Mickky Pacheco is unlikely to succeed with this 7 day express threat to the Indian Express Newspaper or eventual filing on any Court Case /litigation.This defamation has to be filed under Libel laws.I doubt that the Indian Express Newspaper would publish this without the facts as is alleged by Mickky and his Advocate.
In any Court Miccky will have to first prove that he is is of "previous Good Character" and this article has injured his emotional feelings & reputation.However Mickky fails to understand that he has a string of alleged offences( more than average) registered against him.Some of these are very serious in nature.His previous criminal activity is well published in all Indian & foreign newspapers & other media(not just Goa).
The Supreme Court of India also refused to grant him bail in the Nadia Torrado case due to his bad reputation to interfere with evidence and witnesses(sometimes with physical attack).Another fact he is not aware of is, that the US Government has given India a deadline to resolve illegal immigration from India.Many Indians have gone to the USA on short term visas and then have overstayed in the US.When caught,they state they have no documentation.The Indian Government will not accept them back unless proved that they were original residents of India.India has stated to the US that it requires 6 months to establish which Part of India they come from.The reason for this is that many Bangladeshis / Sri Lakans (Tamil) too have also remained illegaly in the US and if returned wish to go to India.India is unhappy to accept them and issue them with Passports to return to India.Also, I "do not" think that the US Diplomatic Security department would have been happy for its reputation to be muddied & mailgned by The Indian Express Newspaper.
It would have surely, by now,come out an disowned the allegation against Mickky.There is a saying "all roads lead to Rome".So it would seem likely that the poor Goan boys that got caught & interviewed in the US,stated that their documentation was prepared by Mickky Pacheco and his ever "name changing" recruitment agencies.Mickky fails to understand that he is a "PSYCHOPATH":**(WIKIPEDIA=Psychopath- the term used for a personality disorder characterized by an abnormal lack of empathy combined with strongly amoral conduct but masked by an ability to appear outwardly normal.OR Answer.com= A mentally unbalanced person who is inclined toward antisocial and criminal behavior.
The new term used is also SOCIOPATH.I wish his supporters the best of luck.His supporters are usually of low Intellectual calibre and are easily bought for a few Rupees or Gandhi Notes.There is a Goan by the name of John D`souza,who has questioned my intergrity on "Goa News".He asks why I comment about Goa from London.He takes exception to me commenting on Mickky.He must understand that those of us Goans that comment from abroad,firstly do not need his permission on "open forums" and secondly we do so to express "SOLIDARITY" with our Goan brothers & sisters who are striving to make Goa a better and BEAUTIFUL place.John D`souza should also learn that many world issues have been highlighted abroad and received support from there...sometimes directly & sometimes indirectly.eg Vietnam war,anti apartheid,slavery,nuclear missiles etc . I am sure he also comments here from the tone & flavour of his arguments.He is one of Mickky`s boys.!!!!


Bebdo said...

In Indian courts, the rate of success in a libel case is almost nil. In this case, the Mickkey Mouse and his lawyer are trying to whitewash the sins of the mouse with a threat of a libel case. Tell them to go ahead. They will never succeed. The only success would be of the lawyer. He will become rich and 20 years from now the Mouse will still have to pay him as there won't be an end in sight to the libel case.
As far as Indian Express is concerned, there must be hundreds of people like the Mouse who must be threatening them of filing a libel suit.
Stop all this publicity stunt luck Mickkey Mouse! We all know that you can't win the case.

Rogtao de Betalbatim said...

For reconfirmationm of Mickeys vows, just duplicated to be on the top of the story:
18 September, 2010
Ratol baba said...
Here are the 10 Commandments Mickey follows:
Thou shall not commit adultery
Thou shall not rob, specially someone's wife.
Thou shall not commit murder
Thou shall not burn shacks
Thou shall not rape
Thou shall not feed Ratol to humans
Thou shall not file false case against Indian Express
Thou shall not loot Casinos
Thou shall not keep additional concubines
Thou shall not always speak lies

18 September, 2010
Jack Fernandes said...
And what Ratol Baba forgot is as follows:-
Thou shall not beat Kadamba drivers
Thou shall not beat Electricity Engineer
Thou shall not beat Animal Husbandry Employees
Thou shall not beat Sara
Thou shall not beat the opponents
Thou shall not beat Casino Operator
Thou shall not beat Winston (Nadia's husband)
Thou shall not beat the fisherwoman's daughter
Thou shall not beat Maxie
And thou shall not keep the money in US tha is being robbed from Goa

Anyone have more? Get on here

18 September, 2010

Bebdo said...

Thou shall not have a live-in partner
Thou shall not cheat your live-in partner
Thou shall not produce illegitimate children
Thou shall not have sex with teenagers
Thou shall not wear a tonne of gold
Thou shall not have a hard-on while looking at young girls
Thou shall not scratch one's balls in public
Thou shall not use Ratol as toothpaste
Thou shall not forge the signature of one's wife

Savio Cotta said...

Thou shall not pick up girls at Kentuckee
Thou shall not pimp for other ministers
Thou shall not run away in hiding
Thou shall not sleep in ICU with false pain
Thou shall not tie bandage, replacing bandana
Thou shall not weep infront camera for sympathy
Thou shall not hire a mob
Thou shall not leave lady advocate Ana Cleto
Thou shall not wear white with black heart
Thou shall never sue Indian Express and N Fernandes

diogofichardo said...

Need I say more Than Savoi, Bebdo, Jack and Rogtao . Well written Guys exposing the true colours.

Dalia said...

I have no words to express on the topic.

Anonymous the VIII said...

'Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.'
Attorney General of Goa, Subodh Kantak did the same; with what outcome?
These ‘zoddes’ think the whole world is as illiterate as themselves.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

Most amusing and I enjoyed reading these comments of commandments. Though I am not a catholic, I do know quite a lot about commandments and sacraments. These are the perfect commandments for mickky and should be termed as Mickky's commandments. Ha ha ha ha...

Trevor said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!....very funny....Had a good laugh. thanks. Let the criminal go to hell!

Julie Carneiro, Goa said...

How come people are not tired of washing him like a dirty blanket? My request to Niz Goenkar only to publish his photo with folded hands taken at the Hospicio, Margao when he was arrested in the killing of Nadia case. The photo is with folded hands, weeping and bandage on his head. Any other picture, I hate to see of him.

Julie Carneiro said...

Mickey the dirty fellow, I hope you read all the minds of the people and realize how dirty you are much before you open your mouth again. I just called my friend and asked her to log on this site and read your comments. It was a riot of laughter reading all about you. How come you and your supporters don't know all that what public knows? It is high time you should leave your public life and go into hibernation.

Joe Rebello said...

Thou shall screw Sonia, Nadia’s Mother
Thou shall beat Sonia after you are thro' with her
Thou shall beat Viola when you are finished with her
Thou shall enjoy Lyndon’s wife after Viola
Thou shall beat Lyndon after that
Thou shall rape Mathew Kentuckee’s Wife
Thou shall beat Mathew after that

dlp said...

Mickey is a dirty fellow
Now he is trying to sound mellow
He is a ladies' strange bed fellow
Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray

So say all of us, so say all of us
For he is a dirty fellow.........
Taka Mandovin buddoun maruia re

dlp said...

I feel that if these commandments on Mickey from our readers continue pouring in, the book will have more pages than the Bible.

Anonymous said...

Good comments from all and three cheers for N. Fernandes. Let us expose our corrupt and crooked
Goan politcians who are a disgrace!

Gregory F, Panjim said...

I want you to know that you should be ashamed because you're a screwer.
You expect women to sleep with you just because you buy them dinner.
A woman isn't going to sleep with you just because you buy her a meal.
You're a womanizer and just being around you makes a good woman extremely ill.
When a lady says no, you'd better listen to her.
If you use ratol, you will go to prison for sure.

He is a father to several fatherless children.
He will invade your moralities and convince you to his bed.
Yes he is a professional liar and a perfect pretender.
He is capable of breaking innocent hearts.
He is very difficult to be identified but only after he is done.
He always fall in like but not love.
He will stir up hurricanes of hate and blood Empty promises live between his tender lips.
A very slow poison that will harm you with a smile.
An expert of betrayal and a master of pain he is.
What an irreversible damage he will throw your way .
Now all the good wrong times go down the drain of surety.
Be careful this world is standing on two legs.
This womanizer will leave you swimming in a pool of sad memories
Because he will gift you with a venereal disease.
He is living a good short life and he will shorten yours too.

Suresh Lotlikar said...

Maka naka, kainch naka,
Sara naka, Violai naka,
Sonia naka, kainch naka.

Maka naka, anik danvunk naka,
Toklom re, CBI laglea fatik,
Tumi samballat maca.
Nadia, tuvui bogos maca.
Tujem chintun, ozun kalliz paka-paka

Mathew Kentuckee, tumvui maka naka,
Tujim chedvaim maka naka,
Toklom re, mozo piston zala khala.
Anik chedvam addun mojer ghalinaka.

Naka anik naka, kainch naka
N Fernandes, bogos maca
Paim podtam, anik kainch boroi naka
Anv toklom re, anik sosunk zaina
Tuim Indian Express anik boroit assa

Marcel said...

@ N. Fernandes: We are with you and write more articles mate, I love your articles.... Well done

Alcantro Carneiro said...

90% percent children born illegaly are Mickky's. Ladies beware of this monster. He always scratches his balls when he sees females around.

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