MARGAO: The Colva police, late on Tuesday night, registered an offence against Sudan D’Costa of Per-Seraulim, for allegedly attempting to commit murder of 32-year-old, Sanjay Fortes, also a resident of Per-Seraulim. Colva police said that Sanjay has been admitted in Margao Hospicio hospital with severe injuries.
Police informed that Sudan has not yet been placed under arrest, although offence under section 307, 324 and 427 of IPC has been registered, following a complaint from the mother of the injured, Ms Jesul Fortes.
According to the information given by the Colva police on Wednesday, Sudan assaulted Sanjay with a steel pipe, causing severe injuries. Police said that the incident took place on Tuesday night and the reason or cause of the assault is not known. Police however suggested that a previous enmity could be the cause.
Police said that Ms Fortes, the mother of Sanjay was also injured, when she intervened. Colva police informed that gold ornaments and cash of around ` 7000 were reported as missing. PSI, Mr Sudesh Velip visited the site of the offence.


diogofichardo said...

These type of crimes could have been avoided if the law in Goa harsher. Let's hope the victim recovers.

Samson D' Costa, Margao said...

Am not amazed about the developments. I was eating in one of the restaurant in Fatorda, Margao this afternoon when the owner who knew my colleagues was telling the story about these two culprits involved in the fight. It seems that these two boys used to create terror in the whole of Margao and sorrounding and even broke and looted the restaurant which I mentioned. They were not even arrested by the police after complaints from the owner. This is what happens when our law is too lax. To Diogo, the victim has left many a victim themselves in the past. You sow, you reap.

Shyam Sawant said...

There is a saying if you live with sword you must die with sword. If the law was like the olden law of the Portuguese such things would never have occured here in Goa

diogofichardo said...

Samson D'Costa I has not aware of that the victim was a criminal, Believe me if that is the case they both should be hanged, and that goes to anyone like them. We need a drive to clean Goa as much as we can starting with the corrupt politicians.

Rogtao de Betalbatim said...

I know this Sanjay well after reading the article and address including the name of the mother. His history is know well in the sorrounding and is a history sheeter. Good, he got what he was doing for others. He is known for thefts and street fights in the police records. Politicians used him for a while as a bouncer until his state of affairs was mixed with too bad reputation.

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