An alert traffic constable here Thursday caught a man who had robbed his employer of Rs.20 lakh in Goa, a traffic official said.'Traffic constable Shankar Salunkhe from the Matunga traffic division was on duty near the Dadar (East) station when he saw a few people running behind a man,' said the official.
'Judging the seriousness of the situation, Salunkhe ran and caught him,' the official added.The man, identified as Sameerulla Rafique Katachi, was taken to the Matunga police station.
'We have found that Katachi was involved in the robbery of Rs.20 lakh from his employer Satish Beg in Goa and a case has been registered in the Kalambud police station in Goa,' said senior police inspector S.L. Deshmukh of the Matunga police station.


dlp said...

Hear this Gua Police... Shame on you. Someone steals 20 lack rupees in Goa, walks past you, crosses the border with his arse laughing at you guys and is caught up in Mumbai, that too by a Traffic Cop. Isn't this a lesson enough for you to learn??? Nah! Nah!! Nah!!! If it was some politician's money, he would have been caught within minutes, but what to do now??? Please don't try to take the credit for yourselves once he is brought to Goa. Herald must already be waiting to take the pics of your mugs.

Anonymous said...

These are some rare finds with the Indian Police Force. One does not hear such incidents as this - a traffic constable jumping off his traffic podium and catching a thief.

There are many such policeman who are sincere, professional and make decisions on the spur of the moment to the call of duty. They do not wait for orders and are ready to protect and serve as a humble servant of the people and to the country.

Constable Shankar Salunkhe is an example of a true citizen who deserves a salute an a secondment for his actions.

dlp said...

johnads... Knowing our system, I wonder if anyone has appreciated his actions or reprimanded him for leaving his job and trying to be a hero. If Constable Salunkhe had not interfered, the thief would have disappeared to no man's land only to re-surface in Goa after some time knowing that this is the best place to make money just like our corrupt ministers.

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