GOA IS RUNNING OUT OF TIME by Menino Fernandes

My dear all Goans, Hindus, Muslims and Catholics. Time is running out very fast and the politicians are out to do it at the earliest and then themselves get out of Goa. It is high time to stop the influx of the migrants in such large numbers. We the true sons of the soil have lost everything. Wake up now at least and salvage what very little is left.
Time for Goans to Fly away is drawing near
To do this we have to kick out all the thieves and crooks in the political arena. The likes of Churchill who is a master in deception and a pro migrant monster, Digamber Kamat who is the father of the migrants, Ravi Naik the land filler of Ponda with migrants have already made a fortune through the migrants. These and the likes of them should no longer be called as Goans and should be treated as outsiders.
These politicians who should have been responsible to uplift and increase the Goans in number, have made every effort to crush down the Goans by forcing them out of Goa, giving the jobs to the migrants. Not to be taken in should be the BJP too. It was their ideologies of communalism that lead to this influx of migrants. Were they to be really a party for the Goans then they would not have created communalism and got themselves thrown out of power.
I have a humble plea and that is let us unite all three major sects and get our Goa back for the Goans. We can also do this by not letting our houses and rooms on rent to the migrants. The politicians have made sure that the migrants have two ration cards, two election cards to fill their vote bank. There was a time when there were only two parties in Goa the United Goans and the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party. Though with differences, the politics were clean. Everybody was afraid of the father of the Goan Nation Dr. Jack Sequeira.
Those olden MLA’s today are seen moving about in buses whereas the present MLA’s within a span of one or two months own posh cars and bungalows. How? By selling our beloved motherland to the non Goans. Who says that a stay of fifteen years makes a person a native of the place? Luizinho too played his cards well to make hay while the sun shines. The real Goans are the original Goans who are by root Goans and whose records can be traced in the archives of Goa registrar of births and deaths. Unfortunately some records are destroyed by people trying to get out of Goa. The so called freedom fighters of Goa tried to destroy the birth and death records after the so called liberation of Goa, but failed. Goans should thank God that the Portuguese at least made sure to see that the original Goans remain original before they left by keeping good records of births and deaths.
Some migrants were smart enough to go round the cemeteries and gather names from the crosses on the tombs and impersonate even the dead Goans. Whose fault is it? It is not their fault but ours. We have elected all the wrong persons and put ourselves in this mess. These politicians are supported by wrong elements that are known as goondas in the modern world. Who are they? They too are Goans who do not see sense right now as money shuts the eyelids. They too will realise this but by that time it will be too late for them too. It is high time that these supporters of these politicians sit and think over. Above all the Goans should sit and think over before you lose everything you have.
This is a message and a caution which if ignored, Goans have to prepare to evacuate their houses and hand them over to the non Goans. This message of mine should reach each and every Goan back at home specially the youth, who are original sons of Goa. GOD BLESS GOA AND GOD SAVE THE GOANS!


Sandesh Gaonkar said...

Yes Menino, the time is running out and no one is bothered to check on that. They will only snap out of dreams when everything is gone and all are kicked out by ghanttis.

Lily Gracias said...

These are the main three crooks who brought in all ghantis to Goa and gave them land and houses. If the sons of the soil need something they have to do hundreds of formalities and still then they do not get it.

aggybaba said...

Lily, the politicians did not bring the ghantis, they only legalised them once they started living here.It's us who invited the ghantis here. NO? YES. Where is the RENDER MAM, PODER, PADKAR, KHARVI, PEDO,JOTKAXI, etc, etc of the yesteryears? Dead and gone. And the children of these professionals? Gone away in search of better prospects. Cos,in those days, we didn't want to increase their daily wages by even 5 rupees. NOW, we pay whatever the ghantis demand. We are ashamed to do those jobs which the ghantis are doing now. We are Susegad Goenkars, so , who's going to do the dirty work??? Let's try to get our traditional jobs back in our hand first, and then and only then do we have a good reason to drive out the ghantis from Goa.

Shyam Sawant said...

Yes aggybaba, this has been depicted in the article by the writer. High time we take our professions of yesteryears into our hands and then we can have Golden Goa back.

diogofichardo said...

aggybaba is correct in what he has written, and here is an example of some of the Goans I know in Uk and USA. In 1970s the average price to wire a house was around Rs 300/- Quoted by a Goan electrician. But a ghanti lineman EMPLOYED by the Electricity Department would do it for Rs150/-. Many Goans awarded the work for the cheaper price and inferior quality. Goans electricians had to struggle for a living where many went abroad and have never looked back since. The same goes for our Gaudi Manais. But that is the past, if we look at our present state in Goa the successive Governments have not set an incentive for our Goan youth , but are more favourable to the migrants by awarding them first class citizenship over Goans. We Goans from all corners of the earth need to unite to save what's left of our once beautiful Goa. Hopefully through Niz Goenkars we will be united to make that change. God Bless Us ALL

Francisco D'Costa said...

First it was Parrikar's plan to get all the Catholics out of Goa, by making it easy to get documents to process Portuguese passports because he knew that The BJP can never get the Catholic votes. He tried to reduce the minority votes by declaring that those overseas (non resident Indians as well) have not voting rights. RIGHT PARRIKAR?

Bebdo said...

The Armenians were massacred by the Turks and they spread all over the world. Yet, they did not give up their hope of reclaiming their home which was that time a part of the Ottoman empire. Today the Armenians have a place to call home. Our Goans too who are spread all over the world should now unite to liberate Goa from these 40 chors. If we say with pride that we are Goans they we should also have the pride to ensure that we establish a Goa where the rule of law prevails, where our Goans get the right to education and employment; where are Goans get the right to open businesses; and where we get the right to not sell our properties to non-Goans.
Unite Goans and call Goa your home.
Viva Goa, Viva Goenkar, Goa for Goans

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