fugdi in Dubai. Where are these publicity hunters now? Do they read the minds of these Niz Goenkars who took time to write and read without their photographs? Shame on them, I will write to the Parish of Dubai about these people who are sinsters.

Benjamin Fernandes said...

Maria, Navita, cajetan, anthony mendes the monkey are all crooks and filthy animals who thrive at the expense of some poor sick and dying Goan. For sure the money collected, more that half will go into the pockets of Maria, Navita, Cajetan and anthony mendes. THE SCUMS!

diogofichardo said...

I was in Portugal for a few days and read a bit about the unfortunate lad who is in hospital. I wanted to donate some money towards the funds. But so much has developed science I was away from the computer. I will have to take some Guidance from our Niz Goenkar as to where we stand on this matter.

Mario said...

Saturnino - It is noticed on this forum under article "Financial Assistance Required.." that you are the one who gave contact number of Cajetan Coelho by saying that he is the Authority looking after Jackson so tell us on what basis you gave that number without varifying true colour of Cajetan & his organistion.As an grownup person was it not your responsibility to know first whether Cajetan is capable,truthworthy,honest person? pls clarify!

Tomasinho Pinto said...

Here you go again "Mario" attacking someone like Saturnino for no rhyme or reason. You and your big philosophies!

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Mario::::I feel it is a little unfair to blame Saturino.
Many of included, take and do things in "trust".
We are never sure if this "trust" will be abused or be stabbed in the back.
As you can read there are many unanswered questions in this whole saga.Maria and Navita along with Cajetan (THE DUBAI TRIO)AND ALSO FEATURING a Mendes now!! were happy to see their names included in the article.They felt they were doing a meritorious service to Jackson in demonstrating their humanity.
They have never made it clear that the assistance (Financial) they required should "only" & "exclusively" come from Dubai.When they were advised that that people in Goa would help ,they did not utter a word.
Personally I have never heard of anyone, anywhere refusing help or insisting it only comes from a certain country.The Jackson situation involved two places...Dubai & Goa.To exclude & refuse help from Goa would be an insult to well intentioned & compassionate Goan hearts and feelings.
The trio should just make a statement that they have mis-handled this whole episode.
I am still awaiting to hear why this "DUBAI TRIO" did not approach the Indian Embassy for advice & assistance.
I do not think anyone wishes to criticise Navita and Maria.However some of the commentators here have a slightly negative view of them.The impression one gets is that they are self serving.I have no objections to Goan Clubs having Picnics...provided it is with "clean money" or accountable subscriptions.
Time will reveal more I am sure.
In the mean time I hope Jackson will get well."Life" is still a gift from God until HE (God) decides to take it away.
Jacksons life story too, has a lot of mystery and speculation surrounding it.

Mario said...

Tomasinho - I am not attacking Saturnino,I have great regards for Saturnino,he is indeed doing nice work on this forum.My only concern is Saturnino should have been carefull while directing others to deal with people like Cajetan Coelho specialy with regards to financial matters of Jackson rather then crying later for no use.It is like people of Goa elect thiefs and same people are now pointing fingers to those thiefs.

Mario said...

Tomasinho I am just quoting what Saturnino wrote.As this forum is for discussing and as you don't like what is truth then you better shut up and get lost.

Andrew F said...

Dear Mr. Menino and all concerned,

I came across your blogspot from your comment on the goan community website and decided to see what Niz Goenkar is all about. I have read all comments above and honestly I am ashamed of the mentality of my fellow Goans. I have been living here in Dubai for the past 11 years and I have first hand experience of what the Goan Community does here in Dubai as I attend most of their activities. Before the community was formed, the Goan here has no one to go to. To the extent that there was not even a Goan priest in Dubai to cater to the needs of our fellow Goans. After the Goan community was formed by some of the Goans in Dubai which is around 6-7 years ago the people here have good reason to rejoice. Yes the community is involved in parties and picnics as this is part of their objective which is to bring all goans together. After all dont we goans like to party and enjoy? Recently they even had a drawing competition for the goan kids, which was held for the first time in Dubai. Isn’t that an achievement where the whole family is involved? They are also involved with the spiritual aspects of the church here in Dubai, and most importantly they also help the needy and who else to tell you than me because one of my relative has been helped by when she was in desperate need of money. I do not expect them to put pictures of the people they have helped on their website. About the accusations about siphoning money I don’t think they can do that because the Parish Priest here controls all the finances. Please note I am not taking their side neither am I against you, but I couldn’t stop myself from writing a few lines after reading your comments against a group who is doing so much for the people of Goa here in Dubai and yet being criticized by people who are miles away and know nothing about the Community. Your just reminded me about the story of the crabs in a basket who would pull each other down and wouldn’t want the other to succeed.

Robert said...

Andrew F, I will be glad if you identify yourself and I would like to talk with you.

Saturnino from Goa said...

Mario, whoever you are, you might have not spent money an umpteen times to contact these people who are good samaritans in sheeps coat. These people are in Dubai and if you are interested to know, I can give you call logs those done by me. I am not a relative of Jackson nor close to him or family. I did it, I contacted them and I got fooled. It takes time to identify some bad characters. You can call me on 00919822101924 in India as I am not a wolf in Sheeps clothing. Give me your number and I will contact you Mr. Mario. Dont blame others before you know the truth. Get yourself corrected. I am in touch with Jackson's father by now. You will get further details soon. The people in Dubai are wolves in Sheeps attire. I don't know you Mario, who you are, identify yourself or give your contact number. Give your email id and I will forward you the mails from Maria who is a destitute in disgrace

dlp said...

Mario.... Saturnino was the first person to help the cause and take the initiative of offering an airline ticket for Jackson's transfer to Dubai. there was no time to be a detective and find find out who these people are. the main priority was the safety of Jackson. Other things automatically surfaced and now we know where we stand.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Andrew F.:::
I agree with you that Goan Communities all over the world have a right to form associations or clubs to bring Goans together and share some social & cultural activities.This happens in Goa too.
It has been going on for over 100 hundred years.
I do not personally believe this is the issue with some of the commentators here.There may be a few that do not appreciate the value of these clubs abroad.
However I feel that the main issue that has concerned and angered many commentators is that on the "St Marys Sodality website (Dubai), there is no appeal for any assistance for Jackson Couthinho.There is not a single article I can find.If there was any appeal on the website,then it has been removed for some reason.
In the UK there was an article & appeal too, on the Goan Voice (UK) website.This article is still available in the archives.
If any Goan in the Uk contacted the Telephone Nos. Published volunteering assistance, and, were then told that the appeal was only for Dubai Goans, then there would be question marks raised and it would seem all very shady & dubious.
The "NIZ GOENKAR" website & notably Menino GPT. also made an appeal for assistance.It seems they too were never advised this appeal for assistance only applies to Dubai Goans & Dubai well wishers, considering it was also printed in Gulf News to attract other ethnic denominations.
The problem that has arisen is that the appeal has never appeared on the "ST. MARYS SODALITY (DUBAI).All that any visitor sees on a visit to the website is "jollity" & "overpampering".
This is why there has been questions asked.
I hope this will give you a better understanding of the negative comments.
Personally I have no issues with Goans having Clubs /Associations all around the world.
Cajetan is solely responsible for this fiasco.
An apology may go someway in restoring peoples confidence in him.
Will an apology ever be forthcoming from Cajetan...or will it be excuses? Time will decide.

diogofichardo said...

Saturnino as a Niz Goenkar I am glad you are in Goa and are in touch with Jackson's father. That will give you the firsthand account in the developing situation and will clear any doubtful minds. Please convey out thoughts to Jackson's family our prayers are with them.

Saturnino said...

As I am in Goa, I have now found out ways that can be done effeciently even without the assistance or publicity anywhere. There is a NRI Commission of which Eduardo Faliero is the Commissioner. I have channeled things and people to do that. It may take a few days and by or before Sunday, you will have an update.

You will also find a word from Jacksons father in print including that of the immediate family. I beg to show a little patience until then. I also beg to Mario and Andrew to give contact numbers so we can clarify things. I or Menino, Lazarus do not seek anything rather than transparency. Poor Diogo spoke to me for long and assured support, Menino and Lazarus too did the same. We are not the people like Cajetan Coelho and partners, you can see action.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Mario and Andrew::::I think you guys are being very unfair in your comments about Saturino.
Some of the stuff you are saying is plainly out of context.One "word does not make a sentence" and one "sentence does not make a story".
This story about Jacksons plight & misfortune seems to have developed in to a sequel.We are currently discussing the sequel.
To Mario:: I do not think Saturino "invented" Cajetans telephone no.Neither do I believe Saturino would have published Cajetans or the DUBAI TRIOS" Telephone nos. without their express permission.
I hope both of you will be kind enough to read the comments I have addressed to you individually and to others for any correction / input.

Saturino has offered both you guys his Telephone no. to contact him for further information & clarification if it will stop giving you "Sleepless nights" and baseless comments.
Saturino has also now stated in due course he will publish further details on develpoments.
I hope you guys will admire him.
On the other hand the Dubai Trio have still not made any statements on Jacksons condition or information of how the "Finiancial assistance",has been used thus far.
Also remember Saturino arranged for an Air ticket to bring Jackson back to Goa where his loved ones could care for him and where he would feel more at ease.This to me is pure human kindness and deserves an accolade.
If you guys cannot accept these facts and the concern, kindness & generosity of Saturino.....then you guys need to urgently question your own intergerity.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

This is now appearing on the "St. Marys Goan community website as of "6th October 2010".
A Photo also appears..but I have excluded it.

It is with sadness that we inform you that Jackson Couthino’s condition is still critical and as per the doctors he is still not in a position to be moved to India . We urge all of you to continue praying for his speedy recovery.

Dalia said...

Who are these chamchas of the Dubai community? These Mario and Andrews? Saturnino has proved above you since he has given his contact number in Goa. I am awaiting comment from Saturnino as he promised before I comment any further.

Bebdo said...

@Andrew F. ... Please get your facts correct. How can you say that there were no Goan organisation in Dubai before the formation of St Mary's Catholic Community? There are more than one Goan organisation and there are many Goans in Dubai who are helping the needy Goans. But they don't seek cheap publicity. Maybe, there was no Goans organisations to organise hedonistic events, such as the one that are being organised by the St. Mary's Catholic Community.
You are in Dubai only for the past 11 years, so let me jog your memory. There is an inter-Goan village football tournament being held in Dubai for the past more than 20 years. There is a social organisation of people from Santo Estevam which is more than 30 years and they take great care of their fellow villagers.
So please don't assume for you have made an ASS of U and ME.
If you are a mouthpiece of Cajetan, say so. I can understand Cajetan's plight. From his looks it appears that he may not be as educated as probably you. If a man wears a suit it doesn't make a gentleman. Some qualities are inborn, some are acquired and some are cast upon them.
At least now, tell Cajetan to apologise for the entire fiasco and for taking the Goans people and the local newspapers for a ride.
Tell him to concentrate on what he and St Mary's Catholic Community are known to do .... that is to organise picnics, beauty contests, binge drinking, and maybe an outlet for carnal pleasures.

Mario said...

Dalia - I am not a chamchas of the Dubai group who had betrayed Goans.I just wanted to know how Saturnino got contact number of idiot Cajetan Coelho and now I am happy with Saturnino reply as well marvellous service by Saturnino for the sake of Jackson & his family. Indeed this Dubai St.Mary group represent only English speaking show-off Goans with whom I have never associated even after several invitations.

dlp said...

Don't give in to these people. They have been hit where it really hurts and there is no medicine to erase or cure the pain. Like you said, they SHOULD have thought before writing. They think that they are the leaders of Goans all over the world. My foot!!!

bebdo said...

@dlp... in a lighter view. Why did you say "My foot!!!" You should have said "aash maan, no maan, you know maaan? Put the dhovlo in the budkolo maaan, otherwise rice becoming pochok maan just like the St Mary's Goan Community maan"

Bebdo said...

Mogal Niz Goenkarano
I think the priest is back. The St Mary's Goans are now organising a picnic. Of course, the decision must have been taken with the blessings of the priest. And the priest will also join the fun and frolic.
I really wonder if Jesus would have tolerated such hypocrisy. They have also put a a Bible quote hinting at us. It reads as follows: "Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. (1 Corinthians 15:33)"
I would advise them to first check their morals and public decency. It is all there in the photos of their websites. You go to the church and you can see all the juicy coutoure and G-strings when you pray. I wish they only had to read what is written in the Leviticus about dress code and such hedonistic pleasures. These people are not Catholics but are pseudo-pagan, pseudo-christians, and purely hedonistic. Moreover they don't exhibit any Goan qualities.


see you guys on 22nd October at 9 am at Zabeel park, entry through gate number 1.
Dh15 (includes, breakfast, lunch and tea)


St.Mary’s Goan Community, Dubai is organizing its annual picnic on 22nd October 2010. It is going to be a day filled with fun , games , food and music for adults and children alike . This is a fellowship and a chance to unite with our fellow Goan brothers and sisters here in Dubai. We have lots of games and other programs planned to keep you entertained throughout the day . Tickets are priced at Dhs 15/- per person. Children below the age of 5 can join in for free. The venue is at Zabeel Park (Near the Mosque and after the kids play area) and entry is through gate Number 1 (Jafliya Station Side) . The Event begins at sharp 9:00 am, therefore kindly make sure you come on time so that you don’t miss out on any of the fun.
We would be glad if you attend this event with your family and friends to strengthen the Goan Community here in Dubai.

Click the link below to see photos of last years picnic

For tickets, kindly contact:
Simon (050-6747240)
Sanford (050-7646088)
Maria (050-4577209)

Alternatively , you can fill the form below and we will have someone get back to you.

Saturnino said...

Latest update from Goa by Saturnino
Myself and P. Cruz and Abel just returned from Commissioner of NRI's at Secreteriat, Porvorim. Has been a good day as we see a bit of light on the other side of the tunnel. Jacksons parents were with us. Please await for some more time and read a full report from Mr. P Cruz on the day's progress.

diogofichardo said...

Saturnino thanks again it must have been a very long day for you, and those accompanying you. Showers of blessing are on your family for their patience, they have missing you. God bless you all.
Remember we "Niz Goenkers all over the world" are with you.

Dalia (In depression) said...

Bebdea,even after you are so much drunk, you have published the facts, what a shame to these sucm-bags. Maria, can I buy some tickets on the web? Are you the ticket queen for such events? Are you sure that you will deliver the tickets? OR you will come with the publication that "your ticket cannot be issued right now as the priest is out on vacation" Instead, you can sleep with me to recover the value, Cajie will keep the account, Navita will maintain the book. What a shame you dirty scum-bags.

Saturnino said...

To everyone here, I have not done anything special or wonders. As much as I can along with you all. God Save Jackson, God Save us All from such situations. You will never sip another drop of water if you see his mother weeping. God save Jackson, this is what we all prayed together on our way Bambolim Holy Cross

Roses are red Violets are blue said...

Simon (050-6747240) This Simon who is also selling tickets is known as khomo simon. I don't know why but I will have to ask some bendekar friends. Heard that he is the master of all ceremonies and is pretty bad at maintaining accounts too. Last time, I heard him in a discussion was about the Bendekars dance when he was asking for donation and allegedly had pocketed some of the goodies that were given to him.
And Maria, oh oh oh... see is the beauty queen from the rear! Thinks that she and Cajie own the church. Maybe, who knows what goes after the mass?
Bebdea, I am pretty sure you get all the news about the misdeeds of this people in Casa de Goa. They say in konkani, bebdeank ani barberank soglle kobor asta.
Bebdea, the next time the drinks are on me!

Bebdo said...

@Dalia... chch chch chch.. how even in your wildest dreams can you think of sleeping with Maria? Has this St Mary's Goan Community scandal converted you from being straight to gay? A bebdo like me have a better choice, I won't court liars and looters. You know why? Because they are insensitive to others' pains and sorrows (I should add pleasure also to it) as their only concern is money. First money, then bang, bang, bang, bang and thank you ma'am.

Bebdo said...

@Roses are red Violets are blue... the only Casa de Goa that I know of is in Lisbon? Is there one in Dubai too?

Dalia said...

Bebdo, the quote should read as "Be not deceived: right communications exposed corrupt and evil manners.

Saturnino said...

I received a abusive call from one lady on my cell at 13.50 hrs. She claimed to be calling from UK and the number appeared to be *301. I have done enough to trace the call though it may be from the PC. I am not a cookie not will I be one. I will get to the root. I know who are affected and who got the pinch. Let this not stop our cause.

diogofichardo said...

I have received a message from a contact in Dubai that there is a strong Rumour or "Balcony Gossip" that Saturnino has approached MLAs in Goa regarding Jacksons Case. Edward Falero is not an MLA or an MP but a Government servant in charge for NRI branch. Any dumb person will understand that.
I doubt Niz Goenkers and its followers will lay RED CARPETS for any current Goan MLAs, as it happens with some Goan Organisations , where they are made the chief honourable guests.
Although individual financial support is offered, no financial appeal is made at this moment by Niz Goenkars. All different religious followers of Niz Goenkars and other organisation around the "WHOLE WORLD" including non Indians are offering prayers for Jacksons recovery. God Bless Us All "regardless".
Niz Goankers are for the better of Goa and do not collaborate with corrupt MLAs of GOA.

Saturnino said...

Saturnino here, I am not a crumb eater of any politician, the least I will do is run to politicians. The Dubai triangle need their help possibly to sing tunes for them.

Bebdo said...

@dlp, you didn't discuss with me about my trip to Stockholm, at least N. Fernandes was kind enough to wish me luck in my search for Lucky Farmhouse. Now if one of you guys can spare a few days of your valuable time when I make a trip to Brussels soon (not exactly in Brussels but in Vlaams Brabant) I would be grateful. Got some work with Nanjgel -- a network security solution firm -- since some of our rivals are trying to hack this site and have threatened to close it down. I would have gone to their Dubai office, but Judas won't show me the way as he drives a GM. Judas was supposed to be very loyal to Jesus but in the end he sold him. Guys if any Judas calls Niz Goenkars, tell him to go and hang himself. Note to Niz Goenkars: Use the Alpha-Omega code to decipher the above message.

concerned Dubai goenkar said...

Why are you people blaming Dubai goenkars?Just because St Marys Goan sodality is crooked doesent mean everyone here is.GoanSodality is run by just 6 people.The are some goan organizations who are doing good work here too.So please stop blaming all Dubaikars

N.Fernandes (London) said...

**to concerned Dubai goenkar**::I am sorry you have misunderstood the criticism or any blame.It does not apply to all Goan Dubaikars.The main criticisism has been directed at the St Marys Goan Sodality who have recently changed their their their name to St MARYS GOAN COMMUNITY.
The change of their name came following serious criticism about the organisation.So rest assured Niz-Goenkars all over the world are fully aware there are honest,decent & hardworking Goans in Dubai.WE respect you guys.
The St Marys Goan Community / ex-Sodality seem to be a bunch of mis-fits whose sole aim is to live in a fantasy world of their own.
Recently they could not deal with criticism from Niz-Goenkar commentarors , that they recruited a General Manager of an IT solutions company called Judep, in the hope he would put fear into us because of his Professional position.That may work in the migrant slums of will never work in Niz-Goenkar.Thiis Jude Pereira is not a "SUPER HUMAN"....but thinks like one, because he sponsors some of SMGC`s functions and holds a high Post.

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