The government’s controversial move to acquire private land admeasuring 16091 sq mts for the proposed kabrastan at Sonsodo has kicked up another row of sorts.  With the government invoking urgency clause under section 17 of the Land Acquisition Act, all doors for the land owners to lodge their objections to the land acquisition proposal stands closed.
In fact, Deputy Collector, Margao and Land Acquisition Officer, Johnson Fernandes has categorically told one of the co-owners of the private property that the provisions of Section 5-A of the Land Acquisition Act would not apply in respect of the land in question sought to be acquired by the government.
The Land Acquisition officer has made it amply clear to the party that the objections raised to the land acquisition does not subsist, denying the owners the right to lodge their objections and hearings on the matter.
The land owners had objected to the acquisition of the private property for the proposed Kabrastan for the Muslim community on grounds that the land sought to be acquired is the only land belonging to the family. The family members told the deputy collector that the land sought to be acquired is the only land belonging to him and his family members and it would be utilized for constructing a residential house since they are facing severe difficulty of housing.
The party drew attention of the deputy collector that the government has proposed to acquire the land for the benefit of the Muslim community when the very same community has opposed the acquisition on grounds the land is not suitable to be used as a burial ground, adding that the objective behind the acquisition made out by the government would not serve any purpose.
The government had put for acquisition land admeasuring 30191 sq mts, including 14100 sq mts belonging to the Margao Communidade and the balance 16091 owned by the private parties.
What has raised many an eyebrow on the acquisition is the fact that the Margao City Fathers had approved only the acquisition of the Communidade land, but the government has decided to acquire private land going by the unilateral decision of the Margao Chief Officer, Y B Tawde.


Anonymous said...

Goans should get toegether and oppose this Land Acquisition, let them build Kabrastan at Mopa on the land purchased by 40 Goa famous thiefs or let the Margao Municipal Garden which is used for prostitute promotion should convert into Kabrastan.

Saturnino said...

Y B Tawade and a few other Municipal officers are hell bent on making money through corruption. I fully agree with the comment of Anonymous, his advice to the MMC officials. COWMUTH has his agenda. All humans need a decent burial no matter which caste or religion he or she belongs to but this should not take a front issue for the politicians to gain political mileage. How can someone forcibly acquire land belonging to the citizens? We are not under Hitlers regine and doubt even him, must have not done like how the present adminstration is doing.

diogofichardo said...

We all need a final resting place but not at the cost of Goan citizen's land which is acquired forcibly. As Saturnino says thou shall not gain political mileage out of this situation

Anonymous the VIII said...

The Majority of the Muslims in Margao are not Goans. They are the ones from Ghandi Market, Monte Dongor, etc. and they are in constant fights with our Goans, including Goan Muslims. If these Ghantis need final resting place, they should go back to their land. Goa is not a Kabrastan for the rest of India. Goa does not have sufficient land for Goans itself to live, leave aside land to bury Ghantis who do not even reuse the graves. So every Ghanti is entitled to land in Goa after they are Dead??

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