OLD GOA: In continuation with their opposition against the upcoming tourism-related project at Ilhas de Capao Island, residents of Capao-Vaxim on Sunday formed Ilhas de Vaxim Association, which will be headed by Margaret Silveira.
The Association has been formed to continue with their fight against parties who have proposed to set up tourism-related projects at Illhas de Capao Island by taking over the land of Vaxim Island.
The newly formed Association at the meeting on Sunday decided to move the High Court to fight against the parties, who are trying to take over the land. For that purpose, the Association has decided to raise funds appealing to the locals and others.
“If villagers want to start cultivating their fields once again, then I ask them to come out in large numbers on October 2 to cultivate some type of crop in their fields, which will send a signal that Vaxim villagers do not want their fields to go to those who are up in arms to grab it,” stated Margaret Silveira.
She further said there was no response from the Governor, as villagers had recently submitted a memorandum to him, raising objections over forced illegal displacement of villagers of Ilhas De Vanxim. “The newly formed Association will try to meet the Governor over the issue once again,” she added.
Goencho Xetkaracho Ekvott member Fr Bismark Fernandes said: “If the Church had sold this property, then it’s a mistake on the part of the church, as this land was given for the service of the church.”
“If this land had to be sold, then it should have not been sold for business purpose, but for setting up a hospital or a school,” said Fr Fernandes.
“If hotel project comes, then it will not only spoil Vaxim Island, but also Diwar, Chorao and other islands too,” he added.
The newly formed Association consists of Cosme Alphosnso (coordinator), Jose D’Mello (sports secretary), Jerry Fernandes (cultural secretary), Natalian D’Souza (vice president), Savoi Vaz (joint secretary), Joe Marshall (joint treasurer) and John Fernandes (treasurer).
Executive members elected are Bertha Marshal, Verodian Silveira, Zuzay D’Mello, Jelton Fernandes, Maryan D’Mello, Devidas along with members Mohan, Nityanand, Tecla, Simon, Reginaldo, Nelima, Devanand and Edgar.
Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of the owners, a representative through a press note stated that the facts are quite contrary to the claims being made by some, as it a fact that much before the Church assigned its ownership rights, most of the residents of Capao had already assigned their rights to cultivate fields to a builder from Mapusa in 1995-96.
“It is apparent that the Church had clearly divided and segregated all the properties, where residential houses are located to enable the residents to continue occupying them and all such properties continue to be owned by the Church,” states the press note.
“It is observed that there has been a continuous migration from this land due to lack of facilities or any avenues of employment locally. The current owners have been exploring various options to start some tourism-related recreational facilities by consulting the local residents and it has been our endeavour to see that the local people are made stakeholders in any such proposal,” adds the press note.
“The primary concern is to allow the land to retain its unique natural character while creating opportunities for employment or self-employment,” stated the press note.
“This clearly indicates that there is no intention to displace the residents of their houses and any attempts by few people to create fear in the minds of the local people is clearly a distortion of the truth,” says the press note. (HD)


dlp said...

Who has issued the Press note? Who is this owners' representative? Doesn't he have a name? Or is he Anonymous? Members of Ilhas de Vanxim Association, don't listen to all this garbage. Keep up your fight. The Governor is sleeping. He will only wake up you people go to his place and make noise. Viva Vanximkars! Viva Niz Goenkar!!

Mario said...

Who is that representative, Is it Archbishop Emeritus of Goa, Raul Gonsalves? What right the Bishops & Priests has to sell various Church properties in Goa.Mere migration of people of land due to lack of facilities is not an tool to sell church properties.Vaxim people should not fight back till the property is restore back to its original owner that is Goa Archdiocese. There will be many illegalities committed by those person to sold Vaxim to Gaunekar and then to Delhi party. If people are deprived of their land Vaximkars should accommodate themselves in the spacious bungalow of Archbishop Emeritus of Goa, Raul Gonsalves at Carazalem on once Goa church property

Dalia said...

How many Goans and for that matter poor, common man of Goa play Golf? Some may not even know what this game is. So the whole of Vanxim is to be turned in a golf course? We expect an uprising on this issue as prayer services are held in the whole of Goa to save Vanxim. The matter is on the burner. I personally spoke to one of the leading person of the forum and am told that they are struggling hard to unite the people. Gandhijis already made way and closed the voices of a few but the majority is with them. It is a shame that decades old voice of Goa "Vavradeancho Ixtt" has turned out to be the enemy of Goa as it has just become the voice of the politicians and the Palace at Altinho. This will be a real test between the Money bags and the Niz Goenkars of Vanxim and of course the whole of Goa. Please log on

dlp said...

Dalia.... The only way you can explain this game of golf to these poor people is to tell them it is very easy. You need one stick and a couple of balls. You take the stick and hit the balls as hard as you can. I mean cut the stick from these corrupt peoples' pants and hit their balls with it. Now our priests are into it. Disgusting really.

Dalia said...

I have just dashed an email to Sonia as under on

Dear Madam,
I am from Goa and a regular reader and commentator on my dear e-magazine Niz Goenkar. I do not know if this mail will reach to you. But hope against hope, I need to make you understand that our Goa is ruined by the politicians. All is packed in articles on Niz Goenkar.

I urge you to read this e-magazine on a daily basis and understand the feeling of the Goan people. If you do that, we will really feel proud. Reading Niz Goenkar will give you an understanding about the political situation of Goa.

Please follow the link:

Thank you for your time,


dlp said...

Dalia... I know Mrs. Gandhi is a very busy person, but if she even spends a few minutes of her precious time to read this, it will make us Goans proud of her and we will know she genuinly means business.

Bebdo said...

First and foremost, I would request the people of Vanxim to cut the balls of the gonvddo Pandurang Madkaikar and the traitor Filipe of Vittojem. Then they should castrate the priests who sold Capao to Gaunekar. As it is the priests don't require their reproductive organs since they are supposed to practice celibacy.

Trevor said...

Well said Dalia!....Will our poor Goans going to play golf on this island course???? All this destruction and selling of Goa to non-Goans....I am waiting to go to Goa to investigate this case if the church sold this land, I am getting conflicting stories. People of Vanxim, please fight this fight for all us Goans. We must win this fight! These developers are going to try all kinds of tricks, they are the devil! People of Vanvim, please fight all you can! We need to start funding to hire our own lawyers to fight this. It is the only way to fight this injustice!!!!!! Let this be the beginning that we Goan people cannot be taken for fools any longer! If the church has sold the properties, I want all the monies my family has donated for generations to the church. I am willing to go to hell in asking for it, as I know what is right in the eyes of the Lord!

Unknown said...

Angelo said

What right has archbishop Emeritus of Goa has to deprive the poor people of Vanxim of their homes and land?
As it is the priests and the bishops have enough scandals on their hand. What with the sex abuse scandals and now this land selling scandal.These type of catholic hierarchy must be removed from the church as they do not represent the catholic people. You should send a letter to the Pope explaining as to how these Bishops and priests are getting involved in illegal property matters. And there is no doubt that someones hands are being greased.
This is a case of people being robbed of their homes and lands to fill someones pockets and help these so called developers to make profits.
Vanxim has miraculas chapel of the Cross. Developers and the rest who are trying to rob the Vanximcars of their rights will ultimately suffer.
Vanximcars, keep it up. Do not fall for their tricks. Ultimately Right will prevail and you will win your just cause.
God is on your side. Keep your faith strong.

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