PANJIM: History-sheeter, Michael Fernandes, presently in custody, disclosed that Joe Boy, who is wanted in many cases and is presently absconding, was offered a huge sum to eliminate, Mr Roy Naik, son of the Home Minister, Mr Ravi Naik.
This was told by Michael during the interrogation by top police officials, probing an alleged theft at gun point by a gang led by him.  According to the police, the gang has committed nearly 30 criminal offences throughout the state, besides it is also involved in cases in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka.
The other gang members Raju Davar and Nurullah Khan have, during investigation, endorsed the alleged plot to kill Roy. Police disclosed that Joe Boy from Calangute, on getting a tip-off that the police are looking out for him, is suspected to be hiding in Maharashtra.
The source disclosed that the police have launched a search for Joe Boy, whose criminal operations are conducted from his residence at Calangute.
During the course of interrogation, they revealed that so far they looted ` 10 lakh from two Belgaum-based factory personnel, tourists from Gujarat, Pune besides Goans; a taxi driver from Andhra Pradesh was also deprived of Innova car.
The gangsters were caught by the Calangute police, when they looted a couple of their cash and an Activa scooter taken on hire-purchase basis; the police had seized three guns, which Michael claimed to have bought from Madhya Pradesh for ` 70,000 each.
According to the police, Michael was also nabbed by the Agacaim police in Colva after he allegedly made a bid to rob a pharmacist, near church at Agacaim, hailing from Boca de Vaca in Panaji city.
“In view of the arrest of drug lords from Israel Driham David alias Dudu and Yaniv Benaim alias Atala, there was a threat perception to the Home Minister, Mr Ravi Naik’s life and his family in May this year and we had decided to extend ‘Z’ category security to him,” revealed the Superintendent of Police, Security, Mr Tony Fernandes adding that ‘Z plus’ security was not given to him earlier due to the non-availability of the police vehicles.
“We were supposed to give Mr Ravi Naik ‘Z plus’ security on May 17, 2010, but it was implemented after a gap of three-long months as security review committee took the decision to extend ‘Z plus’ security to him now,’’ he added. Meanwhile, a police team has left for Mumbai to nab the kingpin of the gang. (NT)


Trevor said...

this story is very intriguing....they has to be much, much more to this story. We need some inside information. I wish someone from the Goa Police would rat on the real deal. We know Roy name keeps coming up in the worst of situations in Goa. I wonder if he still has 500 supporters to march again for him? If he does, then we need to start teaching his people to read and write in Goa, if we are to move ahead.

Anonymous said...

Please don't post these ugly faces....I feel like throwing up....all sick people of low caste familes showing their true colors.I pray for death to these families of politicians.

Dalia said...

Why is Chor Viswajeet Rane moving with Z security too? All chors know that they are chors and criminals and hence want this type of security. In fact,the Gua Police failed till today to provide any security whatsoever to the common man of Goa. Gua Police are there to provide security only tot he big CHORS of Goa.

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