Panjm: Former Goa tourism minister Fransisco Mickey Pacheco has been summoned by the CBI for his involvement in a fake US visa scam.
The development follows the Central investigating agency’s move to freeze the former state minister’s bank accounts. Three of Pacheco’s mobile phones have also been taken away by the CBI.
The former minister allegedly acquired US visas on forged documents and was accused of running an immigration and human trafficking racket. The NCP legislator was in the news recently after his name was dragged in a massive immigration and money laundering racket reported by the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security.
According to a news report, the bureau had got in touch with the Ministry of External Affairs with the relevant documents and the case was referred to CBI. The CBI meanwhile assessed the documents and details of Pacheco's banking transactions handed over by the US.
The CBI alleged that Pacheco along with two of his accomplices, Pedro Antonio Joanes and Daniel Raymond Fernandes obtained crew members' visas from the United States Consulate at Mumbai in the names of unknown persons on these forged documents and facilitated their travel to the US by using them.
Pacheco had resigned as a minister on June 6 after being arrested for his alleged involvement in the death of his friend Nadia Torrado. His bail for this case came around the same time when the US first alerted India about his alleged role in the racket on July 26. (Zee News)
NIZ GOENKAR ADDS: India had been informed by US in July and what were they doing till September?


Joe Rebello said...

Just summoning him is not enough. He should be tortured and a third degree method should be used against him to get the truth out of him. I am sure that there will be more skeletons in the cupboard than one can imagine. Everything will come out of this criminal mickky.

Shyam Sawant said...

Joe, I feel like you that quite a lot more will come out of this stupid criminal mickky it third degree method is used by the CBI. It is absolutely necessary to use this method on this hardened criminal mickky. Who knows the recently caught gang with pistols are mickky's men?

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