PANJIM: Two most beautiful and very popular with tourists islands of Goa, has been planned to be taken over by the Indian Navy due to the security threats to the nation according its officials who disclosed on Monday.
But the move has been opposed by the Tourism industry and the Goa government who has plans to set up an amusement park on the islands. Goa is very famous for its sandy beaches which attracts millions of tourists annually, with more than half of them being from Britain, Israel. Russia and other parts of Europe.
According to the Rear Admiral Sudhir Pillai, a naval officer who is incharge of Goa’s coastline, the two islands Grande and Pequeno, were most important for the safety of the International Airport of Goa.
Both the islands are in the close vicinity of the runway of the Dabolim airport and could be a possible target of attack by the terrorists from the sea reiterated Admiral Pillai. Given the take over would mean the end of tourism on the two islands in the Arabian Sea.
Jose Philip D’Souza, the State Revenue Minister, said that state was just planning to set up the amusement park there when the Navy’s proposal came in. “We shall see what the Navy is trying to do, but will definitely oppose this move” said the Minister. It would be up to the Central government to give a final decision.
Mr Shantaram Naik, the MP said that if the islands were taken over by the navy, there would be negative effects on the tourism and the fishing within the surrounding area. Mauvin Godinho said that the navy might start an increase in the patrolling around the islands even without acquiring them.
The acquiring of the two islands by the navy is a big loss to Goa, its tourism and its inhabitants. The more effected would the fishing industry which is very active in that area.


dlp said...

What security of the nation has got to do with Goa's airport? Are they scared that the Portuguese might come back and take over Goa??? Nah!!! They won't even sniff at Goa knowing the current affairs. These are all land grabbing sharks. They will grab whatever they can in the name of anything.

vishwas said...

It would be better for the Navy and also the people of Goa if the Navy shifts their establishment to Mopa. They would get lot of land to expand their activities without any restraints! So also the existing Dabolim Air port could be fully used for the civilian Air traffic and necessary expansion done to cater to expected increase in the Air traffic.
This would continue to benefit the passengers from all parts of Goa as the Dabolim Air port is located in the central place convenient to all. May be the Portuguese built it in the Central spot to cater to the need of the people residing in all parts of Goa!
On the contrary, shifting the civilian air port to Mopa would in the long run cause lot of hardships to the commuters from South Goa as reaching from Mopa to Canacona by road could consume much more time than reaching from Mumbai to Goa.It is quite obvious that once Mopa air port comes up,discouraging use of Dabolim air strip for civilian traffic would be very easy as the fund allocation for the maintenance of the Dabolim Airport could be throttled and it's conditions could be made like the conditions of the roads in the State!
The Hon. MP could do well if he could use his good offices to persuade Navy to go to Mopa or Seabird Karwar and make available the Dabolim Airport for necessary expansion to cater to increased air traffic needs of Goa!

id scanner said...

These days all the different ports need to do anything different to prevent terrorist acts. We live in constant threat!

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