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Maggie Silveira, lead campaigner against the alleged deal, claims seven cabinet ministers were behind the sale. She also alleges a liquor baron has also shown interest in Vanxim Island, home to 55 families and a parish church.
Silveira along with several organizations supporting the campaign say Vanxim was sold for a “pittance.” They say they urged the Church in mid-August to scrap the deal to safeguard residents’ interests.
Archdiocese spokesperson Father Francis Caldeira refused to comment. The archdiocese “will issue a statement at the right time,” he told ucanews.com on Aug. 23, a week after the controversy hit the headlines. It was still refusing to clarify the issue as of Aug. 31.
Vanxim was originally given to a group of Religious from Santa Monica convent in Old Goa during the Portuguese colonial period some 450 years ago. Families later took up residence on the island claiming to be tenants of the Church. “I signed some papers in front of several government officials without understanding their contents, said Ermilinda Maitryes Fernandes.
The elderly woman refused to believe she would be evicted from her home. “We have faith in our priests,” she said. The archdiocese sold Vanxim because people “were grabbing property without showing any interest in buying it from the Church,” said Manuel Furtado.
Father Victor Rodrigues, in-charge of Church property in the archdiocese has refused to speak to ucanews.com. However, local media reported him saying the Church had not sold any land.
“The tenants sold land.” Unoccupied land owned by the Church “has not been sold to anyone,” he was quoted as saying.
Source: ucanews.com


Joe Rebello said...

Fr. Victor the procurator of the Bishop's palace is a crook himself, and If I am not mistaken, the souto maior case of Caranzalem is one example where a flat has been given by the builder to Fr. Victor. May I ask why? Father has not family to look after nor does he need any shelter, he is a priest.

diogofichardo said...

We Catholics have been taught to turn the others cheek and have been doing so to government wrong doing. Does that mean we have to turn the other cheek when the church is involved in wrong doing? Who am I to demand, but the the Vanxim land should be re-bought by those that sold it and bring it to its original state.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rebello's charge against Fr. Victor Rodrigues cannot be baseless. Souto Mayor and Vanxim aren't the only two cases of his crookedness. He has his predator's eyes set on other Church properties too. Maggie Silveira's allegations about his connections with the top politicians is also a well known fact for those who have been victimised!

Alcantro Carneiro said...

Everybody should know that Fr. Victor has got the best agents and buyers that no one is aware of. It is none other than Wilson Godinho and Mauvin Godinho the two brothers. This is a fact and there is one person on this blog a very important person who can shed clear light on what I have said above. Why he is silent so long I do not understand. Unless he is waiting for the right opportunity to do this. Because I know that this person who I am talking about is the most honest person and cannot be bought with money or jewels. Take if from me written in Blood so do not write against this person as he must be having his own reasons to be silent so long about it. He is very intelligent and clever and above all he hates all such type of things. Still I request that person to please come up with the story that is if it is the right time for you. Thank you.

dlp said...

Alcantro... don't be surprised if you hear from this person by late tomorrow evening. Just stay awake on the forum and Abracadabra, he will take the pigeon out of the hat!

Anonymous said...

Many decades have gone bye, our genuine Goan brothers and sisters have made legal bindings to desposed of their wealth and properties to these faithful instituitions upon their demise but, not in the present times, not anymore. The sad faithfuls are dead and gone and are being substituted by, what we call "advocates of the devil" in every community place of worship.

It troubles me to state that all ye people reading me here, are NOT in your sane minds because, these priests have the same mentality of every other of our corrupt electives. They have the blessing of these Godfather electives who are all out to make a mockery of every instituitions under their control. The monies generated by these institutions have been skillfully transferred to the accounts of their families, friends and relatives by all means. These are the same individuals who are associated hand in gloves with the thieves to desecrate and rob what is left of the past.

It is essential for the people investigation the issues to re-check the identifications of these Fathers Victor Rodrigues & Francis Caldeira as they could be the (popularly known) Ghantis coming from the East, North or South to mock or jeer the Goan unity. We live in the world's biggest democracy and we are fortunate to be bestowed with all that democracy has to offer us ie, plunder not Goa but the Goans Will and the Unity.

Bebdo said...


Let me tell you guys the bit that I know about the Souto Maior property extending from Mira-mar to Caranzalem and Taleigao. After reading it pls give your views whether we should trust the procuradors of the church. You will also come to know how the church in connivance with the builders have destroyed the will and legacy of Souto Maior. The main chors who benefited from the Souto Maior property, besides the corrupt priests are as follows.
1. Peter of Models
2. Wilson and Mauvin Godinho
3. The Monster Rat
4. The Black Ghantti Mathias who says he is a Goan
5. Kamat builders and many others
Now let us dwell into the history of Souto Maoir.
Who was Souto Maior?
Reverend Canon Francisco da Cunha Souto Maior was a philanthropist who always cared for the people of Caranzalem and Taleigao. He died in 1736 and had a huge property in Caranzalem. If you guys pass through Caranzalem on the way to Dona Paula you will still see an ancient house with a chapel there which belonged to Souto Maior. In his will made in 1736, he bequeathed all his property to the benefit of the villagers of Caranzalem. As he was a priest the administrator of the will was the Archbishop Patriach. In his will he had made it very clear that his property should never be sold. He had clearly stated in the will as follows: “… and I ask the ecelesiastical justice to have it fully
executed and to observe it as laid down in it”.
Moreover, he has also clearly laid down how the income from his property which had a vast plantation of coconut trees and other fruit bearing trees be distributed.
In the will it is clearly said that “as long as the sun and the world exist, the farm with all its annexs I entail on the chapel perpetually, forbidding its sale in any manner whatsoever.”
He had also stated in his will that “daily masses were to be offered at the chapel built by
him where the mortal remains would lie”. As he was the patron of the villagers, he had specified how the revenue generated from his property be distributed among the people of the village. He stated: “The orphans were to be given financial
assistance and also for the marriage of poor woman and oles and kapod was
to be distributed to the poor women.”
But what did the administrator of the will of Souto Maoir did? In his case the administrator was the Archbishop Patriach Raul Gonsalves. This administrator sold his property to 15 builders. And these builders have now constructed huge housing colonies there. All those complexes that you’ll see from Mira-Mar to Caranzalem are mostly build in the property of Souto Maior which the Church sold to the builders for a pittance and possible kick-backs.
This may only be the tip of the ice-berg of how the corrupt church officials and priests are selling church property to builders. No wonder, one sees priests sharing the dais with politicians in Goa. Recently, even Chorchill brought two priests to officially inaugurate the office of his Leita Big Lips in Benaulim.
Such corrupt priests are the Judases of Goa. They should hang themselves in shame for selling the property of the church for sixty pieces of silver. And if they are so thick-skinned as not to hang themselves, then we should place a placard around their neck to proclaim to all the world that these are the Judas of Goa.
If my information is not correct, then I am happy to receive any updates on this.
Viva Goa, Viva Goenkar. Goans for Goa

Unknown said...

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