Goa is perhaps the only State in India which has witnessed, in recent years, so much of turmoil, protests and opposition to plans and projects either promoted by the Government or taken up by builders and developers, actively supported by the politicians.
From the agitations that have been rocking Goa regularly, it is amply evident that the Government has lost the confidence of the people and that the Goans are now opposing almost everything because whatever is proposed by the Government is suspect. People have turned cynical because Government intentions are generally malafide.
We have seen how the Government has delayed the finalization of the Regional Plan to allow unscrupulous builders and developers to have their way – how mining, both legal and illegal, with covert and overt support and even involvement of Ministers, is destroying the environment and making miserable the lives of those living nearby -how low lying areas are being filled and hills are being cut to allow constructions with threat to the ecology. The list is unending. The Government engages in projects, schemes and works that bring profits and cuts to their Ministers and their blue eyed boys, much to the detriment of the people.
We Goans have suffered enough because of the treachery and misrule of the Congress coalitions and the despotic and communal governance of the BJP. The maladministration of the present coalition, the prevailing corruption in the highest circles, the systematic attempts at destroying the beauty, the environment, the ecology of our State and marginalizing Goans by encouraging the influx of migrants, certainly makes the present lot of Congress –NCP-MG MLAs not only unworthy of being re-elected but guilty of the greatest crimes against our State and our people.
The Opposition MLAs of the BJP too don’t deserve a second look, as they are also guilty of several blunders not only in the past but also of not being militant enough to oppose the decisions and actions of the present Government. The BJP was and is in a position to take to the streets and paralyze the Government if it wants to, but their near silence makes us suspect that they too will toe a line not very much different from the present one, if they come to power. The BJP, for reasons well known to them and certainly not unknown to us, has not been vociferous and aggressive enough to confront the Government on various issues, including the Regional Plan, mining, corruption and even the Atala case. Except fo the MOI, no other issue is as important to them. This is the proof of their hypocrisy.
It is very unfortunate that today there are many people who, because they hate the Congress, they are inclined towards the BJP. Alternatives to us may be few but let us not forget that the ideology of the Sangh Parivar is nothing but fascist. Manohar Parrikar, is undoubtedly intelligent and a good administrator. But RSS blood runs in his veins and hence he is known as a despot and a fanatic who surreptitiously enforces his communal and divisive agenda of hate.
Fellow Goans, we have been fooled enough. Let us for once be wise and reject the entire bunch of forty. If among these there are a few who may be good, they too are guilty of complicity by their silence. It has unfortunately been the culture of the Congress party to make a mockery of its supporters and well wishers and embrace and impose on them the most unscrupulous and detestable characters, some of whom had not only betrayed and deserted the party, but also fought and acted against the party’s interests on several occasions. A classic example is Churchill Alemao.
And it is also equally unfortunate that some of us vote for the Congress, no matter what scoundrel they put up, only because a vote for anyone else, however good he or she may be, could get the BJP candidate elected. Let us, however, be also cautious of those who would welcome our slogan “Reject them all” and are waiting in the wings for their chance to loot and plunder. Some of them could be far worse than the present lot. In our eagerness to reject the bad, let us not choose the worst. In a small place like Goa, we know them all.


Salvador Seraulim said...

It is certain in a small place like Goa we know them all. We had the cake (UGP) & (UGDP) in our hands but greedy Spineless Goans let it slip away in search of greener pastures in Congress and BJP.  Goans in the south are magnetized towards the Alemao Family who have plundered Goa into further darkness. We have ourselves to blame for the mess Goa is in. Do we have a right candidate to vote for in Goa?

Lance Dias said...

Do we really have someone who can look after the needs of the people of Goa? If yes let the real leaders come foward please with your real agenda and show the people of Goa that you really care if not let the trash be where it is ! It will only stink more ,The system can't be cleaned that is what Goa is facing today with the present democracy !

Navelkar said...

Jose Maria, You are 100% right in your above article and my mind is in line with you. But being believer of "the known devil may be better than unknown angel", this time i don't want to believe my own belief and am ready to jump even in fire from the frying pan but will not vote in favour of any of the former parties whether they were in ruling or in opposition or even won few seats on the emotional support of Niz Goenkars like UGDP or SGF because their betrayal was more painful than the known untrustworthy national parties. These Parties are nominating greedy, thieves, criminals and other candidates of shoddy characters and we were voting them not because we loved them or they are nice but because we hated the other being communal or not a Goa lover. But come elections the repeat will not happen again!!! The change has to come.

God save Goa and Goans.


Anonymous the VIII said...

Do we have sincere, honest and upright VOTERS? Only then we will throw out the rogues.

Dalia said...

It is a sad state of affairs in Goa and getting worst day by day. Goan politicians will not be deterred as they have enough money to feed the crumb eaters, police and chamchas to buy votes. elect the same fellows again and make them mighty. The money they have looted from the Goan exchequer by closing the eyes of the bad sheperd Digambar is enough for them to feed for the next few generations. Digambar is a shameless fellow guarding his chair. Look at the police brutality, what's happening. They are simply shuffled from one place to another. Goan politicians are one epidemic plaguing Goa all time. There is no fear for them as the man supposed to safeguard the law itself is a law breaker, his sons involved in the sale of drugs and other crimes. The punishment can be just jail and bail out, the enquiry will never end or they will never be charge sheeted. Here, reward is the only scene they could see. We are foolish to elect them all time now and again. I saw in Goa and of course everyone experienced this. On events when India wins cricket match, our youth could be seen celebrating in thousands spending money on booze, betting and what not. When a marathon call was given for a cause like that to fight out the MOI issue by FORCE, how many of our youths, parents and public in general were out to support the cause? When BJP was forcibly closing roads and shops, how many people resisted or came out on the streets opposing them? I do not ask people to come on the streets and start violence but at least defeat the evil through ballot box. Oppose the regime, show your resistance.

aggybaba said...

What we need is a dictator.

Neville said...

Sir, Mind if you pls put the above link news on site to make goans more aware of the govt ploys. Our chor mla's come up with one ploy after another for their own benefit.Thank you

D.JUSTIN said...

All Goa need is 40 new faces with a new regional party. Say goodbye to the old lame donkeys of  con-gress and BJP. The present politicians are nothing but chamchas and pimps of Delhi babus. These idiots supplies their wives and daughters to the Delhi babus for political favours, plus old bitch of St. Cruz.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Goa certainly need 40 new faces, but this current regime are tightly set in by their crumb eaters. A revolution is the prime need before we get new faces to rule Goa.

Navelkar said... certainly we need to get rid of present faces and present political Parties be it national or regional, we want to see new now even though we may be uncertain what kind of these new angels and unknowns may be. And do this we need real Goa loving Leaders,... do we have them? Leaders come forward with love and full force spelling their love and dedication towards Goa and Goan causes and soon these leaders are being criticized, cast doubts on them and severely offended and shredded into pieces and force them to stay away from the Goan public and devoted Goan causes. Goans soon get allergic to any Leadership.  Under these circumstances who  will lead us to this REVOLUTION!!!!  Perhaps, we should approach Russians?, French?, Philippine and/or other successful Wold Revolutionists to learn how to choose and trust a would be Leader?

Goa looks like hanging in the mid air uncertain of which direction it should take that is going to be safe and secure in all sides for Goa and Goans.


Gobor said...

hey if you are from navelim . write some more. for the dishonour of the great CHARCHILL

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