VALPOI: The poor can reach the air as proved by Saish Anant Naik from Nagargao Satari, Valpoi. The son of a post man and coming from a poor family from Nagargao in the Satari Taluka has keen intentions to become a Pilot.
Pilot Saish Anant Naik in the cockpit
24 years old Saish has earned the distinction of being the first pilot coming from a remote area of Satari Taluka, by becoming a commercial pilot, for which he had to overcome a number of obstacles and bad times.
Saish completed his training from the Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt. Ltd at Baramati-Pune, has decided to join any airline company or become a pilot for a private chartered airline company.
Saish had his primary education at a Marathi medium school at Nagargao Satari, then joined Shri Hanuman Vidyalaya, Valpoi and later moved on to Vidya Prabodhani school at Porvorim to complete his high school. He later joined Bhumika Higher Secondary school at Poriem Satari and completed his Higher Secondary School Certificate (XIIth). He then took to Science at the Government College at Sanquelim and got his degree (BSc).
According to Saish, it was a toy plane given to him by his uncle Sudhakar Naik from Dubai. He said that his uncle gave him details on real planes and flights which turned on a desire in him to fly a plane someday.
Saish had approached various organisations and financial institutions for financial support in his venture but none helped him and infact tried discouraging him from being a pilot. That did not deter Saish whose desires to be pilot increased more and more. It was finally the State Bank of India, Valpoi Branch that came to his aid and granted him the education loan. The difficulties did not end here, but in the institution where he joined in Pune he had to undergo lot of periods of trials like ragging from senior students, he also suffered from height phobia, flying phobia which he overcame in due course.
Saish’s father Anant who is a postman, said that his son had always been hard working and was always determined to be a successful person in life. He said “Though we have had to bear the educational expenses of about Rs 22 lakh, I am proud that my son has become a pilot, despite hailing from a poor family and from a remote village in Satari,”
According to Saish’s mother Kalpana, and uncle, Sudhakar, Saish’s achievements will be an inspiration not only to family members or relatives, but also to other youth from other remote villages in the State.
Saish’s brother Juben, who recently completed his MSc in Mumbai, was also proud of his brother’s achievements. In recognition of his achievement, the Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav Mandal of Thane-Satari also felicitated Saish for bringing honour to Satari taluka.
NIZ GOENKAR ADDS: Though I know the boy very well, I had to call up my friend Sudhakar Naik, the uncle of Saish to get the story which appeared in the local daily of Goa.


Saturnino said...

Congrats to our Gaum-bhau. We are proud of your achievement.

Robert said...

There is also a famous Pilot from Ponda which Niz Goenkar neglected. The Pilot from Ponda is also FIRST to become the Chor MONTRI of Goa and is the first pilot to sell drugs and loot Goa. But this fellow was just a motorcycle pilot, he won't be able to handle a glider forget the aeroplane.

Robert said...

Dear Menino, you have not taken the point, the other pilot of Ponda is Motorcycle Pilot, Pilot Naik whose son is Charas Naik. Sorry for confusing you. This pilot will or may not answer your calls or give you any details thinking that you are an enemy of Atala, who is his family member. Moreover, the other pilot is always in the news for wrong reasons.

Bebdo said...

Well done Saish. You should be a role model for all the village boys who think that they cannot achieve anything without the blessings of a politician. If there is a will there is a way and you have made all Niz Goenkars proud. Bravo!

diogofichardo said...

Pilot Saish Anant Naik, Well done and you make us proud. As Bebdo said he is a role model for all the village boys.

Dalia said...

I wish Saish Anant read this site run by his own village folk Menino. Otherwise, where he can see the people's expressions in print? Well done, there will be some politicians seen around you for pictures, beware of them. Thanks to SBI for one great deed.

franco said...

One does feel proud that a village boy from Satari Taluka has done laurel to Goa to achieve such a feat in spite of undergoing such ordeals in his poorest live. His parents and especially his relatives, who have supported him to accomplish his mission for the training of a Pilot must be very happy and proud of him. They must have really felt the pinch to support him all this time but they have gained the fruits of his labour. In Goa there are several such cases where they do not get proper financial aids to pursue their studies further due to constrain in the family financial background with numerous difficulties faced by them and whenever a person supports any of his relatives to attain his goal that person really gets the satisfaction that you have done a good job for the betterment of their future. God bless Pilot Saish Anant and may his wishes come true in whatever services he is hoping to achieve in the future.

Joao said...

Warmest congratulations to Pilot Saish Anant Naik. You have given a poor boy or girl somewhere in a Goan village a dream, a hope, an inspiration. Many will follow your footsteps because you, your family and relatives followed a clean road to your success and made your dream come true. Wishing you all the best and further successes ahead.

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