PANJIM: Adv. Aires Rodrigues has today stated that he will move the Goa State Police Complaints Authority against Crime Branch Police Inspector Mrs. Sunita Sawant for abusing her authority by filing a petition in the High Court which she was not empowered to.
Stating that politicians and persons holding constitutional posts could not misuse the police to harass others, Adv. Rodrigues has stated that Mrs. Sunita Sawant has to explain as to at whose behest she has done what she was not authorized to.
Adv. Rodrigues has stated that it needs to be probed why Police Inspector Sunita Sawant went to the extent of herself drafting the petition though all government petitions in the High Court are always drafted either by the Advocate General or the Public Prosecutor.
Adv. Rodrigues has stated that Inspector Mrs. Sunita Sawant was not even the investigating officer of the 2004 Ribandar Church case and had also never been part of the investigation of that case.
Adv. Rodrigues has stated that the conduct of Police Inspector Sunita Sawant in filing the revision petition before the High Court establishes that she grossly misconducted herself, abused her authority and acted malfidely.
Adv. Rodrigues has stated that all evidence to this effect would be placed before the Goa State Police Complaints Authority for necessary action.
The four member Goa State Police Complaints Authority headed by Justice Eurico Da Silva, a retired Judge of the Bombay High Court has been set up under the directions of the Supreme Court and is empowered to look into allegations of any police misconduct. The authority has the power to either recommend departmental action or criminal proceedings against erring police officers.
Meanwhile, responding to a query made under the Right to Information Act, the Director of Prosecution has informed Adv. Aires Rodrigues that the only revision petition that has been drafted by a police officer with the assistance of the Director of Prosecution is the revision filed against him in the High Court


Anonymous said...

She has indeed, grossly misconducted herself, abused her authority and acted malafidely. As a government servant, she could be warned with indirectly influencing her position or suspended indefinitely. I doubt that will happen, so be it.

Mahesh Savordekar said...

Sunita could not handle the Mickky case properly that shows that she is totally unfit to be a police officer. These people have bribed their way to be policeman. Sunita Sawant I say you are good for nothing!

Anonymous said...

Airis this is good lesson for you for helping the corrupt & criminal nature cop Sunita during the Nadia case,Goa is rule by criminals.Aires can you tell Goans why were you silent on Police-Drugs nexus & some more about the German girl rape case?

Dalia said...

Just not Sunita, all police officers including the lower staff should be checked for the amount of assets they accumulated after being int he Gua Police force. They are fattened with bribes from criminals. The new found glory in their accounts, easy money has fattened their head too. The brain inside this fattened head does not work properly when it comes to doing justice but all what they count must be how much they can add to their already swelling accounts. Given an opportunity to rob, they will rob anyone. They think uniform is their shield. All police officers and lower cadre too should declare their assets before they joined the force and now. Remember the incident of the patrol van in Calangute? They did not even spare the street hooker, they took the sexual favor from her. What a shame!

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