PANJIM, SEPT 22 : Goa Government today provided personal security officers to Home Minister Ravi Naik’s sons – Roy and Ritesh after revelations about a ploy to kill one of them.
Superintendent of Police (Security) Tony Fernandes told reporters that the decision was taken on recommendation of senior officials after the pistol-wielding gang chief Michael Fernandes confessed to accepting a ‘supari’ to kill Roy Naik.

Roy Naik Home Minister's Son

The officer said that home minister’s security from ‘Z’ security was elevated to ‘Z plus’ security in May after a security review meeting.
When contacted the police spokesperson SP Atmaram Deshpande declined to divulge information. “We don’t discuss security measures,” was his pat reply to a question on security to Naik’s sons.
The notorious gangster has more than 30 cases of dacoity, chain snatching, vehicle thefts, robbery and impersonation cases in Goa. Fernandes had murdered a person in Karnataka before coming down to Goa and forming a gang of robbers.
Meanwhile, Roy (35) is already embroiled into controversies following allegations by Fiona, mother of the deceased Scarlet Keeling Eden of administering drugs to her daughter.
Lately, his alleged involvement also cropped up in the much-touted police-drug mafia nexus wherein Lucky Farmhouse, ex-girlfriend of drug peddler Atala accused the men of having links with drug mafia.
Speaking to media on the sidelines of a press conference called by the chief minister, Director General of Police Bhim Sain Bassi admitted there was a threat to the Home Minister Ravi Naik’s family. “There are some inputs that make it necessary to provide security to the home minister’s family,” Bassi told reporters.
He however refused to reveal the nature of threat to the home minister’s family “We cannot discuss the security issues,” he said “Initial inputs reveal there was a need for security to be provided and whenever we feel there isn’t any need we will withdraw that,” he stated.


N.Fernandes said...

The Naiks will no longer enjoy the freedom , we decent & law abiding Goans do.They will have to keep watching their every step,move & backsides now. Roy Naik will have his "bulbous eyes"popping out even further now.Ravi Naik will also lose most of his sparse and limp hair in due course.When one enters the world of "THE DRUG MAFIA",as a career, there is no code of conduct.It is a lawless and violent organisation and a killing field too.As the saying goes..."you shall reap what you sow"....

diogofichardo said...

Why was Atala not provided with high security? where is he buried after he had his supari?

diogofichardo said...

Election time is time for publicity and sympathy, in a lawless state created by the incompetent corrupt ministers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if you play with fire, you are going to get burnt!.....all of us in Goa are in Danger with this corrupt govenment...the police also are consuming the drugs....They don't want to do their job without extra money under the counter. Lucky Mr Ravi, he only one that does not have to pay that hafta money to the police to keep him safe. Well job done..Grandfater! YOu have turned Goa into a lawless state for us to fight to the end. They is no peace anymore in Goa...all gone! great leadship by example, do what I say, but don't do what I do or what my son does.....Thanks to our big man the CM for the wonderful affairs in Goa...Goa is destroyed. OUR HOME!

franco said...

He himself is a criminal and looks, walks and talks like a criminal too! Let the criminal fight against criminal and save us from the bondage of these corrupt politicians, who are destroying of our beautiful Goa. Then for what reason does he require extra security. This is all fake and publicity stunt. Ravi the motorcycle pilot and madka king is gathering some sympathy for his son from the people to get him elected in the next election. Hope and praying very hard that our Goans realize this and come to their senses otherwise god forbids there will be much more to come for the Goans to watch for the destruction of Goa and its identity.

Shyam Sawant said...

The Goa government is a fool. The police should have let michael go because he was out on a mission to do something good for Goa. By killing Roy, Michael would have done a great job and a social work for Goa. I still say that Michael should be released and allowed to cleanse away the dirt (Roy) along with the whole family

Anonymous said...

Security for Drug Mafia & family.Beleive me this family will get ruined once for all within another few years.

dlp said...

Whose money is it that they are spending to provide security? Is it the government's? Who is payiing the government? Can't Michael or his friends afford to buy a corrupt lawyer and judge to release him on bail? The mmission will then be accomplished.

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