Manohar Parrikar alleges racket & fixing in Casino case, says someone has received kickbacks to keep casinos in the Mandovi.

Leader of opposition Manohar Parrikar alleged that some of the cabinet members have done fixing with Casino owners. Parrikar said that huge money is involved in anchoring casinos back in Mandovi river. Meanwhile, Government informed the High Court that if casinos accept cabinet decision then it may consider to withdraw the order against the casinos.
Mr. Parrikar said “they should be removed from Mandovi and that is the only solution because they don’t have licences.” Parrikar asked “are they having valid DGSC certificates operate casinos?”
Parrikar also said “this cabinet appears to be above law unless”. He said that assurance was given to him in the assembly to move the casinos out of Panjim zone and that he does not know what the cabinet is deciding and whether they are in their senses before deciding. “It also makes very clear that everone in the cabinet is involved in this casinos affairs.”
Aam aurat admi against gambling conveners Sabina Martins said government cannot allow casinos in inland waters and demanded revocation of decision. “The decision the government has taken is contrary to what the people are asking. In fact the government made a big show saying that we want to push the casinos out and they had gone to the court.”
“If they had taken a decision to push the casinos out, why are they back starting now?” asked Ms Martins. She also said “they should be firm now and they should push the casinos out into the sea”
Meanwhile the government informed the High Court its cabinet’s decision was accepted by the casino management. Then they will withdraw the orders against the casinos


diogofichardo said...

There is not a single project in Goa that money (HAFTA) has not changed hands with these corrupt politicians and officials. Like the Konkan Railway these Casino are a curse for the honest hard working Goans, the casinos are frequented by corrupt officials, criminals and drug dealers. They should be taken in mid ocean and blown up.

Dalia said...

Parrikar can only shout until he get the required percentage on his subjects and the noise will stop. Wait until one of the casino gets grounded like River Princess, they will then get more commission to remove it by shutting navigation through the river. what a shame for the Gua's 40 Alibaba's that they only think of the rich and filthy man to enjoy in casinos and never done worthwhile for the common man.

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