CANACONA: A shepherd, Suresh Gaonkar, from Nadkem-Canacona was injured after he was attacked by a bear at Nadkem forest on Monday evening.  Canacona range forest officer Vilas Gauns said when Gaonkar was grazing cattle between Keri and Nadkem he noticed a bear approaching, shouted for help, and climbed a small tree nearby.
The bear also climbed the tree and attacked Gaonkar, who sustained injuries on his backbone and shoulder. Hearing the cry for help, other shepherds reached the spot, and fought the bear off with stones.
Gaonkar was immediately shifted to Canacona community health center and then referred to Hospicio, Margao. However, Gaonkar is out of danger and was discharged on Wednesday, said Gauns.
Stating that sloth bears are common in Canacona, Canacona SDFO Ramesh Gauns Desai, who said bears are basically shy animals, suspected that the female bear which attacked Gaonkar may have attacked the shepherd in defence while protecting her cubs.
The Forest Act provides no compensation if a animal attacks a human being within the sanctuary area, added Desai.


Anonymous the VIII said...

The government does not provide compensation for injury and death caused within government property, like 'police stations'.

Salvador Seraulim said...

Grazing land has been overtaken by Concrete Jungles that is why cattle are grazed in jungle area. The Government should be made responsible for these injuries and deaths.

Neville said...

So true. Neither compensation nor justice! On the contrary the jungli perpetrators get shifted elsewhere & then promoted.

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