I am happy and proud to be a part of Nizgoenkar and to fight against corruption is our goal. The question comes to my mind could we liberate Goa for second time from the corrupt politicians? We have two main National Party which ruled Goa and everyone is aware of the corruption they have created.
In my opinion the Congress-NCP has crossed the limits and they do not deserve to be voted in power again. At least BJP is not much corrupted compared to Congress-NCP Reign only leaving the issues of communalism which we can see in other state.
As for me being a Nizgoenkar our idea to put up 40 candidates in Goa is a hurricane task as only 2 years are left for the assembly election or if the Cong-NCP fight with each may we will have the election within six months if the assembly is dissolved. My question to me and to the Nizgoenkar is are we ready and organized to fight the election may be after 6 months or after 2 years? I think certainly not after 6 months or after one year also.
The reason behind are, we are not yet organized and we do not have committees even temporary committee or party which has an office and the office bearers in Goa. Are we going to support independent candidates or we will fight as independent candidates? No we cannot do that, people do not vote for independent candidate as per my assessment. The independent candidate is favorable to Salgaocars, Rane’s , Alemao’s, Monseratte as they speak by means of money. So, my question is when we will create our own party to be called our own?
The party where hindus-muslim-christians of Goa will unite and fight against the bad elements. The other questions comes to my mind are we going to leave out the people who are acting as chamchas to the politicians at present? We are Goans and every goans have right to join nizgoenkar unless and until he gives up corruption and accepts his mistakes and also being a true nizgoenkar forever. We cannot say no as everyone makes mistakes and we cannot keep them out if they want to join us as we require them to fight against the deeds what they were doing before, this will give us more experience and good knowledge. There should be no description of sex, caste, religion, age, etc within the nizgoenkars. Everyone is equal and every one has the right to express his opinions.
Talking about the Goan police who are corrupt and you cannot trust them. When they come out of the womb they did not learn corruption they were taught by the politicians. First lesson of corruption they received when they paid money for their Khaki dress to the politicians. They are not corrupt but the government machinery and functioning made them corrupt and also the fear within themselves of loosing the job.
Are we going to replace the entire police force? No! We cannot do that we cannot replace the entire police force! We have to try and win their hearts and confidence. If we form a new party are we going to make an impact on the people? Well that’s a doubt if yes or no, since according to my assumption the people who come on the nizgoenkar site are mostly over 30 years old, who are wise and think about the future of Goa. Maybe almost few people of below 30 years come to visit our site, and the rest young generation of Goa waste their time surfing for fantasy of the world.
During my holidays I was having lot of group discussion and educating the people about nizgoenkars, most of the elderly people have committed to it and the main problem is most of the people do not have net at home even some of them never operated computers. So I have to take some copies and submit them of the articles. How long we can do that the time limit is less, how we can educate the entire Goa who do not have surfing facility on the net. So we require developing a programme for this as to wake up the masses.
Contesting the election is challenging, last time the budget for Benaulim seat went to almost one crore. We will not be corrupt to pay for the voters but we also require some money for other things. We have to prepare ourselves otherwise we will be nowhere and when we will start preparation? I admire lot of people visit our site but we do not know whether they are in Goa or Abroad and if they are abroad are they available at the time of elections? As for me elections cannot be fought from home, we require canvassing, we require people to come out and start doing the party work. We require a complete plan to come out and win the peoples heart.
Other things like we require lawyers for helping us with the provision of rules of the laws, as this will not be easy when the opposition have goondas and government machinery behind them. To come out and contest my views are we can form an alliance with BJP and set up the rules and regulations for the alliance. We should not fear about hurting the minority as if they try to act smart then we will withdraw the support. At least for the next assembly we can put our candidate for 10 constituencies with alliance on BJP and give the rest to them. If we win 3-5 seats from the alliance then we can rock the assembly. See when Churchill made SGF he won 2 seats and can’t we win at least 3-5 seats? It is possible if we try and show them impact on our first appearance.
We can use BJP as a tool to wipe out the snakes and later we can grow large. We can ask them the seats for Benaulim, Navelim, Lotoulim, Cortalim, Dabolim, Vasco, San Andre, Margao, Cuncolim, Cancona, Taleigao where lot of minority base is there and for rest we can support them. If we win and form the government with BJP then we can stand for our ideology and never compromise on it. Look before BJP was national party, during its first entry it took help of MGP, so now tell me where is MGP? My point is we been commenting and writing but we do not have even one candidate for the election, so where we are standing? We have to look forward and plan how to tackle things. We just do not go there and get ourselves lost; we should not underestimate the opposition. So, we require to sit around the table and plan our strategies. This is the time to tackle it or if we wait then we will lose the ground.
Note: All Nizgoenkars these are only my views and suggestion, everyone is welcome with your views and suggestion.


vishwas said...

The democratic system in the country has been manipulated by the corrupt politicians, making it very difficult for an honest man to win! Judging from the manner in which their assets multiply while in power, it becomes obvious that they make huge money through cuts, commissions, appointments, transfers, promotions, tenders, contracts and many other tricks at their command!
The tragedy is that they have also corrupted a section of the voters and made them sell their votes in return for money and other consideration! Tenure in power has become a tool to gather the assets- some of which is
re-invested for winning the elections!
With the constituencies in Goa being so small- of a few thousands each,- it becomes very easy for the corrupt to take care and feed their vote banks so that their assured votes become available irrespective of what crimes and sins are committed by their Masters!
If the corrupt has to be dislodged, the only way out appears to be to support the cleaner and less corrupt candidates rather than standing for elections without proper backing and educating masses the importance of their votes and the need to route out corruption! The voters need to be convinced, that they could take the money from the corrupt candidates but vote only for the honest and clean candidate!There should not be any guilty feeling as the money which is being distributed is always collected by the corrupt while in power from the public exchequer and that money is not their hard earned money from their sweat and toil!
The catholic community in Goa is better organised than the Hindu community and can play more important role to dislodge the corrupt if they so decide!

Dalia said...

How I wish the dream of Niz Goenkars come true. A good dream and assessment by Mr. Cruz. Yes, the politicians are equipped with finance and goondaism and it will be a marathon task to reach that height. But let us not write it off. We need people who are with integrity, rich enough at heart to kick corruption out. Corruption is one disease that corrupts the whole system. Thank you Mr Cruz for coming out with excellent article and let us hope and pray, the idea turns into reality. Once the system is cleaned or nearly clearer, we can drm of having basic amenities for us in Goa with good infrastructure and security for the common man. The resources of Goa are enough to keep Goa surviving as a State but all is robbed by these politicians. Viva Niz Goenkara.

dlp said...

Mr. P Cruz.... A very sensible, informative and an eye-opening article. To be frank, I don't understand head or tails of politics, but I am here to fight against corruption and to save our Goa from these traitors. Mr. Cruz seems to be very knowledgeable and we need people like him to get us going. I am with each and every Niz Goenkar to see that our fight will not go wasted. Let us keep on marching. Forward, forward, forward. No turning back! No turning back!!

dlp said...

Menino.... although there are comments posted here, why is it showing as zero comments on the main page??

Mario said...

Nothing will change.The same Ali Babas will get elected once again.The christians view Parrikar BJP, in suspicious manner and that is the reason even after having clean record Mathany Saldanha could gain very few votes during last Lok Sabha election for associating with BJP in the past.The only way to win few seats (3 atleast) is by forming New Party(NIZ GOENKARACHI PARTY)by bringing all likeminded Goans Leaders & people on one platform.Mathany should disassocited himself from UGDP and led Goans on our new party Niz Goenkarachi Party with TWO LEAVES as our symbol.Viva Goa.

Robert said...

TWO Leaves was originally the symbol of Goans but now those two leaves are taken over by Gandhiji notes. Goans need their identity, unique as real Goans. Symbol will not make a difference but we shouod first be able to identify ourselves as Goans under one umbrella. What a shame, Goa has turned out to be like Bihar in every sense and now the rise in crime has levelled us with Bihar if you take the population propotion. I pray, the change should come by throwing out all the present set of dirty politicians.

diogofichardo said...

I have little time today. But I will pray at the feet of our lady of Fatima Shrine this thursday that our dream of uncorrupt Goa comes true. Unite and we shall will.

Socorro Estiberio said...

All think that BJP is communal I am a Christian but I would favour BJP then the Congress-NCP. I want to inform you all not to crucify Parrikar because of one sin and give him 100 times punishment.When I did not know Parrikar I was angry as he try to cancel the christian holiday. But afterwards I came to know him well and so thats the reason I say not to crucify him.See even god pardon Maria Magdallen and asked the people to throw the stone who is not sinner. We all create sin but there is pardon or forgiveness.The congress ruled Goa for 30 years what they have done look at the fate of Goa now. Look at Baina who cleaned it? People were dying of aids and HIV virus due to Baina. There were Hindus-Christians-Muslim who died of aids, Parrikar cleaned it and not the congress. Even there were lot of anti social elements in Baina.Who started montly pension for old people in Goa it was Parrikar, all the people recieve it even the christian. He also issued computers to the students. At old Goa he made a bypass due to the feast of St. Francis, now all section of crowd are using it.Aldona bridge,etc will support his qualities. I was in USA Boston and when I came to Goa I was suprise that Goa is better then Boston that time Parrikar was CM and he improved Goa a lot.Now Congress-NCP are looting Goa who are the most corrupt minister Churchill, Babush, miccky, Joaquim, Jose Philip D'souza, Mauvin are they not christians. Who stopped SEZ with the help of Mathany Saldanha and the Priest... It is Parrikar. If Parrikar was not in the opposition then the present government would steal chairs, A/c, mics, speaker, phones, tables, etc. I Socorro son of the Goan Soil and nizgoenkar pray to support BJP and we can start right away now in Valpoi.

aggybaba said...

Thanks P.Cruz for a wonderful article. Exactly my views, you took it right out of my mouth. Except for a couple of points: We need to elect at least 25 niz Goenkars to the assembly, and they should not be allowed to defect or merge with others. And the party should not be affiliated or connected to any other party, regional or national.And if this said party stays in power for 2 or 3 terms, we can easily get our Goa back. MGP was just a local outfit when BJP edged it out. Mario, I agree with you too.

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