The Reis Magos and Verem Citizens Forum has threatened to come out on the streets if the government does not withdraw its decision of permitting the casinos in the waters of Verem.
Reis Magos - Verem
They have submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and the Minister for Ports, the General Secretary of the Forum, Advino Fernandes has stated that the fisher folk community and the residents of Verem are in total unrest as their fishing rights will get affected due to the shifting of the casinos there.
He also said that there will be traffic congestion, noise pollution and the social and ethical values of the youth and family members will be degenerated. Advino warned that if the government does not revert its decision to move the two casinos in Verem, then the people of Reis Magos will be coming out on the streets once again and burn the effigies of the ministers, who are forcing their decisions on the people. The situation could also turn violent due to the unrest he warned.
Earlier on June 4 and 28, 2008, the villagers and the fisher folk community of Verem-Reis Magos had staged peaceful awareness campaigns against the upcoming casinos in the vicinity of Reis Magos river bay. They had submitted a memorandum, signed by the villagers to the government opposing the CRZ violations and sound pollutions by the owners of a casino on November 25th 2008.


diogofichardo said...

It is tht right of the residents of Reis Magos and Verem to protest against these unwanted Casinos. These casinos should be taken to deep sea and sunk. Goa does not need them, those that visit them are the criminals and not the everyday honest Goans.

Robert said...

Casino looters like Mickey Pacheco and Mathew fake Kentuckee can always be there with their fake currency and for looting.

Mario Mascarenhas said...

The casino operators have already given their "dhaan" to those filthy politicians.

Digambar Kamat was boasting that they contribute 50 crores to the Government Coffers. You can imagine how much must be going to these crooks for them to come up with this decision when the High Court is yet to make.

All of them are seen frequenting these casinos including Alexio Sequeira Minister for Environment.

Ruin Goa and our youth and our Environment for your unsatiable greed you scum of the earth politicians

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

All the money looted from the poor people is spent here in the casinos for enjoyment by the Goa Ministers. Aleixo Sequeira is a well known chor of the century.

Satyawan Gauns said...

The terrorists attack the innocent people instead of these politicians. The Bombay attack should have been diverted at the Goa politicians when they gather at the Assembly for the session so that they will be wiped out once and for all.

Robert said...

Well said Satyawan, it will be the day of liberation of Goa. Aleixo Sequira loots the people and dumps the loot in Goan casinos and rest in China and macau. The holy chor with a scapler hanging on his neck to show his different image to the people. There are other looters too, Mickey Mouse and Co. Churchill, joking Alemao, Pandurang, Filiepe Neri and not forgetting the top brass of the Police who were caught by the press on these casinos. Whose money? Does the "Mango Man" go there to play? When it comes to politics and fool the common man, he becomes "amm admi". Ghadom ka raj.

Trevor said...

I am sick of making Goa a playground....this is our home, we want to have peace and to be left alone. Why do they continue to force this rubbish on us....Do we see the income for these casino?? Gambling is a very serious condition...I have heard of family members killing their own because of this evil addition. I would hate to see our people addicted to this, as it is we already have many of our people addicted to alcohol. We don’t another evil. I am sick and tired of making Goa a playground for the rich....this is our home, we don't want these buggers in our home....I hope the people of Verem don't ease up. I applaud all of you for standing up!

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