MARGAO: The Indian Navy is well on the course of acquiring over 30 lakh sqm of land in Mormugao taluka and has already obtained in-principle clearance in that regard from the government of India's defence ministry. The naval authorities are now pursuing the matter with the state government for acquiring three islands, known as St George islands, and Bimbvel beach.
St George islands, located some 2.5 km from Vasco, are close to the Dabolim airport runway. Of the three islands one is already in possession of the defence ministry, while Bimbvel beach is located in the vicinity of INS Hansa. As per records accessed, the three isles constituting the St George islands bear survey numbers 1/1 admeasuring 52,875 sq m, 2/0 admeasuring 27,85,250 sq m and 5/0 admeasuring 1,36,125 sq m. While the first two are owned by private parties, the third is under the defence ministry's control.
The Indian Navy has propounded "safety reasons" as the purpose for acquiring the lands and has already conducted an aerial reconnaissance of the area along with South Goa collectorate's revenue officials. Interestingly, South Goa collector G P Naik, when contacted, feigned ignorance about any proposal to acquire any land by the Indian Navy. "Nothing has come to me yet," Naik told The Times of India when contacted. This, when Indian Navy authorities asserted that the two islands are indeed being sought for acquisition from a security point of view and that the proposal is pending with the south Goa collector.


dlp said...

I hope nobody comes and takes my house tomorrow for security reasons. This is the dilemma we are left into after the Portuguese left Goa. "Adle poder mele, te undde kobar zale. Atam konnuim baztat pouio ani knnacheoi bhair kaddtat zouio". Maink khailo anche.

Dalia said...

Politicians acquire land in the name of development, any land, anywhere and then make golmal and sell it to builders. likewise, navy acquires islands for themselves in the name of defence. Where are we heading to? What about Anjedevi island with Church, did they not acquired and even stopped the religious activities int he Church? They better take our 40 Alibaba politicians and dump them somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Who has the say in what is happening to my beloved Goa?

We are the decendants of the forgotton generations that lived and have made sacrifices to bestow upon us the wealth and prosperity that we once lived in until, the annexation. Did our forefathers err somehwere in time that the present generation is paying through the guise of these modern day Chor Electives? The inlands are all sold to the corrupt Goan politicians, the Ghantti builders and their cronies, the rest of it is under litigations for decades that have now become a convinient open air toilet facilities to homeless.

These Elected Thieves in the House are silently desposing of Goa. It looks to me that they have reached to a consensus to wipe out the few handful of Goans out of the face of Goa. They have reached beyond their means, have streched to the farthest into the ocean, now the islands. These are events happening right before our very eyes, as we watch the tide roar over us.

I am just a mute and deprived witness

Anonymous said...

We are loosing......everyday it gets worse and worse. it was a curse, this so called 'liberation', I hope our so called ‘freedom fighters’ are happy!....they are robbing us of our land day by day....our filthy politicians allow this to happen. How do you fight a big and bad machine? The navy does nothing for Goa, they couldn’t even figure out who was creating the tar balls right in front of their eyes. This entire government is shameful…I hope all the countries boycott the Commonwealth Games and teach these people a lesson on how to govern. Do they not have any shame the whole international world is talking about the boycott of the Commonwealth Games???? Shame!

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