PANJIM: Goa police has placed all security measures on stand till the next date after Supreme Court deferred Friday’s verdict on Ayodhya to September 28, police Spokesperson Superintendent of Special Branch Police Atmaram Deshpande said.
 “Security was enhanced as a precautionary measure that could arise after the verdict on Ayodhya case. However, since the Supreme Court has deferred the verdict, all security steps are put on hold till the next date,” said the officer.
A high level meeting of ministers, bureaucrats and police was held on Wednesday to organise peace committee meetings in sensitive areas of Goa on Friday.
Chief Minister Digambar Kamat at a press conference had also requested locals not to fall prey to any propaganda that could lead to communal fury after the Court delivers the verdict.
Section 144 of CrPC was imposed and Quick Response Teams and police personnel were deployed at all sensitive areas including Margao, Davorlim, Curchorem and other places. The state had also directed that all vehicles entering Goa through major and other points be checked.
These security measures will now be practiced on the day when Supreme Court passes its order on a fresh date.


vishwas said...

Why does the issue of the Temple and Masjid inflame the passions of the poor masses to the extent of causing loss to their life and property? This can never happen to a common man unless his passions are flared up by the cunning -behind the curtain- politicians! Because the reasons are simple! The majority of the country population is living in sub human conditions with thousands of suicides by farmers every year, poor roads, no drinking water, no electricity, no proper housing, unemployment,frustration in the educated youth, corruption becoming omnipresent and spreading like cancer in all walks of life, drug abuse, crimes, etc.etc.etc....! The list is long!
Flaring up the passions of the masses- generating violence in the society and then trying to earn political leverage is an heinous act deserving condemnation in the strongest possible manner!
We can not wipe out the pages of the history- however unpleasant they are! We should always remember that it was because of such attitude and constant fighting over trivial issues that made the foreign invaders coming across thousands of miles through treacherous terrains and rule us for centuries!
The manner in which the whole Temple- Masjid issue is being handled shows clearly that we have failed to learn any lesson from the History! It is disgusting to see the intellectuals going in a shell and showing the typical indifference- If the Rome is burning, how does it matter? I should play my fiddle!

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