Claiming that he has resources as well as experience to remove the River Princess vessel stranded off the Candolim coast, the chairman of Salgaocar Mining Industries Pvt Ltd, Mr Anil Salgaocar on Thursday said that his company is in possession of ultra-modern salvaging equipment, including a huge 350-tonne crane, which is not available anywhere else in India.
“My company is not only well-equipped to remove the bulk carrier, but also has wide experience in such salvage operations,” he maintained, pointing out that a number of such vessels have been salvaged by his company.
Speaking to The Navhind Times, Mr Salgaocar said that all the decisions of the government as regards removal of the River Princess vessel have neither any credibility nor any substance. “The government, in a bid to make money from the vessel-removal exercise, has now stooped to the level of auctioning this exercise,” he added.
Mr Salgaocar was reacting to the information provided by the state government to the Bombay High Court on Thursday that it will ask Mr Salgaocar to furnish bank guarantee of Rs 10 crore and further depositing scrap money in the court, till the entire vessel is cut.
Mr Salgaocar, who is also a member of the state assembly, said that removal of River Princess would mean towing away the entire vessel from the Candolim coast. “In the first phase, we will have to cut the visible part of the ship, and then go for removing its underwater section,” he told this daily, noting that if roots of a tree need to be cut, its top part would have to go first.
“Unfortunately, corruption has taken over the issue of removal of the stranded vessel, and the government is not as much interested in removing the vessel as it is interested in making money out of it,” Mr Salgaocar said, adding that “vultures” are waiting for their share resulting out of the vessel-removal exercise.
“As the rightful owner of the ship, the government should have directed me to remove it from the Candolim coast, and I would have done so as it is my duty to tow away the ship,” Mr Salgaocar said, observing, “But instead, the government has fraudulently taken over the ownership of River Princess, and now wants me to perform the task of its removal.”
Stating that he is a true son of the soil and would not move away from the state, Mr Salgaocar said that saving Goa from any disasters, including environmental dangers, is his natural duty.
Incidentally, Mr Sameer Salgaocar, son of Mr Anil Salgaocar and the director of the Salgaocar Mining Industries Pvt Ltd, said that M V Sanjeevani, one of the transhippers owned by his company and stranded in River Zuari, was successfully salvaged few years back. “So you see, we have capability and experience to carry out such tasks,” he added.


diogofichardo said...

It's been ten years this princess of death has been haunting the shores of Goa without a cure. Why has the Government claimed the ship when it did not belong to them. It is true that corruption has taken over the removal of the ship. This cat and mouse played for personal financial gains will see the ship stuck for another twenty years and more lives lost.

Dalia said...

This Anil Salgaocar is the dirty monster who was responsible for all the mess he created with River Princess. He sabotaged all efforts in the past. And now, the greedy pastard gives us lectures saying he is the true son of the soil, I would call him a lesser pig of Goa.

Robert said...

This Anil is a double monster of Goa who is looting Goa with his mining industry exploiting the poor and buying their votes, became an MLA. He should shut his mouth and go to grave.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Digu Mama, is the New World Bald headed, profiteering vulture loosen from it's shackles is all leading from the front to divide the booty in the house.

Go-ahead and we will disect you to the last bit.

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