OLD GOA: A 35-year-old woman and her three-and-a-halfyear-old son died at Chorao early Friday morning after the woman poured kerosene over herself and the boy and set themselves alight.
Old Goa PI Francis Corte said Raghvi Wadeakar and her son Manjunath died of burn injuries, even as her husband Raghunath was performing Ganesh aartis in the house. Police have registered a case of unnatural death.
Later, Raghunath complained to the police that while the last rites were being performed in the evening, he was attacked by some persons accusing him of leading his wife to suicide. As the couple was married for five years an inquest was conducted by the sub-divisional magistrate


Anonymous said...

Every women understands what they go through and how they are to appraise the effects of ones actions. We in India are more smarter, more sane, and at the same time equally demented, unbalanced, crazy and some even run into manic depression so as to to take such a step to splash oneself with most available solution, the kerosene. Yep, why not - take the children too if it is that easy.

As more and more educated ladies surface out of these university and colleges from India they are more conducive to becoming more and more daring and selfish. There are a few who dare and fight for their right but the others in this Hindu dominated families consider their husbands Devine a Superhuman against whom they refuse to disagree even if he has wronged.

Dowry is a curse that is more of a problem cropping every time a woman commits suicide. The authorities have to get the husband for he may have been begging the Gods to have his ars. saved at the time of the wife and children were on fire.

diogofichardo said...

It is always said "the man of the house" But it is the Women that make the house. Whatever the cause Suicide should never be the ultimate goal Sad as it may be God bless their souls RIP

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