PANJIM: The local court will give its final verdict on the charges of rape levied against serial killer Mahanand Naik on October 1. The district court in Panaji has heard the arguments in the rape case, which first brought Mahanand in the eyes of Ponda police way back in 2009.
Subsequent investigations had revealed that 40-year-old Mahanand was involved in series of killings.
Mahanand was accused of blackmailing and raping his wife's friend, a college going girl, for over three years in the town of Shiroda, 40 kms away from Panaji.
The complaint was filed with Ponda police in the last week of April 2009.  During the custodial interrogation, Mahanand had confessed of killing around 18 gullible women by luring them in love.  According to the police, the killer used to go on a date with them to secluded place and kill them with their dupatta.
The alleged killer has been acquitted by the court in three out of 18 murder cases in which the Judge ruled that there was no evidence against the accused. (PTI)


Dalia said...

Mahanand, your mistake was you never killed the corrupt politicians of Goa. Look at the photo of the Gua Pulis pc posing behind. The bigger culprits already left the State after bigger crimes. I bet, he will be acquitted as the police cannot make a air tight case in Goa.

aggybaba said...

The gua pulis are useless... totally. First of all, they joined the force because they were incapable working hard in college. They wanted easy money. And to take credit for some one else's efforts and gain fame in the media. I'll bet Naik will be a free man soon, in all 18 cases.

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