PANJIM: A police sub inspector here has been booked for extortion and corruption for allegedly demanding bribe from the parents of a group of youths whose friend drowned in the sea during a picnic, a senior police official said on Tuesday. One youth had drowned off the Cabo da Rama beach, 80 kms south of Panjim, while another is still missing since Sunday.
Sub-Inspector Prasanna Bhagat had demanded Rs 25,000 each from the parents of the surviving youths, threatening them to file an attempt to murder case against their children.  Deputy Superintendent of Police Umesh Gaonkar stated that the case of extortion and corruption has been filed against Bhagat, who is currently under suspension.
Parents of one of the youths told investigating officer Inspector Nelson Albuquerque that they had paid Rs 25,000 to Bhagat after he constantly threatened them.  The parents had sought the help of state panchayat minister Manohar Asgaonkar about Bhagat's demand. Asgaonkar reportedly spoke to Chief Minister Digambar Kamat over the issue. – PTI


Salvador Seraulim said...

These type of police must be hanged to the nearest tree available, an example must be set that Goans do not tolerate such policemen. 

Gobor said...

 The police are so overworked that unlike  Mumbai here in Goa they have to also do the onerous extortion duty of the Mafia. In Goa, Police job is tough job. It high time there is Mafia in Goa so that the Goa Police can be relieved of this extra responsibility.

Afedupgoan said...

All the phoolish of Goa should be stoned to death.
all nizgoenkars are waiting for a chance to throw a stone at them

Usko Goenkar said...

Hahaha hah ahaha the nerve of the Foolish Police Man, trying to extort Money from all the Kids involved, especially at a time when the Goa Gooaah Police are all over the NEWS, is that not foolish or what? This only proves how foolish they are and how low cheap people we have In the Force to Protect our People…. Deva tu Pav!  

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