CANACONA: Five star hotel lobbies are behind a controversial amendment to a heritage conservation legislation which heritage protection groups Tuesday alleged would put historic monuments and sites at risk.
Prajal Sakhardande, executive member of the Goa Heritage Action Group (GHAG), said the amendment, which has been assented to by Governor S.S. Sidhu, had put the 51 notified heritage structures in Goa at risk.
'The clauses in the act makes the heritage structures susceptible to the greed of five star lobbies, who plan to commercially exploit these monuments,' Sakhardande said.
'There are attempts by a European hospitality company to take over the Cabo de Rama fort in Canacona (located 80 kms from Panaji) by denotifying it,' Sakhardande said.
Some heritage sites at risk include nine forts built by the Portuguese and erstwhile rulers of the state, rock art sites and numerous temples and Churches from the Portuguese and pre-Portuguese era, his group said. - CN


Trevor said...

This is disgraceful and should never happen. Antique smugglers are in India today as Indian antiquities are the new thing. Rich Indians in the US and Europe can command high prices for Indian art. Heritage sites should never be sold, they below the people – I agree 100%. This includes our old churches/temples and the antiquities in them. The priests have no right to sell anything in them. If they do they are indeed stealing....from us! We have lost enough!

Bebdo said...

Already they have bought our Portuguese styled houses. Next, they will eye even the traditional tiles houses of Goa. There is a saying, never allow a camel to share your tent, for soon you will be out of the tent. The same thing is happening to Goa and Goans. We made the mistake of renting our places to non-Goans to make an extra buck (which is a pittance), finally they not only raped our daughters but also took away our houses.
We should stop this. Don't entertain the ghanttis.

Dalia said...

Digambara, Digambara, fuisor assai re tum CHORA?
Goeam cholta tem tujem raj, broxttacharanim re bhorla
Sogle tumi chor, Goem chorit rava,
Uprant lokanche bogun xirap tumche porank,
Milmileanim tumi kusun, vollvoleanim mora,
Zago zau, zago zau, danv re Chora.
Ani tuca danvadaunk, uttat re Niz Goenkara
Uttat re Niz Goenkara

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