**ANACLETO VIEGAS -WHAT HUMBUG** by N. Fernandes, London

Adv.Viegas recently stated that there is good & evil in all of us. Adv. Viegas I think we Goans do not need a lecture on Christian doctrines.From the time ADAM ate the "forbidden fruit / apple" given to him by EVE, we are all aware we are born sinners or born with sin.However we are constantly educated by parents,schools,churches on the difference between good and evil.I appreciate you have been well remunerated (paid) by your client Mickky Pacheco to defend his misdemeanours.
Adv. Anacleto Viegas
You should stick to serving your client legally & exploiting the loopholes in the Legal system of Goa to absolve your client of all charges.
We do not need you to Pontificate to us Goans on the merits of your clients or our morals.We Goans are not as daft as you have come to believe.Your client Mr Pacheco has put himself in the Public Limelight .He is a Public Servant who has been elected to serve his constituents.He buys & demands loyality as he cannot naturally command it...and so we have a right to criticise his actions as we deem fit.Just as you have a right to defend him.
He should be a good example to his constituents and to Goa as a whole.However he has chosen to conduct his life in the most despicable manner.Are you suggesting to us Goans,that we should sit quietly and question our own morals?I would suggest you askyou ask your client to "stay out of the Kitchen if he cannot stand the heat!".
Your clients misdemeanors have "not" been invented by the Goan Public.He has brought all his misdemeanours upon himself in the belief that he is well above all Laws.. man made or God`s.Perhaps as you are now well paid by him, you could guide him with some Cathecism.Your suggestion that he has helped a lot of Goans get mployment abroad is utter rubbish.He did not do this out of goodwill.It was done for RS. 5 Lakhs as alleged in newspapers.This in itself is immoral.As a legislator he should fight to create better employments prospects in Goa. Instead he has chosen to fill up his "POCKETS" & "COFFERS".Consider this in the next outburst you make on behalf of your client.He likes to frame himself...it is his pathological birth inheritance.


Anonymous said...

Some are born for a reason and that is, to be in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. That innate superior attitude of his was getting to everyones nose, of late. Lets hold our breath as, his has already run out and await the out come of the judicial thriller.

Anthony Gr said...

Right on spot, Mr. Fernandes. Congratulations

Unknown said...

Good article Mr. N Fernandes. I hope the crook advocate read this article and try to feel his heart. He should know what he is talking or if he is off his strings. Adv. Viegas is talking in frustration. He seems to be frustrated as much as the mouse as they are now smoked out of their holes. And it is understandable since both are afraid of their financial resouirces if all illegal channels are wiped out. This crook lawyer will never lend even a glass of water to a dying person for free. Anacleto is a land shark and all disputed properties, he will take them over using his power by fooling the disputed parties. Look in different parts of Goa including a huge one in Davorlim that he obtained for peanuts. He is a crook and fool like his client Mickey Mouse. This lawyer is talking about good morals, what morals he himself have when he is the biggest crook? In a defending statement, he says that Mouse was doing business abroad in the last 30 years, what business? Can this crook advocate clarify? Can he clarify from where the Mouse got money to invest in business? Can he set aside the word that his client fooled a black lady in US and got rid of her? This UGDP's ticket seller is like a public telephone booth operated on coins, as long as the mouse feed coins in his a*se, his mouth will blubbur bal-bla. What a shame on you rog advocate?

Raymond Alvares said...

What is Anacleto Viegas? he is just another croom like mickky. He has looted enough by being in the UGDP. This thief comes from a very high society of thieves along with his sister Auda Viegas. He loots only the poor.

diogofichardo said...

There is no good morals among these scoundrels, The Indian Law that we adopt in Goa is an ass and full of loop holes. It does not take a genius to spot these loop hopes. We see vicious criminals roaming freely in Goa to commit their next act.

Trevor said...

Well said, N Fernandes! I am always confused, as I don't understand the situation in Goa. Here is a man that is a crook, profiteering from our Goan youth and instead he is a saint and a hero to people in Goa?? A few days ago it was UGDP that was speaking rubbish......... To N Fernandes, do you have any ideas on why these young Goans were depositing their money in 'his' account? Somehow I suspect it was because he told them they were going to earn a certain salary, which in fact was much less than what they were really earning and he pocketed the rest. I don't believe he was doing it for a humanitarian reason he so claims; the man has lost all sense of what is right and wrong. How else could have made so much money in such a short time. These poor Goan boys were working hard to pay him a nice income. This guy is a Pimp and a Thief! That's why he dressed as one for a long time! He is a sick individual, obsessed with money and power. On another point, this UGDP made a statement that all people in overseas countries make millions of pounds/dollars when in business. I personally know a few business people and they tell me they wish that was true. I also know how they live and know this is not true. We that live overseas know that this is utter nonsense. This people make stupid statements to justify this man. I also believe that Mickkey made up a story about inheriting millions from his ‘first’ wife. It is all a lie!! He made it up to cover the fact that he was making money illegally! Somehow this CBI is too stupid or corrupt to uncover anything. I am praying for justice. I wish the US had arrested him for human trafficking…’cause he is guilty of it. He would have gone to jail for 10 years! I think they allowed him to go free as he is an elected official, that’s why it was the 'diplomatic arm' of the US that sent the information to the Indian authorities. I wish someone would have given them the heads up that it would be a waste of time, as all politicians are never found guilty of crimes in India!

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