MARGAO: The Central Bureau of Investigation has opposed the application filed by ex-Tourism minister Francisco Mickky Pacheco asking for the release of his cell phones and laptops.
The CBI official made an oral submission before the JMFC Margao, opposing the application by Mickky to release his laptops and a mobile saying that the JMFC has no jurisdiction to entertain the application as the matter was to be tried by the sessions Court.
The JMFC, however, has asked the CBI to submit a written reply to the court and fixed the matter for hearing on October 1. Acting Investigating Officer Ashok Yadav, however, sought time to file the reply as the Investigating officer is presently in Delhi.
Pacheco’s lawyer Adv Srikant Nayak submitted before the court that its nearly a fortnight since the CBI seized the laptops and the cell phones when these items have no connection with the probe, more so when the MLA has fully cooperated with the investigations.
The JMFC later adjourned the matter to October 1 for the CBI to file reply to the application filed by Pacheco for the release of his laptops and cell phones.
Adv Nayak later told newsmen that the CBI’s decision to seize the laptops and cell phone has no basis since the SIM cards are absolutely new and when the information can be obtained from the cell phone companies.
He further argued that out of the four laptops, one has been out of order, while another one was given to Pacheco by the government being a Legislator.
“Pacheco is being framed by the CBI under an economic offense merely on a statement of two persons apprehended in the USA that they were recruited by the former Minister”, he said.
Moreover, he pointed out that if the allegations made by the two persons detained in USA is true that Pacheco had facilitated forgery of travel documents, then the American consulate, which had issued the travel Visa, should be made a party to the investigations.


Anonymous said...

This guy is GUILTY of international human trafficking!!!!.....that is CRIME under the United Nations! Arrest him and end this case!!!! Is there no LAW and JUSTICE in India – Goa???? Useless buggers!

Dalia said...

ARE THESE TWO PERSONS WENT ALL THE WAY TO US TO FRAME THIS ROG? READ THE STATEMENT................“Pacheco is being framed by the CBI under an economic offense MERELY ON A STATEMENT of two persons APPREHENDED in the USA that they were recruited BY the former Minister”, said his lawyer.

Robert said...

Niz Goenkara, please do not put the photo of this crimina, instead put any photo of a monkey and we will be happy. I feel like puking seeing his figure. This is a monster and if that was in any other country, he would having been serving in jail probably awaiting lethal dose or electric chair.

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