PANJIM: A junior advocate has complained to the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa against a High Court lawyer for abusing her in the corridors of the High Court of Bombay at Goa.
In her letter to the Bar Council, the victim has complained that on September 20, one Adv Nigel Costa Frias hurled abuses and filthy words at her while she was waiting for her senior.
In her complaint, the victim says she was sitting in the corridor of the High Court where her senior was dictating some matter pertaining to court proceedings. Seeing that the senior had moved away into the Court room, Adv Nigel came to the place where she was sitting and taking advantage of the fact that nobody was around, hurled abuses and filthy words at her. The trainee has just passed her LLB (Hons) course from Pune University.
The letter also alleges that this was an attempt to harass, abuse, insult and malign her dignity as a woman, as Adv Nigel is not on good terms with her brother-in-law and sister, who are his neighbours at Dona Paula.
The victim has also asked the sitting Justices of the High Court, Advocate General Subodh Kantak, Assistant Solicitor General of India Carlos Ferreira, the President of the High Court Bar Association, Goa, and the Registrar of High Court of Bombay at Goa to take action in the matter. (HD)
NIZ GOENKAR ADDS: We contacted Adv. Nigel personally on the phone on 27th September and the story according to Adv. Nigel is that there is a an earlier clash between the two.  Adv. Nigel has filed a case against against the sister and brother in law of the junior lawyer who along with her were harassing Adv. Nigel, with indecent gestures and wrong words. They would do so even if he passed by them and at every opportunity.


dlp said...

I guess the lawyer was doing his self-assesment test. Later on he will act the same way in the Court. Maybe he is trying to climb up the ladder to become a judge one day. He knows there is a lot of money flowing there.

Vikas Gauns said...

To dlp

The article that you responded to was in the Herald - a newspaper now infiltarted by many a journalist backing the Government and our corrupt politicians.

Adv Nigel Costa Frias is a well respected lawyer who is known to flight for many a Goan cause. He has also taken the Goa Government and may of our corrupt politicians to task and many a landmark decision has been passed against the corrupt based on the causes that he has stood to defend.

Please do not jump to conclusions based on some hearsay allegations filed by this junior advocate who must have been made to file this allegation by someone trying to get at him.

The truth wil be out - wait and watch!

Sebastian Benjamin Mesquita said...

I personally know HC advocate Mr Nigel Costa Frias and is a gentleman. He is one HC advocate who is fighting against the rot that has set in Goa. The Colva Civic Forum is highly indebted to Mr Nigel as he is fighting all their cases in HC. He is one advocate who can be relied upon and and has helped many NGO take on the rich and powerful.
My association with him is through the civic forum and I know him to be of impeccable character and ready to help any one in need. I suspect that his fight for justice has annoyed and displeased many of these parasites which are sucking the blood of Goa.

Mahesh Dessai said...

We need to voice our support for Nigel Costa Frias a well respected and honest lawyer.

Those frightened by his fight to expose the rot in Goa have instigated these baseless allegations!

Victor Araujo said...

Yes Advocate Nigel Costa Frias we stand behind you in the fight to protect Goa. Thank you for all that you do for protecting and presereving Goa!

Mahesh Dessai said...

-This is the letter from Advocate Nigel Costa Frias that has appeared in today's Herald. We stand behind him for all that he is doing!
False complaint
Nigel Costa Frias, Dona Paula

This is with reference to the news report ‘Complaint against HC lawyer for abuse’ (Herald, 26 Sept) regarding a complaint of alleged verbal abuse filed against me by a junior lawyer. This junior lawyer [name withheld], ever since my wife and I filed a civil suit against her sister and brother-in-law, has been harassing me in the High Court, using foul and indecent gestures, particularly in the corridors, whenever I used to pass her. I filed a complaint against her with the Registrar of the High Court on 20 September, as also to the High Court Bar Association. After that she filed the complaint of verbal abuse against me, which is absolutely false and defamatory.

Maxy D'Souza said...

Herald's reporters are known to give a biased and jaundiced view.

Shouldn't the reporter have contacted Nigel Costa Frias before putting this biased story out and make the aggressor in this case seem to be a victim?

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