PANJIM: The Goa State Chief Information Commissioner Mr. Motilal Keny will on 1st Oct pronounce his verdict on the complaint filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues against the Goa Cricket Association for its refusal to furnish information sought under the Right to Information Act.
After Adv. Aires Rodrigues sought information from the Goa Cricket Association on the fees paid to their lawyer Mr. Subodh Kantak, the Goa Cricket Association which is headed by Goa’s former Law Minister Mr. Dayanand Narvekar took a stand that it does not come under the purview of the RTI Act.
The Goa Cricket Association has stated it did not come under the purview of the Right to Information Act as the Goa Cricket Association has not received any financial or other assistance from the Goa Government or the Sports Authority of Goa.
Adv. Aires Rodrigues has however submitted documentary proof to the effect that the Goa Government has granted a 99 year lease to Goa Cricket Association of land admeasuring 1,30,328 sq meters at Tivim for the construction of a cricket stadium at a nominal rent of Rs 50,000/- per year.
Adv. Rodrigues has further stated that the Sports Authority of Goa had also granted to the Goa Cricket Association financial assistance of Rs 50 lakhs in the year 2000.
Adv. Rodrigues has also submitted that the Goa Cricket Association is also recognized by the Sports Authority of Goa and is designated as a State Sports Association, and that the Goa Cricket Association is a member of the General Body and the Governing Council of the SAG.
Adv. Rodrigues has pointed out that the Goa Government had in the Official Gazette dated 8th July 2010 notified that all sports organizations and State Sports Associations recognized by SAG would be covered under the RTI Act and that this notification had not been challenged by the Goa Cricket Association.


Dalia said...

Far-ar-far zatat ranat-u,
Politicians Goenche, chortat xarantu,
Bhirant tankam na, disache uzvadantuch,
Paigambar tancho Raja, koslich na odchonuch.

Goeam kelem kobar hea chorani,
Ganvche ganv bhorleat aiz drugs-ani,
Goenche policeank aikunk iena, bere kanani,
Urlolo zago amcho farailo bhaileanim,
Irloso lugar urla to bhorla ghantianim.
Paigambara, kiteim tori korun,
Kursi tuji borea munxeak di soddun,
Goenchem kiteim tori urom samballun,
Tumi sogleanim khaunche adim urlelem chorun.

Paigambara, Paigambara,
Kitem tum evjitai?
Tujem kodel samballunk,
Goem ratr-dis kiteak viktai?

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