It has been reported that Mickky Pacheco is to form a new Political Party in Goa.He is more than confident that he can field at least 10 canditates at the next election in 2 years time.He is on his way to New Delhi to discuss this with the NCP & CONGRESS "Big Wigs".
It his his belief that the NCP should have at lease 50% of the current Goa Cabinet Portfolios.How charming!!.Seems like this Mouse has an endless amount of "fantasies". It is well known that this poor Tailor boy suffers from "delusions of grandeur".He also believes that all his current problems ( from suicide abetment to finiancial fraud)are driven by the Congress Party ,as they are afraid of his political clout in Goa ,and ,his ability to "upset the Congress applecart".
I really wonder who he is trying to Kid.I am sure the commentators of Niz Goenkar can help Miccky with a Party name.So come on guys and gals...lets hear your suggestions for a name names for Mickkys Political Party. You could also advise him who to allocate the Portfolios to if he is elected.Some potential canditates are Viola, Lyndon,Matthew Diniz,Sonia,Konrad etc.Best of luck


dlp said...

Wow!Wow!! Wow!!!... What's the name of the new party? "Mickey Mouse and His Banana? (not bandana). He should form a "Band" of his own where he can blow is trumpet or his flute. The trumpet is his mouth and by blowing that he attracts innocent girls to his flute as crooners and they keep on crooning until they are fed Ratol. And Ratol Baba is always on the prowl to increase his business.

Bebdo said...

I suggest he should name his party as "RAPE PARTY OF MICKKEY AND HIS WILLY"

chor chill said...

Micky Mouse and his Bandage (Not Bandana)

diogofichardo said...

I doubt the NCP will worry about another party he forms. It is the followers of NIZ Goankars who started the idea of another but honest party. I would suggest his party be called" ALMACHI PARTY", that way the souls can haunt the criminals and drug dealers.

Dalia said...

This is interesting and I am excited. The names aresimple, choose any:- Rapistanchi Party, Choranchi Party, Fottingachi Party, Dirty Party, Ratol Party, Bodmasanchi Party and I will contact the Octoyus from Salcette for more confirmations. However, the Ministry should be different this time with new portfolios covering the common man.
Chont Minister of Goa: Mickey Pacheco
Deputy CM: Share-a-Viola (2)
Rapist Home Minister: Mathew Diniz of Chor Kentuckee with additional charge of supplying prostitutes
Minister for Extortion: Bakia Menino
Minister for Entertainment: Roseferns
Minister for begging: D'Sa from Nuvem
Minister for Abortions: Dotor Dentist Hubert as a new entrant to the party
Minister of Defence for Chors only: Adv. Lady Ana Cleto.
Minister for looting Church Property: Fr.
There should be a permanent Ministers for Cheating, Minister for Looting, Minister for Raping, Minister for Casinos and so on.
The list is big, the above is just a suggestion and wish Niz Goenkars of this forum post more.

Anonymous the VIII said...


Robert said...

Mickky pleads for his laptops, mobile phones
Former tourism minister Mickky Pacheco has moved the court for the release of his laptops and mobile phones seized by the Central Bureau of Investigation probing into the alleged immigration and money laundering racket.
Pacheco’s lawyer Adv Srikant Nayak on Wednesday filed the application before the Margao court seeking directions to the CBI to release the seized laptops and the mobile phones.
Notice has been served on the CBI to file a reply on the application filed by the Benaulim MLA and the application is likely to come up for hearing before the court tomorrow morning.
In his application, the MLA maintained that the investigating agency can very well obtain all details in respect of the calls made from his three mobile phones from the cell phone companies. He pointed out that there is no need to seize the phones when the call information can be obtained from the companies.
The former minister said one of the laptops belongs to Viola, while the second is not in working condition. The four laptops and the mobile phones were seized by the CBI during raids conducted at his Betalbatim residence-cum-office a fortnight ago.
Meanwhile, the Natekar assault case came up for hearing before Judicial Magistrate First Class, Margao on Wednesday, but Adv Naik said the case was adjourned as one of the witness failed to turn up for the hearing.
Pacheco is named as a accused in the ASSAULT ON THE JUNIOR ENGINEER NATEKAR when the later complained of assault on him at the hands of the former minister at the Betalbatim office.

Rogtao de Betalbatim said...

The heading should read: MICKEY PACHECO TO KEEP NEW AUNTY after his divorce from Sonia. Sonia must be really starving for tax these days and everything must have turned torrad.

dlp said...

Rogtao... Sonia is starving for fax, not for tax. Her fax machine must be starving for the toner roll that she is used to. But the technician must have found that this fax machine is beyond economical repairs and unworthy of being used so he discarded her and chose to have a new one.

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