It seems like the Goa Government is run by a bunch of "clowns" and "semi educated" idiots.The most they can visualise is Rupees / haftas.Their vision of life in Goa stretches as far as a very blind man will see.
It wants to build more infrastructures to the detriment of maintaining current ones.The highlight of anyone shopping in Margao will be to "spend a penny" or have a "dump" in the A/c toilet in Margao Garden. As soon as the Sea Link from Panjim to Vasco is completed,one can be assured it will be used by migrants to sleep,defecate(shit) and urinate especially when there is "sea mist".Dont forget..the sea link will also be dotted with "Omlette gaddas" and stray dogs and uncivilised & theiving migrants.The original colour of concrete grey will soon have(polka dots)- specks of red, from spitting Paan.
The Link street lamps will burn day and night...courtesy of the Electricty Department as the street linesman enjoys a siesta day and night.Do not forget the yearly feast of "Hot Mixing".It is usually celebrated soon after the monsoons.The current "supremo /celebrant" of this yearly feast is none other then Churchill Alemao.He needs the 10% commissions to propel his daughter Valanka(kindly called BIG LIPS) into the political limelight.
The Home Minister-Ravi Naik...ah! well!! he might as well stay at home and cook up some new "excuses" to keep himself afloat and to plan a strategy for his son Roy to contest May(h)em ?.The ex-Tourism minister has no job / portfolio at present.But dont be fooled.He is a very busy man.He spends alot of his time now in the Magistrates, High Court ansd Supreme Court.
Also do not forget Miccky is vain and a psychopath. He has a ritual everyday.When he wakes up,the first thing he does is to look at him self in the mirror.He then chants "mirror,mirror on the wall-who is the prettiest of us all?.The mirror in his wisdom has not yet not "cracked" as he wants to have a a laugh every day other than just sitting on the wall. They say " laughter is the best medicine".The mirror in the "HUMMER" too has a date with Mickky very often.
What about the Education Minister.He would be better advised to shepherd stray cattle & rear pigs & swines, like his sons.However he is more likely to gather stones so he could break Policemaen`s bones.And for the momemt Mr D Kamat.He is the headboy at the Legislature.He camps at Campal often.I am not sure if he has a backbone.With his fragile Coalition he prefers to play it safe for his personal benefit.He wishes to go down in Goas history as "the peoples" Chief Minister.
From what I have seen thus far and heard all he is known for is "opening ceremonies","cutting Ribbons & celebratory cakes", "lighting lamps","laying foundation stones",Chairing useless organisations",wiping the arses of his migrant vote bank (as True Goans have a clean arse are too intelligent for his personal liking and ambitions).These are just a few & I am sure other commentators will add their views...with humour.Below is an article I have retrieved from the archives of Indian Express printed in 2004.Take special note of Babush Monserattes comment and Mickky Pachecos lifestyle.This is the Current state of Goa. I have posted on another comment.


diogofichardo said...

This river princess (Princess of death) seems to be enjoying squatters rights, while our Government ministers are enjoying themselves on a sea saw. Hoping to gain the highest hafta. These Non-Goans not only deface Goa, in UK one just have to take a walk around East Ham to Upton Park, Wembley to Ealing Road, Southall and many places where the live in large numbers including USA , the pavements are painted with red spit from the pan they eat. But Goa being a small place our Governments should have taken better measures to protect and safeguard the interests of Goans. It is only if we Goans unite a change for a better Goa can be achieved.

N.Fernandes said...

To My Goan Friends:**As Diogo Fichardo has mentioned....these places are in London.(East Ham / Upton Park) is mainly populated and inhabited by Pakistanis & Bangladeshis.It has been jokingly refered to as "Bangla Town".It is also the Curry /restaurant centre of London.
(Wembley + Ealing + Southall) is to the west of London and mainly populated by Gujaratis & Punjabis.It is also called "LITTLE INDIA".Goans on the other hand, do not live in these sort of ethnic ghettoes.They are well spread all over London.Goans are also well liked by everyone as they intergrate well with any ethnic group.The English do not refer to Goa as India.They view Goa as a seperate country from India and one that has its own unique & distinct culture.Goa is more associated with the Portuguese culture and Portugal....even by Indians.

dlp said...

Hello Diogo.... Today I am late in commenting as Saturnino was here with me. We had a long talk. He had told me that he will only sit with me for 10 minutes but we ended up talking about Niz Goenkar and this forum for two and half hours He has just left. You won't see his comments either today. We'll both be back tomorrow as it is already late here. Take care.


Dear N. Fernandes, I have a humble request to you. Please send your articles directly on my email ID mentioned to the right in the contact and just in case you miss it here it is meninogptf@rediffmail.com because sometimes it makes me difficult to understand if it is a comment or an article. The other two I did put up but I was all nervous not knowing how you would react that I turned the comment into a article. Your articles are superb and perfect, I can say pin point perfect. Your articles can cause a great awakening among the Goans and above all they will be totally uncensored. - Menino de Valpoi

N.Fernandes said...

Hi Menino:Thanks for your kind remarks and the efforts you have made to allow us to comment on issues in Goa.I acknowledge your request.I hope you will not mind if I ask you to remove "for Goans Only" and add " FOR GOANS & ITS WELLWISHERS.It gives the site a better image & makes it more inclusive and open and less exclusive & closed.It is your choice, so I will let you decide on this


N. Fernandes, Dear if you are talking about the main header "NIZ GOENKAR" "Goa for Goans Only" now it is too late. It has already gone on advertisments in the form of links and on the hard copies registration certificate in Goa and UK. There will be hard copies given out free of charge in Goa through paper marts. So I think its too late. Sorry if I had got your suggestion by mid July It could have been done. So Please bear up with me. What's more I did not have your email ID, I had emailed it to Dalia, Praxy, Diogo Fichardo, dlp, and many more and after getting their approval I went ahead with the final setting. Please leave your email ID so that in future I refer to all these guys before doing something major, I could send you an email for advice. Once again my apologies.


But Still I'll see what can be done - Menino de Valpoi

Dalia said...

Welcome on board dear N. Fernandes, we really appreciate your informative and valuable articles. Keep up the spirit of Niz Goenkars, you are a new and spirited asset to us all on this forum.

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