VASCO: In a joint operation conducted by Vasco police and Customs on Saturday evening, a tanker containing oil sludge was detained outside the Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) gate for absence of the requisite documents.
As per information from Customs officials, the tanker bearing registration number KA-13-A-9399 was detained by the Vasco police at around 7.15 p.m when they received information that oil sludge was being unloaded from a ship at MPT berth without the requisite documents.
The Customs official, Mr D S Fatarpekar along with two other personnel Mr M D Naik and Mr S Y Kamat reached the site opposite the IOC terminal gate where the Mormugao police had detained the loaded tanker.
It was learnt that the oil sludge was discharged from a vessel at MPT berth was being transported without any proper documentation to a neighboring state. When questioned by the Vasco police and Custom sleuths, the driver of the tanker, Mr Samsher was unable to give any proper clarification into the transportation of the oil sludge.
The ship chandler, Mr Vikram Naik who also arrived at the site told mediapersons that the vehicle and the consignment which was being transported from the tanker was possessing all the required documentation and had Customs clearance.
He however has told that some informant might have passed wrong message to the Vasco police and Customs sleuths due to enmity among the handling agents who deal with the oil sludge in MPT premises. (NT)


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