GOA`S DIRTY POLITICS by N. Fernandes, London

It has been reported on an online news report that the "SUPARI" offered to kill one of Ravi`s sons was instigated by a South Goa Politician. This information was passed to the Goa Police by "Joe Boy", who is a well known "Goon" / hit man". Joe Boy apparently is a "career criminal". He is part of a criminal fraternity or "brotherhood of criminals.
I am sure many Goans will be debating who this South Goa Politician is. However I can deduce that most of the people will allege, it can be none other than, Mickky Pacheco. The reasons I put forward are that Mickky has a loathing and utter dislike for Ravi Naik ever since he was implicated in the Nadia Toraddo case. Mickky has been constantly demanding a CBI inquiry into the Politician &police Drug Nexus. Mickky was expecting Ravi would assist him in the Nadia Torrado case, by getting the Police off Mickky`s case. This never happened. Following Micckys release on bail from prison, he appeared at the Goa Legislature (monsoon session) and again vehemently (strongly) requested a CBI inquiry.This request was ignored by both Ravi and Digamber. This surely infurated Mickky. Mickky also stated on his release and in the Legislature that an inmate (co-prisoner) in the jail was on the phone, and was being offered "SUPARI" to break Mickky’s legs.
Mickky then travelled to the USA on business. While in the USA he transferred $2 million to India. This was confirmed by the US State department and it accused Mickky of Money laundering. Now one must ask what this $ 2million was for. It cannot be for the elections as that is 2 years away.  Also there is going to be restrictions by the Election Commission on to the amount Politicians can spend at elections.  New rules are being drafted on these expenditures. The cost of fighting his Court Cases in Goa will surely not amount to $2 million (dollars).So could the South Goa politician be Mickky involved in offering "SUPARI" to kill Ravi’s sons?
Another potential South Goa Politician, John Fernandes is currently languishing in Jail in the Russian woman rape case. His request for bail has been constantly turned down. He has now also apparently changed his advocate also. However I do not think John would be involved unless a relationship between him and Ravi has gone bitter & sour.I have no inkling who else may be the other South Goa Politician.
So the mystery deepens further. Perhaps Niz Goenkar readers/ commentators will be able to come out with some ideas and conspiracies. I need to also mention Matthew Diniz. Though he is not a politician. He has very strong connections and a partnership with Mickky & the criminal fraternity. He is also known to sell drugs from his restaurant called "KENTUCKEE". His other money making and blood sucking hobbies are "PIMPING”, GAMBLING AND PROSTITUTION.


Anonymous said...

All very sad....I am ashamed to say I am a Goan, if this is the kind of people we are. If the people of Goa elect these kind of the people than they should also carry the burden of this disgusting events. I cannot imagine that someone would have 2 million dollars to throw around. It is a sad very state of affairs in Goa. If our Goan people will continue to support these people to be their leaders, than maybe this is who we are, as a people. I knew the Goan community in Africa as being very honest and good people. This is shameful what OUR Goa has become. I kept blaming the ghantis for coming and creating trouble, but look at our leaders, leaders elected by the people! to represent them in Goa. I used to get angry when people would say it was the people in Goa who were at fault for the problems. But it is true!!!....I can say that these people are going to be elected again…..I see it happening again. There are a few good people and most all here on this website, but I am disappointed with our people in Goa. It is not better to go a little hungry and have some pride, proud to be a Goan, what it truly means to be a Goan. My granny had to raise 6 children when our papa died so very, very young. She ate kunji and dried fish, but you would never know it, she held her head high. Always honest to the core, that is what it means to be Goan.!These is where we come from, have the people in Goa forgotten? I see a lot of my cousins in Goa being lazy. That attitude will never work in the west. When has been become that one can sit down and then just try to get things free. People in Goa must wake up, they should not be lazy waiting to get a bicycles, sewing machines, computers free.....there is nothing as ‘free’. Our Goa is being destroyed because of a lazy selfish attitude. The Goans in Goa blame the Goans overseas for not understanding, but look at the lives of the Goans overseas, they work very, very hard. The truth is people in Goa are looking for easy money, like with Toursim. But at what cost??? We are paying for Tourism. Our land is being systematically taken away in the name of Tourism. But the Goans in Goa want that easy money with Tourism. Even then, they don’t work, they bring all the ghantis to work in Tourism. We are to blame. Unless the people in Goa are willing to change in elect honest people things will only get worse in Goa. The people in Goa have lost their way, they need to go back to their roots…..what it means to be a Goan!

Dalia said...

N. Fernandes, your doubts are clear, there is nothing one could think of. Mickey and mathew could do this as they are the mastres of this trade. Mathew infact is more dangerous than Mickey and a merciless b@stard. He have no regards for humanity including a master of all paedophiles. John is cool and will never resort to this low grade as going for supari. Only mouse nad his accomplices can do this.

Rogtao de Betalbatim said...

Very well done assessment Mr. N. Fernandes. It is but natural to think of these dirty rogs from Salcette since there are no other more dirtiest people than those mentioned. Mr. N. Fernandes, your writings has made a lot of inspiration to us readers in Goa and we want more articles from you on this forum exposing not only mickey mouse and mathew but others too. Congratulations to you for your powerful and convincing voice. Thank you Mr Fernandes for opening eyes of so many who could read and understand more.

Bebdo said...

'Joe Boy' must be back in Dubai by now if he is gone to Mumbai as the report says. Probably by now he must have also had Marquis de Pompadour with a big D. Just like Roy, the football player, who was sent to Dubai soon after the death of Chorchill's brother in the smuggling case, 'Joe Boy' must have also been sent to some of the Gulf countries or maybe even to the UK. Just a thought, wasn't this Joe Boy in Goa very recently? I think I had seen someone like him. If that was the case, then probably he was up to some thing big. And if Mickkey Mouse has transferred 2 million dollars from the US to India officially, then how much money must have been illegally transferred to Goa? Joe Boy and money laundering? I don't rule it out.

dlp said...

Real dirty politics. When these politicians sit on the dais together for any function, they look like they are more than real blood brothers. More than the best of friends. When they wish each other for their birthdays garlanding each other, nobody will believe or even dream that one is waiting to stab the other in the back. Crooks that they are. Our Niz Goenkar has stirred a hornest's nest and these corrupt monkeys don't know which way to run. So now they will try to blame each other and I hope in the process they kill each other. Offer Supari for each other's head and just disintegrate in thin air. N. Fernandes.... Superb research buddy and well written. I'm just looking forward to your next artilce. Keep it up. Viva Niz Goenkar.

vishwas said...

We all know that the " Supari is offered with "Paan" to the guests and ladies when they visit the house! I can never believe that the Goa has reached to a level where only " Suparis" are given! Shame on this progress achieved within just 50 years of liberation!

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