MARGAO: South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha has told retired seafarers on Sunday that the committee constituted by the National Welfare Board of Seafarers will soon submit its report on the hike in the monthly ex-gratia monetary assistance.
MP Francisco Sardinha
He told this to a large gathering of retired seafarers who called on him at his residence on Sunday to discuss the future course of action following their meeting with NUSI General Secretary Abdulgani Serang last week.
The MP produced a letter he received from Union Shipping Minister G K Vasan where the Minister has promised to take necessary action after receiving report of the committee constituted by the National Welfare Board of Seafarers.
In his letter, the Union Minister said that he had got the matter examined in detail, adding that the payment of the ex-gratia relief is made from the interest generated out of the corpus fund to the tune of Rs 1528.50 lakh. “The corpus fund is insufficient to meet the MEMA assistance to about 20,000 beneficiaries. The deficit under this head is about Rs 300 lakh on an average per year. Hence, the corpus itself is being utilised resulting in its depletion. It is expected that the scheme would run with the present quantum of assistance for another 3-4 years only”, the Union Minister said the Committee constituted by the National Welfare Board of Seafarers has been asked to review the scheme.
Saying that the demands of the retired seafarers are genuine, Sardinha told newsmen that the fight would continue till they get justice. “I have asked the retired seafarers to depute two persons to Delhi to call on the concerned officials. If necessary, NUSI General Secretary Abdulgani will also be called to Delhi to discuss the matter”, he said and exuded confidence that the genuine demands of the seafarers will be addressed soon.
Referring to the statement by PWD Minister, Churchill Alemao that he is fooling the seafarers that he could not fulfill his promise to legalise the bull fights, Sardinha said he did his best to get the bull fights legalised. “I tried my best to legalise the bull fights. The Bill came up for discussion and it got defeated”, he added.
On the Vailankani train, Sardinha said all the three MPs, besides Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat and CWC member Luizinho Faleiro can take credit for starting the direct train to Vailankani, but not certainly Churchill Alemao. “Alemao is saying that he had demanded the train when Laloo Prasad was the Railway Minister. Today, the railway minister is Mamta Bannerjee. Only the MPs, besides the CM and Faleiro can take credit for the train”, he asserted.
The president of the retired seafarers, Afron Dias thanked the South Goa MP for taking up their cause with the right people in Delhi. “The seafarers know in their heart who is working hard to get their grievances redressed. We stand by our demand for a monthly ex-gratia relief of Rs 5000”, Dias asserted. (HD)


Socorro Estiberio-- Vasco- Khariawada said...

Sardinha is a horrible christian rogue! All think that BJP is communal I am a Christian but I would favour BJP then the Congress-NCP. I want to inform you all not to crucify Parrikar because of one sin and give him 100 times punishment.When I did not know Parrikar I was angry as he try to cancel the christian holiday. But afterwards I came to know him well and so thats the reason I say not to crucify him.See even god pardon Maria Magdallen and asked the people to throw the stone who is not sinner. We all create sin but there is pardon or forgiveness.The congress ruled Goa for 30 years what they have done look at the fate of Goa now. Look at Baina who cleaned it? People were dying of aids and HIV virus due to Baina. There were Hindus-Christians-Muslim who died of aids, Parrikar cleaned it and not the congress. Even there were lot of anti social elements in Baina.Who started montly pension for old people in Goa it was Parrikar, all the people recieve it even the christian. He also issued computers to the students. At old Goa he made a bypass due to the feast of St. Francis, now all section of crowd are using it.Aldona bridge,etc will support his qualities. I was in USA Boston and when I came to Goa I was suprise that Goa is better then Boston that time Parrikar was CM and he improved Goa a lot.Now Congress-NCP are looting Goa who are the most corrupt minister Churchill, Babush, miccky, Joaquim, Jose Philip D'souza, Mauvin are they not christians. Who stopped SEZ with the help of Mathany Saldanha and the Priest... It is Parrikar. If Parrikar was not in the opposition then the present government would steal chairs, A/c, mics, speaker, phones, tables, etc. I Socorro son of the Goan Soil and nizgoenkar pray to support BJP and we can start right away now in Valpoi.

dlp said...

Socorro... nobody is crucifying Parrikar. We all just don't want BJP in Goa. That's all! We are crucifying BJP and its leaders. Parrikar has no chance in Goa with BJP. Let him form his own party and then we will think about it.

Dalia said...

Socorro, I fully agree with you. Was not Sardinha, Aleixo, Filiepe Neri, Cowmuth, Mickey Mouse and others were not with Parrikar? Now the same lot are in the Congress. In the next elections, if BJP runs short of majority, will these same people not run after Parikkar for a Kursi? The CHORS of the ruling are used to power.

Mario said...

Socorro - whatever you wrote about Congress-NCP rogues is absolutely correct - but Parrikar is not an saint as long as corruption is concern.Voting BJP to power even with an simple majority will be like inviting more disasters on Goa & Goans.Atal Bihari Vajpayee is much better person then Parrikar,he formed BJP's first Union Governmnet but actually even with many allies he was actually controled by RSS & VHP.Even during BJP rule in Goa Parrikar Government considered Goa as an colony of Delhi,same like corrupt Congress they could not take a single decision for welfare of Goa & Goans without consulting thier fu cking High Command.Now what we need is an strong regional party with good ideology,presently many Goans wants to kickout the present set of Ali Babas, but that does not mean we Goans should vote for new faces sitting on Congress & BJP tickets or their kins sitting indenpendant or on parties floated overnight(Just like Chor Chill SGF.Presently we have Niz Goenkars,Save Goa,Goa-Suraj Party,UGDP(without Radharao & Anacleto)and many small groups fighting single handedly against criminals protected Dig-ur-bumb govt they should come together and form a new party at the earliest,so they can educate people of Goa that it is not hereditry process to vote only for Hat which creates Ghatt to Goans.

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