PANJIM: In a late Thursday night development the Goa Government issued an order appointing Adv. Mahesh Amonkar as Special Public Prosecutor in the revision petition filed by Crime Branch Police Inspector Sunita Sawant in the High Court against the acquittal of Adv. Aires Rodrigues in the 2004 Ribandar Church case.
As the government order came after the 10 day deadline had ended the matter will now be placed before the Justice N.A. Britto for further orders.
The government order says that Adv. Mahesh Amonkar will be paid Rs 5000/- per hearing and he will be assisted by another Public Prosecutor Adv. Milena Pinto who will be paid Rs 2000/- per hearing. Public Prosecutor Milena Pinto had appeared for the Government in the first Revision filed against Adv. Aires Rodrigues which was dismissed by the Sessions Court.
Another hurdle the government faces is that Section 397(3) of the Criminal Procedure Code does not permit two revision petitions being filed in the same case. It may be recalled that the earlier revision petition filed by the Government against Adv. Aires Rodrigues was dismissed by the Sessions Judge Mrs. Vijaya Pol on 4th June while upholding Panaji Chief Judicial Magistrate Mr.P.M.Shinde’s order discharging Adv. Rodrigues from the 2004 Ribandar Church case. Judge Pol in her judgment stated that Adv. Rodrigues was rightly discharged.
Meanwhile, Information sought by Adv. Aires Rodrigues today of the file notings appointing Adv. Mahesh Amonkar as Special Public Prosecutor yesterday has revealed that the Law Secretary had recommended the names of Adv. S.R. Rivonkar and Adv. Mahesh Amonkar. But Advocate General Subodh Kantak however opined that Adv. Mahesh Amonkar be appointed.
It may be recalled that Adv. S.R. Rivonkar who has a vast experience in the High Court recently resigned as Government advocate reportedly over differences with Advocate General Subodh Kantak. Interestingly the Chief Secretary in his notings had recommended that the Advocate General himself appear in the matter against Adv. Aires Rodrigues.


Dalia said...

Is this to make sure the Corrupt Alibaba's are after the neck of Aires? I am sure, the Challis Chors want to eliminate Aires from the scene of Law. Why is the government so hell bent on this issue?

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

Why is our govt always gets after one person only and that also keeps on going after that particular person for some time and then picks up another. Why don't they prosecute themselves and specially Sunita Sawant, Chandrakant Salgaonkar for the faulty and sabotaged investigating instead of going after Aires?

Shyam Sawant said...

Instead of appointing this many prosecutors just for a harmless person like Aires, they should appoint eliminators to do away with all the corrupt scoundrels the politicians and the Gua police. That would serve the purpose better. Dig-gobor Cowmuth is a real buffalo and a leader of herd of buffaloes. God Save Goa!

Jane De Sa said...

This is absurd and ridiculous apppointing two prosecutors. Where are they paying them from? Hard to understand what will happen of Goa in just another few years.

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