PANJIM: BJP's national secretary and Goa desk in-charge Arti Mehra has said that she has written to the union home minister about the police-politician-drug-mafia nexus in the state.
"I have written to the union home minister about the bad image that Goa has got due to the negative incidents which are being reported,' Mehra told journalists here. "I have not named any politician in the letter, but it is evident who we are referring to. We have demanded a CBI inquiry, and their intervention is very much necessary. I have also briefed our leader (Nitin Gadkari) about this," she said.
It may be recalled that during her last media briefing in August, Mehra told journalists that the party would press for a CBI probe into the case at the national level. "The entire country has witnessed that the home minister's son is being accused of having a nexus with the drug mafia and being involved in a sexual assault case. The BJP is considering forming a pressure group in Delhito raise these issues at the central level," Mehra had said.


Dalia said...

Bullshit! why not name the politician? What does it mean it is evident whom we are referring to? BJP is a holy cow without a tail. This is just another noise for the years of the Goans. Get away with your crap!!!

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