Terming the explanation given by the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress (GPYC) with regard to its handling of donations for Canacona flood victims as unsatisfactory, the Nationlist Congress Party has demanded answers to its questions within 24 hours.
The NCP on Tuesday had charged the GPYC with misappropriating donations collected for the Canacona flood victims and had demanded an answer by Wednesday.
The Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) came to GPYC's rescue and disclosed at a press conference that a total amount of around Rs 18 lakh was in its account. GPCC spokesperson N Shivdas said the Congress would identify genuine beneficiaries who would get the donations between Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali.
When the media pounced on Shivdas, questioning why the Congress had sat on the funds for over eight months after the Canacona floods, Shivdas said the funds were not collected only for Canacona flood relief but for disaster relief in general. He added that about Rs 20,000 has been spent on relief work.
Addressing the media on Thursday, NCP SpokespersonTrajano D'Mello poked several loopholes into the GPYC's explanation and even handed over copies of the donation receipts to the media. He pointed out that that the receipts did not have serial numbers which aid in accounting donations.
"Why were the monies not deposited immediately in the bank? Why was an account in the name of 'Canacona Relief Fund' not opened? What was the reason for depositing the amount with the GPCC?" D'Mello asked. The NCP further demanded that the GPYC make known into which bank branch and account number the donations have been deposited.
"When was the amount deposited in the bank? How many coupons of different denominations were printed? How many receipt books were printed to collect money in cash? How many cheques were received and deposited and in which account? Why isn't there a serial number on the coupons?" D'Mello asked. "If we do not get answers within 24 hours, then this whole affair is a scam," the NCP spokesperson said. "The statement that funds were collected for other disasters is a cruel joke on the people of Canacona. The money should have been given to them for flood relief. Is the GPYC intending on giving the people money to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi and Divali?" he further questioned.
The NCP has also condemned the GPCC's action of "covering up a scam". "Senior GPCC members tried to cover up saying all is well with the funds. This amounts to abetment of this disgraceful scam," D'Mello said.
Present at the press conference was Rajan Ghate, NCP's general secretary and other office bearers.


Anonymous said...

The mis-appropriated monies may have been buried in the Canacona flood waters by the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee and will only emerge when the flood waters have receded. The NCP's spokesperson Trajano D'Mello have to wait and watch with his customised swim suit.

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