MARGAO: In a major breakthrough, the Maina-Curtorim police arrested Rafic Khatib, a resident of Ravanfond, Margao, who is believed to be the mastermind behind the daring daylight robbery, that was reported in may at Akkamol-Ambaulim. He has been arrested under section 41 of CrPC.
Police claimed that the alleged accused Rafic was the one responsible for putting the gang together. The police also claimed that the gang involved in the Akkamol robbery was also involved in the dacoity case reported at Raia. Rafic will be handed over to the Quepem police said sources in Maina-Curtorim police station.
The breakthrough came when the Maina-Curtorim police took into their custody Raju Daiver, wanted in the Raia dacoity case, and who was arrested by the Calangute police. During interrogation on Wednesday, Raju revealed the name and whereabouts of Rafic, the mastermind behind the dacoity. Rafic was later picked up and was lodged in custody.
It may be recalled that five persons had stopped a Canter truck, on May 15, and stolen a bag of cash, after throwing chilli powder into the eyes of the loaders and the saleman.
Late on Wednesday night the Maina-Curtorim police informed that another arrest has been effected, that of Ilshad Gundu, who was wanted in a case of robbery reported in Margao. Police said a vehicle has been seized from him.


diogofichardo said...

Well done Goan Police for arresting these robbers, while they are in custody question them about their silent leaders. Such a high profile robbery must have a leader that tales commission. Our Goan Law is to soft, we need to introduce harsher laws to deter these criminals.

dlp said...

Friends... Our Menino de Valpoi (Niz Goenkar) celebrated his birthday yesterday (22/09/2010). If anyone wants to wish him a belated birthday and long life, you all can do so at his email address. God Bless Menino, Long live Menino and Niz Goenkar!

dlp said...

If Pakle were still in Goa, these things wouldn't have seen the day of light, forget about the daylight.

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