VASCO: Claiming he is unaware of any proposal of Goa Navy to acquire islands off Arabian Sea, Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza on Wednesday said he would inquire if any such proposal is with the South Goa Collector.
D’Souza, who recently arrived from a trip abroad, was quick to oppose any plans by the Navy to acquire the islands off the Baina coast.
“I won’t allow it to happen,” said D’Souza, while speaking to reporters at his residence on Wednesday morning.  “There is no such proposal and if such proposal is with the South Goa Collector, we will inquire into it,” assured D’Souza.
“In the name of security, we have donated large chunk of land to the Central government as most of the places have been occupied either by MPT, GSL, Navy and Coast Guard or other central organisations in Vasco,” he claimed.
“We need to preserve remaining land for the benefit of the local people, as there is scarcity of land in Vasco,” added D’Souza.
He further said both Pequeno and Grande islands are significant for Hindu and Catholic fisher folk community, while in terms of tourism, it is also important for boat and water sports operators.
“People will be definitely restricted if both the islands are acquired by the Navy. People apprehensions are true that once it is acquired, threw will be restrictions for fishing and other tourism activities surrounding the islands,” claimed D’Souza.
“We will support the cause of the fishermen, boat and water sports operators since this government is for the people,” said D’Souza.
Islands are significant for fishermen during rough weather conditions, as boat and canoe operators use these islands as berthing facility, besides religious significance for Hindu and Catholic fisher folks.
He further informed that it was his old proposal that islands should be developed for tourism activities, as these islands have tourism potentials.  Meanwhile, Goa Fishing Boat Owners Association (GFBOA) has also opposed Navy’s proposal to acquire the islands.
GFBOA President Simon Pereira said once islands are acquired, the security personnel would certainly harass the fishermen and restrict fishing activities surrounding the islands. (HD)
NIZ GOENKAR ADDS: It is rather strange and dogmatic that the Revenue minister is not aware of the fact, that the navy is trying to grab the islands.  Every Goan is aware about the situation except the minister.  What does this ignorance mean?  Should we allow such ministers in the chair? or is he involved somewhere?


Anonymous said...

Never.!!!!..More Looting of Goa. We need to shed blood if they take more of our Goa! Useless Navy, the whole world was laughing at the response to the Mumbai attacks...These people only get big salaries, enjoying our beaches and now they want land to build their mansions too, to live in them. We are not at war, why pay them? They should spend their time improving their abilities so that we don't look like the laughing stock to the rest of the world like they did with the Mumbai attacks. Do these people even know how foolish they looked? I was ashamed to say I was from India, even poor African countries would have reacted better. They need to stop their grande schemes of taking our land for their comfort and get off their lazy asses and prepare better, so that they don't look so foolishly inapt next time and embarrass us.

Dalia said...

The looted notes are tied to his eyes like other politicians, he is blind. This ex-LIC agent and now politician is a big fool himself trying to fool the Goan public. How they could care about Goa?

Dalia said...

Far-ar-far zatat ranat-u,
Politicians Goenche, chortat xarantu,
Bhirant tankam na, disache uzvadantuch,
Paigambar tancho Raja, koslich na odchonuch.

Goeam kelem kobar hea chorani,
Ganvche ganv bhorleat aiz drugs-ani,
Goenche policeank aikunk iena, bere kanani,
Urlolo zago amcho farailo bhaileanim,
Irloso lugar urla to bhorla ghantianim.
Paigambara, kiteim tori korun,
Kursi tuji borea munxeak di soddun,
Goenchem kiteim tori urom samballun,
Tumi sogleanim khaunche adim urlelem chorun.

Paigambara, Paigambara,
Kitem tum evjitai?
Tujem kodel samballunk,
Goem ratr-dis kiteak viktai?

Joe Rebello said...

Mr. Shantaram please work on getting the Indian Navy completely out of Goa and make sure that you get them dumped in some desert where there is no food and water because in Goa they are after our land and along with the Navy get this ignorant Jose Philip exiled in the same desert with the Navy

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