MAPUSA: The accused Sameer, who had kidnapped his 4-year-old relative from Caraswaddo, Mapusa gave a slip to the police team while he was being brought to Goa.
The incident it is learnt took place in the jurisdiction of Mahad police station in Mumbai.
Kidnapped Boy Rescued By Police
Mapusa police rescued the 4-year-old kidnapped boy at mankurd railway station in Mumbai but on the way the kidnapper jumped out through the window of the bus in which he was being brought back to Goa by police. According to sources in the Mapusa police station, a team of Mapusa police led by PSI, Mr Vijay Rane, which had gone to Mumbai to nab the accused and rescue the boy, succeeded in their operation on Friday morning, and were later coming to Goa the same evening.
However, in the jurisdiction of Mahad police station while the team was travelling by bus the accused it is learnt gave the police team a slip at around 11 p.m. on the night of Friday, September 17. A case was later filed at the Mahad police station and the Goa police team immediately swung into operation with their Mahad counterparts and began the search operation.
It was on Sunday at around 2 a.m. that the accused was successfully nabbed in the jurisdiction of Trombay police station. The police team later left by train for Goa and are expected to arrive today with the accused. (See Goa 365 News clip at!)


diogofichardo said...

Thanks to the combine police cooperation, that the kidnapper was rearrested. But if the Goan law was harsher these type of crimes would not have taken place. The Portuguese laws were better suited for Goa. Unless Goa introduce harsher laws these crimes will get worse. The government ministers must decide either for or against Goa.

Dalia said...

Everyone and everything slips out including Atala. The palms of these policemen are so greasy. What Gua police can get in hand without slipping off is HAFTA. It does not slip out of their hands as it comes with special glue.

dlp said...

The HAFTA should come with Ratol instead of special glue. The moment they go to kiss it, they will be Ratolled.

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