MARGAO: The Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat, on Thursday, inaugurated the Rs 80-crore work of underground cabling of electrical connections starting from the other side of the railway tracks, near Damodar College in Margao. The Power Minister, Mr Alexio Sequiera was also present.
The work, to be conducted by Larsen and Tubro, started, on Thursday, though the formal inauguration would take place later.
Margao has been undergoing this underground cabling work phase wise for some time now. The Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat said that after this work was completed then work on other parts would be started and completed.


Dalia said...

Does these two rogs know what is actually called cabling underground? These two redes are upto the receiving of haftas only. True, the cabling is ongoing all over Goa but what is the quality? Do they know what is HT cabling is? The cables are lying like rubbish on the road side at places run over by vehicles. If the cable gets punctured, do they know the consequences of high voltage? The trenches dug are not upto standard, full of pebbles, not deep enough according to laid down standards, no sand filling and of course, no tiles and warning tape. The depth should be between 1 m to 1.2 mts with 40 mm width. Has anyone seen this anywhere in Goa where they are laying the cables? In some places, it is just laid over hard pebbles and this is going to cause disaster. The trench should be laid with 10 mm snd bed nd lay the cable carefully nd sandwiched with another 10 mm of clean sand before filling with pebbles mud, laid with tiles and warning tape. WOH! The height of corruption in Goa. This is a big racket. In regards to this, I personally sent a letter to the Corrupt Minister in November last year copied to the Electricity department and one of the contractor was questioned and arrested for a while, later released and since, nothing changed. So, with the same set f unqualified Ministers and politicians, Goa is moving backwards instead of moving ahead.

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