With the law close on the heels of the former tourism minister Mickky Pacheco, his NCP party seems to be distancing itself from him. The party spokesperson Trajano D’Mello said that Pacheco is not a problem for the party but was quick enough to add “he is free to leave the party if he wants”, a hint to alienate Pacheco from the party.
NCP Spokesperson Trajano D'Mello
Trajano made the statement when he was questioned about the former tourism minister at a press conference. Mickky Pacheco is again in the limelight for his alleged involvement in the US immigration racket with the Central Bureau of Investigation registering a case against him and two others.
On asking about NCPs stand on Pacheco’s involvement in the immigration racket, Trajano said that they will take a stand once the investigation is complete. “Let the whole thing come out and we will take a stand then”. D’Mello also said that “party’s image cannot be tarnished by one individual”.
The former tourism minister had to step down from his ministerial berth at the instance of the party, when his close friend Nadia Torrado committed suicide by consuming ratol whereby a case of culpable homicide was registered against him by the Crime Branch of Goa Police. On protection to Mickky by the NCP in the present case, Trajano remarked that question of giving him protection does not arise as he himself had said that he was open to be investigated
Trajano D’Mello also indirectly, without openly supporting MIckky said “he is not doing anything but it is happening to him”


diogofichardo said...

Where was NCP all this time sleeping? Who has taken whom to the cleaners? The lavishing parties thrown by Mickky were attended by almost every politician, Why was he not distanced then. They all are a bunch of Hippocrates from the same stable. Only a new true Goan Party will benefit Goans

Trevor said...

They are all not doing anything....rouges!

Felix Mascarenhas said...

Now that they have seen more raids on Mickky and US stance they are trying to wash their hands just like Pontius Pilate. Trajano! look at his figure, worse than a hippoptamus, all by looting in the name of Dr. Wilfred D'Souza. Their offsprings will pay for their deeds.

Lily Gracias said...

They become fat by looting the poor and the rich alike. That weight will not come down till he gets a heart attack and go up straight away. He pretends to be a saint, but is a very dirty man himself.

Shyam Sawant said...

When I look at him I feel like vomitting. I get a nausea. That is why I had not commented here so long.

Unknown said...

NCP can better be called as Nagounachi ani Choranchi Party (NCP) Their leader itself have no morals. The leaders became Amar-Akbar-Anthony to form this party against another Deaf Madame Sonia and today, they are all hanging on her "pallu". So, all immorals are together again and Mickey Mouse is another immoral trying to lead it. Wait a minute, Redorao Grass-eater is waiting to sell his UGDP tickets, did anyone book one? One will be for the Leitao or the other immoral woman - Viola.

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